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The Walking Dead: S5, E2 - Strangers Let's just cut to the chase. Why was Bob outside the Church? Why did he request another kiss? Why was he crying? I had assumed the kiss was goodbye, that he was going to shoot himself in the head because he was bitten while attacked at the food bank.

We have no confirmation of that so his motivation to go outside is still mind boggling. So if he has been bitten - - and the Terminus leader (and friends) have eaten him, does that mean they will also be infected? Hmm. So in previous seasons the CDC whispered to Rick that everyone has the disease, that they all have it if they die. If you are bitten you are dead/zombie within hours. Soooo does it mean anything that they have eaten Bob. (And there if Bob is not bitten, there is no reasoning as to why he would be outside the Church alone. Just stupidity).

I liked seeing so many people smiling, like last week's several minutes of happy, there were some lighthearted moments (lighthearted for this show anyway.)

I'm a little disappointed with the writers that the Terminus group is going after them for revenge. Blaming them for the demise of their home, just like the Governor, and in both cases the demise should be attributed to the fact that they are mean, manipulative killers. Not because Rick and his group targeted them. I was kind of hoping the Terminus storyline was finished. (Note: I have not read the graphic novel, so perhaps that's how it unfolds there I don't know.)

The priest's (well hello Dr Deaton, I think Beacon Hills still needs a veterinarian! *g*) big sin is that he didn't allow his flock to enter the Church for sanctuary. He was selfish (this is my guess) and was afraid to open the door. Kind of hard to take him seriously as a man of faith when he couldn't see past his own survival. And yes everyone has fear but it seems harsh that he turned everyone away.

I'm excited that they seem to be on their way to finding Beth, although it's only Darryl and Carol, which they are badass, I just hope they don't take off more than they can handle. It's great that we may be finding out what happened to her, she's been gone so long. :(

And for fun love that they had a clip from season 1. Wow do they look so different. it's only been 5 years, but... wow. If you missed seeing the clip I would suggest finding it, just for fun.
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