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Sleepy Hollow: S2, E5 - The Weeping LadyMy favorite parts had nothing to do with the storyline. I loved Icabod saying Abbie, being so upset when he pulled her out and then being confused about CPR. And the look on his face when Hawley pushed him out of the way and did it, saving her, it was awesome.

I like the addition of Hawley, he's hot, great snarky comments. Him and Jenny were adorable, even though nothing came of it (right now) but it's nice to learn they had something in the past.

I also appreciated the conversation/confrontation between Icabod and Katrina, it does sods as though it's the beginning of the end for them. When he laid it out like that, there were a lot of lies. And they can't be together right now so it's not like they can work on the marriage.

Most of the episode ok, didn't move things along and then the last few minutes tons of stuff is thrown out. Confirming that Henry has not real power, that the Demon is still calling the shots. Learning about Hellfire Shard and that Katrina is a chosen vessel. Vessel for what? It was enjoyable, although there needs to be more Irving.

Stuff about work and personnel problems work stuff Of the good, the merger that my company was in the middle of (nothing was signed but things are almost finalized) fell through as the buyers pulled their recommendation, so I have a job and will continue to stay here. I'm celebrating 10 years so now I have 5 weeks vacation, woohoo.

Of the bad, staff problems. Things are very bad, went to HR regarding one staff member. Trying to follow that through and while we are following HRs direction, it's slow. I also feel as though we missed the window of opportunity to fire her. My company is very hesitant and wants to avoid all possibilities of a law suit, even though I have enough documentation to justify the parting of ways. But now the HR person thinks that the year end review won't go well and that she can help transition her out. *sigh* But nothing is set.

Then a second person, a person that has gotten close to the above staff member, has started responded to emails with attitude and disrespect. I met with her today to address it, I probably wasn't as stern and harsh as I should have been but her year end review is not good. The talk today seemed to be well received. I'm working from home today so that will give both problem people time to vent and complain to each other. Oh joy.

I have a staff of 11, 7 reporting directly to me while 4 go to the supervisor first. I just hate work right now, some of it is probably due to the uncertainty over the last months around the merger. And the staff problems I've been having. The main problem has been like this for a year, with moments of improvement but it never lasts. I'm just so tired of dealing with it.

But yeah for keeping my job :)
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