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The Flash: S1, E5 - Plastique Hum hum, going to ignore the whole romantic feelings for Iris thing.

The decision to keep Iris in the dark is ridiculous. Nothing her father can say can justify it, it's stupid. I get that they think they are protecting her, but it doesn't make sense to me. Not just because she knows both of them, she's family, but because of the logical reason that Iris keeps saying. All his life Barry talked about the fantastical, the supernatural, and now that something odd is happening, he's in denial. If she's any kind of reporter she could start to put two and two together.

And now The Flash interacts with Iris and you can see how fascinated Iris is, and she better not start falling for The Flash because that would just be wrong. Just like Barry being in love with Iris is. Oh wait, I said I wouldn't mention it ... again And the fact that her father knows Barry's in love with her is just... omg I have no words.

They did a poor job with with the villain of the week, they couldn't balance the struggle/revenge vs good. They did fairly well until the end, where she killed innocent soldiers to get to the "bad guy". Then she started to tell Barry about Dr Wells and then died. Seriously??

And what happened to the tidal wave, it was pretty big and then... nothing. Just assuming it bumped up against the rocks? Come on people, follow some things through -- please!!

omg it was like he was breaking up with her, you know, his sister. :P

I was going to post about the 200th ep of SPN now, but have decided to just watch it instead of watch with the computer opened and maybe typing.
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