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Sleepy Hollow: S2, E7: Deliverance So this ep… I didn’t like it much. There was some great banter between Abby and Icabod, the voting conversation the fist pump and the fact that he did the “boom”. Those are things I love and continue to come back for.

Also enjoyed the conversation between Icabod and Henry, that was harsh and John Noble was really creepy.

I found it frustrating regarding the storyline or decisions made.

The Dr that came into the room, took Icabod at his word that it was his wife and just left, not asking if Katrina had ailments, allergies nothing. At the Church, Icabod is standing there with the tablet, wife arching with pain on the ground (not smashing the tablet). Then Katrina can’t breath and Abby, who knows CPR is sitting there shocked and then Icabod does CPR. Did he take a class in the last few weeks???

The directing during the reveal that Moloch was rising through the pregnancy was over the top, they were just repeating everything twice, once for the person they were with, and then once for the audience, so we all saw it coming four times. Yeah, so I wasn’t really loving this ep. But the “Boom” at the end was great.

The Walking Dead: S5, E3: Four Walls and a Roof This episode has the distinction of not moving anything forward, but perhaps a half step. So Bob was bit (not a surprise), the people ate his leg that was tainted (not a surprise) - still not sure if that will turn them. Will never find out since they're all dead. Glad they are gone, didn't want them to become like the Governor and just be hanging over their head.

They did get overzealous about the killing though, started to freak out their own team members.

But sadly what has stayed with me are the things I didn't like. Abraham. Everything about Abraham in this episode pissed me off. Waiting one more day shouldn't have been a big deal. They weren't in immediately danger, Rick's team was bigger than cannibal team. They had the safety of the building. The logic wasn't sound. Then Eugene has no balls whatsoever, just bows to Abraham's orders (and the jury is still out on Eugene if he has the cure etc). So Abraham says fine, half a day and we're taking Glenn and Maggie. WTF?!

Maggie and Glenn leave. Well, that group leave in general, now that the cannibals were dead they could have waited a day to two for Darryl and Carol to return. There was no immediate threat to warrant the leaving. This was done to separate and great drama. Ugh.

And Sasha thinking she has to kill Bob... why? I don't get her reasoning, her feelings for him should have been the reason not to do it. Judith crying at just the right moment reminded me again at how selfish and ridiculous Lori was when she decided keep the pregnancy. She knew she couldn't give birth without dying, so she carries the baby knowing that she won't be around to support. Ugh, just. No.

So I found this episode kind of frustrating.

For Work I've mentioned before problems with a Staff Member, well that Staff Member has told the HR person that they are taking a package and leaving the company. There is still some things to iron out, but perhaps this era is coming to an end And it's sad due to the history I have with her, but it had to happen, something had to change. We asked her to change over the last year and nothing.

I've been sick now for 8 days. The first 4 were the most awful things, I had a spiking fever, aches throughout my shoulders, back and hips. The congestion started on day 3 and got worse to the point I could not breath, hence not being able to sleep either. Went to the doctor on Day 4 and she diagnosed me with sinusitis, which I've had many times, and it never felt like that. I didn't go to work for 4 days. The weekend wasn't much better, while the aches and pains decreased the congestion got worse causing headaches and pain through the left side of my face.

*sigh* I went to work on Monday, I needed to be home again but that was 4 days in a row, I have never ever done that before. So in the ten years I've been with the company they realized I was very sick, which was nice, I didn't have a fear that they didn't believe me. The head is still so congested my ears pop, need to use Afrin at night to breath, even Nyquil to get to sleep. Ugh. This just so sucks.

Good thing about today is that we started watching The Avengers with the kids today. I found myself shushing LM#2, but he had questions or just comments. :)
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