Jan. 20th, 2014

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It's the best. This link takes you to a few photos of RDJ and Benedict Cumberbatch. *ggg* Awesome. http://cumbercrieff.tumblr.com/post/73933810021/sherlock-holmies-x
(yeah, I don't know how to do the link thing anymore)

Today the kids went to daycare/babysitting and the hubby and I spent some time together. I got a massage and then changed the sheets on the beds, washed/dried the towels, cleaned up and organized my area of the bedroom. I have to admit that I let it get really messy. Now there's a nice bureau and my tshirts are organized and I have a bad of clothes to be given away. Also cleaned my personal sink and went through some of the crap under it so it is better. Put away the cans for cookies.

Now I want to try and hang new frames on the wall. They will be empty for a bit but I want to redesign the wall in the dining rom. The hubby will pick up the kids and tonight we are going to have pancakes/waffles because I want to try out my new electric griddle. Also going to cook a pot roast for later in the week.

We tried Bitten, not bad, it get better after the first 15 minutes. Not sure what we will do but we are going to give it another episode. Part of me doesn't want to add anything anymore considering our watching list is so long, however the hubby pointed out that if we did that we wouldn't be enjoying Lost Girl.

Regarding Lost Girl, most interesting start to the season for sure, very well done. And I think that Ksenia Solo looked incredible, not sure if it's because she's slightly older or she gained just a few pounds, but she just seems rounded out and more gorgeous. Or something.


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