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Once Upon A Time: S4, E6 - Family Business I have to say that I was excited about this season, I’m a big Frozen fan, however it’s just the same plot over again. Ice Queen wants a family. Wicked Witch wanted a family. Surprise, Ice Queen is related to you. Surprise, Wicked Witch is related to you.

And Belle. What the hell was that? I just can’t get behind her back story at all. She was so hell bent on knowing what happened to her mom that she would risk so much? I wasn’t there but it’s obvious that the mother was taken by the troll. The father said as much. I just can’t buy into it. (I will admit that the mirror was sufficiently creepy).

I still can’t forgive them for making Gold bad again. Lying to Belle. They should have just made him good, they are bringing in new outside villains, so allow the season one villains to grow. They are doing ok with Regina (finally).

Anna is still adorable. And Hook is adorable.

I’m just bored with the same story lines but with different people. Couldn’t they have come up with something more interesting that Ice Queen wanting a family?? Ugh

The Walking Dead: S5, E4 - Slab Town This whole episode was disgusting and creepy. Disgusting for how people interact with each other. I can't understand it. I don't get what Dawn, the police person, was trying to create. I just ... don't. I don't think everyone is going to be sweetness and light, but geez.

Noah is a great character. I'm glad he got out, maybe he will run into Darryl and can join the team. I'm so proud of Beth, she has come such a long way. And not for fighting back, we've seen her do that before. But the way she figured out what the Dr did, and then confronted him about it.

Overall the ep was fine, just found it boring. The arrival of Carol at the end was a nice way to tie it together. Is she really hurt, or was that a rouse as part of a plan to gain access to the place? It's been some time, so perhaps Noah did run into them and told them about the place, how to get in etc.

Grimm: S4, E3 - Last Fight I was not a fan of Juliette going behind Nick's back to Monroe and Rosalee. It's ultimately Nick's decision if he wants to be a Grimm and the fact that she did that... doesn't sit well with me. Being a Grimm is a huge part of Nick, it's as though she doesn't want that part of him anymore (now that she sees a way out).

Renard's mother is... disconcerting. "She's had work done" is a tad understatement haaahaaa. I like her though. And this connection between Nick and Adalind - wonder how that will come to pass. I like that complication. *g*

Found the plot predictable, however I love the idea of this Vessen, that they are strong and talented fighters, but the drive lays dormant until provoked. It was horrible that his own mother was behind everything (predictable, but horrible).

Wu needs to be brought in on the secret and if they are hesitating because they feel guilt for not doing it sooner, so be it. They should. He should know, he thought he was crazy. And now there are questions surrounding Trouble. Just suck it up and talk to him. (Although I can see why Nick is hesitating, he's not a Grimm so it's not as personal, but still.)

Feeling better, but still horribly congested. Finished my antibiotic and will continue with the regime of decongestants etc and I just hope that the congestion doesn't morph into something else.
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