Jan. 17th, 2014

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Months ago I promised to try and post more. And in the beginning I did really well and then I just stopped. I think I have it in my head I must only post when I have tons of things to say. But. Perhaps I need to look at it differently.

I feel very removed from fandom in general lately. I'm most active on Facebook, which is (a) weird and no one seems to "play" and (b) waaaay to related to my real name. All the playing on FB is non-slash mostly just episode discussion, and I was hoping that perahps people would be more into it but alas, they aren't.

And I miss my friends here. So once again I will try and update more often.

Work is way busy, I've recnetly had to hire 4 additional people to my team, so I now managed a team of 10. We are actively transitioning work from another location with the effective date of the end of January. So we need to start the new work, while training the new people to do out "old" work. February is going to be rough.

The kids are good. LM#1 is reading really well. He has lost 2 teeth. LM#2 is doing alright, he can write his name but still struggles with identifying all the alphabet, but it's still under 4.5 years old so he'll get there. He also has started to get up during the night again. It probably averages 4 out of 7 days he calls for me. *sigh* I really thought this was going to end.

I got a Nutribullet for Christmas so I'm trying combinations and on the look out for recipes. I'm trying to increase my fruit and veggie intake and hoping the Nurtribullet will help with that.


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