Jan. 21st, 2014

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*sigh* We are getting more snow. Mother Nature may read my icon. We have shoveled twice for a total of 11 inches so far and the last time I looked it was still snowing outside. The schools were closed today, and they are already closed tomorrow.

I went into work today because I had two new people starting. I sent everything home about 11:45, it wasn't early enough evidently. Took me 2 hours, another person 3, another person 4. Are you kidding me. That being said I already told my team that they need to work from home tomorrow. The question is if the hubby's office will close (it's already opening at 10:30) or mine will be late (highly unlikely).

If the snow wasn't bad enough the high temp tomorrow is 17, with a windchill of 0. Awesome-sauce.

Watched Sherlock: The Empty Hearse. Way more amusing than I thought it would be. I did think Sherlock went a little overboard in one scene, being too … mean? insensitive? I don't know. However he showed so much growth regarding Molly, that was such a big step for him to just be quiet.

We have decided to stop watching the Michael J Fox show, I enjoy it, think it's cute, think MJFox has a strength that something else. We just have too much to watch that we are letting this one go.


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