Jan. 28th, 2014

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So today was not a good day for dieting as I made more stuff than I was supposed to. It was a work at home day and that is never good. But I kept it to popcorn and chocolate chip cookies, ok that second one is not good. Still better than a regular work at home day. I did get up this morning and do the movement exercises. I plan to get up tomorrow as well. And we will go forward and do better. *sigh* Right?

We watched the second episode of Bitten, it's ok. They have established more rules and backstory. Not a big fan of her being the only female, however I'm sure as the show goes on there will be more that show up. Still not sure if she wanted it or had to be talked into it, and of course we don't know what happened between Elena and the dude that doesn't have buttons on his shirt higher than mid-chest.

Oh and when he wrestles/fights with his fellow pack member he needs to be shirtless. Also found it add that one of the pack members was in bed with her with only shorts on. Like there was nothing odd about that. Yet, there is. :P I think Mr. KA is more into me than me, I will give it one more I think and then make a decision.

I mainlined American Horror Story: Coven today. I had three of them and let them run while working, so I didn't really watch them. More like listened. I want to finish the season as i made it through so much already, don't want to leave it unfinished. Not sure if I will tune in next year as I need to whittle the shows I watch alone.

Did see Teen Wolf: S3: E18: Illuminated )

Thought this past Monday's episode of HIMYM was good, one of the best. I loved how they tied everything together. They made such a great casting choice for the Mom, those are some really hard shoes to fill but they found the perfect person. And the episode made me all teary, damn them. I think that while there have been some episodes this season that were not good, or kind of boring/pointless, I think their idea of doing every hour leading up the wedding was cool. A unique concept to end the series on. Overall I have really enjoyed the series, sure there were highs and lows, but more highs than most comedies lately. Hopefully the show can really go out on a high note.

So I read today that there was a Christian singer that walked out of the Grammys because of Katy Perry's performance for "Dark Horse". I thought it was pretty good, lots of fun, it was dark and eerie. But to leave because it was too satanic? That a viewer would feel their spirituality threatened? Really? I just can't understand that, it was entertainment and I can't see it as an attack on Christianity or a supporting of satanism. I don't get it.

The President is speaking tonight, I will not be watching because I just can't take sitting there and listening to all the stupid applause etc. I will read the transcript tomorrow during lunch (I'll find it online somewhere), but tonight I will try to continue to watch some TV shows with the hubby.


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