Jan. 27th, 2014

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We tried Black Sails, and yes the pilot aired last week and I just got to it yesterday. It was ok. It didn't grab me like Game of Thrones though, the characters seemed to lack depth, or details or something. It looked nice. Some of the guys are hot. But... eh is my feeling. I'll tune in again see what episode two is like.

The Blacklist. I have not been happy with the past couple of episodes. Except for James Spader the writing is so weak that I can't push passed it anymore. Again, this was last week's episode, but Tom and Lizzie going forward with the adoption? First off, unrealistic as I don't think any agency would place an infant in their care. And Secondly, you know she is really into her work right now. Maybe in another year once the shine of the new position and Reddington is no longer pulling strings so easily. I just find it stupid that these two grown adults still think it's a good idea. But James Spader continues to be awesome.

True Detective I like a lot. The acting is amazing and I love the location and just the storytelling. This one is a keeper.

Since Glee has been gone for so long it will be easy to just not watch it when it returns. I enjoy the songs but I haven't realy looked forward to it in a while. That being said, I have a White Collar, three (possibly four) American Horror Stories, six South Parks and one Last Man Standing. So I'm in the hole. :P

Started the diet on Sunday. The shakes don't taste too bad, actually very chocolatey. Just made one at work with a stick-mixer-thing. I'm hungry though. I did get up and exercise this morning, it was low impact but that's what I need right now. So many times in the past I just jump in and go full throttle and then get sick. So I'm trying a different approach.

Still waiting to hear from my brother about the boys sleeping over, so I am going to make a date night and he will just have to deal. I've been waiting for over two weeks, that is plenty of time. Annoying that he can't seem to get it together with the wife to figure out a Saturday for the boys to come over and hang out. I'm sure if I called and asked for the girls he'd be all over that. Sheesh.


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