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Hawaii 5-0: S5, E6 - Ho'oma'ike The best part of the episode was the beginning and end. I'm a sucker for anything Danny and Steve related and I really loved the idea that Steve went and found Danny once he returned. While I kind of wanted more talking between them over what happened, what did occur was pretty good. And then the end where Steve gets a picture with a football legend that Danny loves, poor dude.

The rest of the episode was alright, good for airing on Halloween for sure. I am very horrified that a son could do that to his father. Put him through that horror again, just something I can't understand and it made the whole episode that much creepier.

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E7 - Ina Paha So the summary is that Steve experiences how things could have happened if he made a different decision. But. I disagree. Danny's personalty would not have changed, he still would have hated Hawaii at the time of John's attempted murder. Chin would still have been suspended and tainted as a dirty cop. Those things had nothing to do with Steve. That being said.. it's still kind of fun to see the characters we know and love in a different light.

(But don't make it seem that because Steve makes a different decision all of these things were effected.) It did make for some funny stuff. I think I enjoyed the fact that Danny's voice was softer without the hard edge it normally has.

The additional information regarding Wo Fat was interesting, although if Wo Fat was biologically related to Steve would have been better. Although the way Wo Fat delivered the line about Doris made it seem as though we had no idea they had a connection. Silly writers, kind of figured it out years ago, you know, when Doris shot the floor instead of Wo Fat? Then.

On a shallow note, Steve without a shirt and lower jeans is a really good look on his. A shame he was being tortured but I still appreciated it. And then the end, Danny coming into the room looking so distraught, his voice breaking calling out Steve's name and then comforting him. This is why I keep coming back to this show. And then find fic.

The montage at the end, perfect. I'm a big fan of that kind of stuff and they featured so many great Steve and Danny scenes, both sad and happy. Just everything through the years. As a fan I really enjoyed seeing this. A nice way to end the 100th ep of the season I think.


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