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The Flash: S1, E3 - Thing You Can't Outrun I think the opening narration over the titles is really corny, and the show isn't that corny. And I'm sure it will adjust, similar to Arrow I would assume.

This episode... seemed to suffer from some plot holes. Like if you are investigating a crime and have DNA you would search all DNA records, not just the alive ones. Granted they are looking for someone alive, but still, to be complete, you'd want everything.

I think that Barry is acting very impulsively. I understand that he is a meta human, he can run really fast, but he is battling gas. While you can outrun gas, it's slippery, he should have thought it through. Confronting him and having that talk was alright, but the dude was going to let him go - why push him, he had a face, he could have done facial recognition. I just found it odd, but he is still new to this, so he has to live and learn.

The makeshift prison is a nice and creative idea. However. They are now responsible for these meta humans, they still need to eat and shower and get out and move around. It's a little shortsighted of them, and not sure how they will deal with all of it.

It was nice/fun seeing Robbie Amell. Hopefully he can become a bigger part, or recurring. I know he plays Firestorm but I don't know anything about The Flash / DC so I have no idea what kind of character that is.

The ending? WTF. Can Wells see the future? Is he from the Future? I don't understand how he could have orchestrated the lightening to hit Barry, and or... yeah that's just odd.

Supernatural: S10, E3 - Soul Survivor Demon Dean is hot, it has to be said. Maybe some of it has to do with the attitude he exudes, that he doesn't care, he is unburdened. (As Castiel says later only humans can feel real joy, but they can also feel intense pain.)

Which one of is the real monster. Wow. So Sam manipulated Lester into summoning a Crossroads Demon?? Wow. Sam. Sammy. That was low, even if he had planned on stoping the deal, it was a huge risk, one that backfired. And Dean is just piling it on, and it's true, sure we know that Sam and Dean are good guys, but you can see Demon Dean's point. He did lay it on really thick, bringing up their mom etc. Really enjoyed the photo scene, they chose one from the first season and wow look how young. *g*

Crowley has the best lines. The Best. "why can't you people sit on clouds and play harps like you're supposed to"

Even is DemonDean was more human, mostly human, there was still demon inside of Dean, the Devil Traps should have still worked. I'm sorry, they are trying to change the rules - that is a big no no in my book. And this is sitting very wrong with me, never before could a demon get out of a Devil's Trap. Rule number one, you don't change the rules of your universe. (And maybe I'm mis-remembering a time this happened, and if so, please point it out.)

Glad to hear they mentioned the "Mark" of Cain, I didn't think it would have removed that as well. The "Mark" will still want death/killing. Loved that Sam just can't deal with anything else, and he wants to get drunk. And it seems that Dean doesn't remember, which is normal for a demon possession, but I thought with the "Mark" it would be different because DemonDean seemed to know every little tiny detail of their lives. I feel cheated though, I wanted a Sam and Dean scene at the end. A lot.
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