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White Collar: S5, E1 - Borrowed Time I liked Mozzie's take on why Neal has been working with Peter, that he still gets to plan and invent but no crime/punishment. Of course the best part for me is how concerned Peter is for Neal.

My hope for this last season to have Peter and Neal come back to their friendship and for them to be close again like before the horroribleness of last season.

I really enjoy Mozzie, I know he's over the top, but ever since he and Elizabeth bonded and they are forever Suit and Mrs Suit, it's just adorable. The fact that he came to Peter's house with food, or that Elizabeth called him... so cute.

I appreciated how honest Peter was to Neal, letting him know Peter felt he was screwed by the FBI before. So looks like they set up a good little arch for the final season working up to Neal's release. :) And Neal was honest to Peter about his feelings for Rebecca and it's sad that she ended her life that way, sadder for Neal because his lovers seem to end badly.

I've had the last two days off from work, although spent two hours working yesterday. I had a massage and a haircut and caught up on some TV. Today I have run some errands and trying to get caught up with more TV. Need to pack as I'm heading down to Maryland to see azhreia to watch Teen Wolf and Cap2 and chat, lots of chatting. Going to be a fun time. :-)


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