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Supernatural - S10, E5: Fan Fiction
I thought it was fun. I liked that it was mainly lighthearted but not mean to the fans. Sometimes when shows delve into the fan stuff it can have a mean tint to it (happened on SPN before), but this I thought was funny. Dean and Sam’s reactions were comical but never … frustrated or disgusted, just unbelieving.

I do think that the end, them watching the final song, that song being Carry On My Wayward Son, (for me) everything turned more serious. The way both Dean and Sam’s faces were steely at first, but then softened as though they were hearing the lyrics and applying it to themselves for the first time. The fact that Dean hung the “samulet” from the mirror and just giving Sam a look. and the end with Chuck.

I didn’t know who it was, had no guesses, but when he was revealed I gasped and thought it was perfect. (Although I can’t remember where Chuck is supposed to be, heaven is the only thing I can point to).

I really enjoyed the episode. I thought the main young lady (Marie) did a marvelous job, I think the ridiculous uniform and hat helped sell it. I also like that no one died, kidnapped, sure, but no death. It helped sell the story of fun and funny while poignant at the end. Death would have messed that up.

Arrow: S3, E6 - Guilty I don’t know - - this episode man. All I feel is rage. Rage at Laurel for being such an asshole. Rage at Diggle for wanting to let Roy go. He’s supposed to be family! Annoyance that Laurel crashed the car after such kickass driving. There was no reason, there was space to move and slow down. At least a little.

Torn about Oliver still trying to control Laurel’s life. I think he has some valid points, she is not in the right headspace as she can only see vengeance. Although I do see her anger about Sarah’s death lessoning.

My favorite part was Oliver and Roy. I think this was such a great thing to happen, moving away from all the bickering they used to do into more actual mentoring. I also liked what they did with Roy and the dreams, it was a nice twist. A tad manipulative, but I can forgive that.

And it ends with “i’m a cupid, stupid” - what the hell! All these people using bow and arrows, seems odd :)


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