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Once Upon A Time: S4, E7 - The Snow Queen Oh my god, what the hell is going on in this episode??? At first I was just annoyed that Emma was falling for the manipulation so easily. It's ridiculous. Emma should have a better sense of self than that.

I also feel as though the writers didn't do a good enough job explaining and foreshadowing Emma's powers. It seems that it just came out of nowhere to be uncontrollable, yet her lessons with Regina seemed to be going alright.

The scene outside the police station where Emma is telling everyone to stay away, omg, the directing needed to be way tighter. I mean, that pole fell so slowly there is no reason Charming couldn't have pushed Hook out of the way and still been safe, it was like he hesitated, had to check where the post was. Just seemed very contrived.

The casting of the Weasleton guy was very good. *g* Robin and Regina are adorable and I really want her to have a happy ending.

And then the frustration left me and I was horrified on behalf of the Snow Queen. Wow. Killing her own sister, that is harsh. And then the last sister sucked her into the urn. I did like the way this storyline panned out, how it was brought back together with the no memories of sisters.

The Walking Dead: S5, E5 - Self-Help HA! I always said that Eugene shot up that truck on purpose, and obviously he did since he just sabotaged the bus. Which. His reasoning is flawed, it makes so sense. But even so I kind of think that Abraham should have been able to control the bus enough to slow down or avoid the other cars. And double HA! I always said Eugene was lying. (Of course he could be lying now to get Abraham to calm the hell down.)

I could maybe buy this more if Eugene was not such a coward, if he was a giving member of the team. But he's not. Glad he recognizes that he is a coward but it doesn't erase the lies and deception. Although he did give Abraham a reason to keep living.

I just can't stand Abraham. Even with his backstory, just don't care. And maybe I'm not supposed to but I doubt they are aiming for my hatred. Part of the problem is I think he is unstable now.
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