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Once Upon A Time: S4, E8 - Smash the Mirror *sigh* I was really hoping for something else regarding the sub-plots. Over the course of two plus seasons Gold has been working toward being a good man. Making different decisions, reconciling with his son, marrying Belle. But the writers have decided instead of tackling something different that it was could easier to make Gold evil again. I'm just frustrated by this.

Mostly because it is now infecting Killian, who has no heart and must do as Gold says. He should just tell Emma th truth and what is going on, learn from his past. He's been trying to better himself, and has been doing well, he obviously loves Emma. But now he is lying to her, that will come back and bit him later.

So the ribbons can collect the power from the other two sisters... I'm a little confused as to how that works if the ribbons aren't on the other two. Ice Queen had them, then they magically affixed themselves to Emma and Elsa. So I suppose the ribbons had some sort of power themselves, enchanted. Still not really sure how casting a spell on Storybrook is going to get the Ice Queen what she wants.

A funny note - I keep having 'dirty' thoughts whenever they state a "happy ending"  

Did find Robin Hood and Regina adorable, not sure what to make of the missing page magically appearing. My first thought is that it can't be good, stuff like that never is as it seems.
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