Jan. 25th, 2014

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Supernatural: S9, E10: Road Trip )

Teen Wolf: S3, E15: Galvanize )

So there's more snow today. And surprise the weather forecasters did not get the timing or measurements right. Most of the week I heard the snow would be arriving between 9-12 and be 1-2 inches. It arrived about 10 but then continued to snow until after 4 and I think there is 3 inches out there. I will try and be thankful they have been right about when we are getting snow and I will have to accept that. Due to the snow we did not take the kids bowling, we were going to do that today, but felt it wise not to bother to go out.

Tomorrow I will go food shopping after Church and maybe we will go tomorrow afternoon. With the kid's help I put away all the "winter" decorations and put out Valentine's Day. The kids decorated the front living room windows with clings and rubber clings. Very heart filled and festive. We then made a single batch of chocolate chip cookies. As I was doing it the batter was liquify after the eggs went in. I had trouble getting everything to "mix" together. It was weird. Now the brown sugar was harder than normal, and the white sugar was clumpy at first, but I got through that. I finally got the batter to mix and then I added the flour, which was mostly white flour but about a quarter cup of wheat pastry flour because I ran out of white and everything was already in the bowl.

The batter was "grainy" but tasted ok. The kids helped spoon it onto the cookie sheets and I baked them almost a sheet at a time. They are the best "looking" cookies I've made in a long long time. They tasted pretty good too. Weird right?

Tomorrow I start a diet, one based on shakes and cleanses. A friend has found success and encouraged me to give it a go. It's a bit expensive but if I'm able to start losing weight, it will be worth it. So, wish me luck to find the strength to follow the routine and finding time to exercise.
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… is that when they irritate you it's kind of your fault. :P

So I watch Pretty Little Liars and the hubby and I are behind so he decided that tonight will be a marathon (three episodes). And I enjoy the show, it's fun, most of the girls are decent actors, but the hardest thing about the show is remembering the girls are seniors in high school. That perhaps they are young and their decisions, while sometimes ridiculous, reflect the age appropriately.


I steadily ignore the clothes, because no high school dresses like them. On a side note, I've decided that no high school in real life dresses like high schools on TV. Most of the outfits are over the top and seem to be ready for college ages.

The worst character is Emily, her mood swings are haphazard and usually uncalled for. Every gay young lady that comes into contact with her finds her attractive and she makes doe eyes but then goes back to the current girlfriend. And she is the least talented actress.

The hardest thing though is wishing that the characters would just talk to each other. They are cryptic when there is no need and then something happens to make it worse and then they tell the others anyway. Why not just tell them originally.

ETA: OMG!!!! One of the girls moved in with her boyfriend (temporarily I"m sure) but still, geezus this stuff does not happen. Not unless there are some violent things happening at home and in this case there's not. Plus, add in the fact that Aria is choosing Ezra over the nice karate teacher is stupid. I suppose this is where I have to write it off as high school decisions.


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