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Gotham: S1, E8 - The Mask First rule of Office Fight Club…. you don’t talk about Office Fight Club. Not what they were going for? :-)

And last week I was really having a change of attitude toward Jim, now I’m kind of back to thinking “there are more looks than constipated”. And I found his struggle this week, not being supported by fellow police officers lacking. I don’t know why.

Although I’m enjoying the change of heart of Bullock, I found him irritating in the first couple, but each episode makes me like him more.

And the girlfriend of Barbara must go, and it looks like she just leaves with just a note. What a cowardly thing to do they needed to talk, figure things out. It was a rough patch, but she just runs. That’s awful. And I don’t even like her. The actress isn’t great, and now she’s morphed into something whiny. And she had a traumatic experience last ep, so I’ll give her another chance.

Fish’s relationship with “her girl” is disturbing, I find myself cringing, so job well done ladies! I also appreciate the growth between Gordon and Bullock, it’s surprising to me as I had written off Bullock but I’m pleased.

And woohoo for Alfred offering to teach Bruce to fight. I like that twist. Have to say allowing Bruce to beat the boy in the doorway of his own home… not appropriate. A child needs a sense of right and wrong, and wow is that wrong. Sure, give Bruce confidence to stand up for himself better next time, but that was cheap. Alfred seems more of a street fighter so the little bits of knowledge should be interesting.

I'm also watching Homeland. And to be honest, I'm just not into it like I was in seasons 1 and 2. Didn't like season 3 and I'm watching season 4 for Mr. KA. I can't seem to push past the character of Carrie. She is the lead and the idea that she an be in the employment of the CIA after all her mental problems is baffling. Homeland Season 4 spoiler And now she sleeps with a young man, maybe 18, very inexperienced, very trusting. But she slept with him, to get info. I just. That is awful, she is an analyst, she coordinates. She is not in the field like that, it just, skeeves me out. haahaa, perhaps that's why I don't work in the CIA.
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