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Agents of Shield: S2, E8 - The Things We Bury So. Regarding Ward. I felt he was unredeemable once they raided that one Shield base and killed those people. But I do feel this is the final nail. Killing his own family, framing his brother. I do think that Christian (the brother) orchestrated Ward pushing Tommy into the well? Yes. After the confession Christian went into the reasoning for his actions, if he just confessed to save his life, there wouldn't have been a "reason".

I think The Doctor was convenient, however I actually appreciate it - a good use for him. Saving Tripp, confronting Coulson. It re-enforces that he (seems) to just want to meet Skye, wants his daughter back. Is he something special as well? Or just a regular human who is very intelligent (and slightly off his rocker). And since we are to assume the "woman that doesn't age" is Skye's mother, perhaps Skye gets all her specialness from her.

Fitz! I was so proud of him and excited that he was capable. And kept working, the more he lessened the time and more confidence he had in himself. Woohoo for Fitz. I do think that Fitz is becoming more interesting, I think it's because he is stronger, perhaps accepting his new predicament - even though the body is weaker. I'm enjoying the progression.

Morse: But you never trust me
Lance: But I'll never stop wanting to.
Really enjoyed that dialog exchange. And look, they got it on in the back of a car. haahaa.

On another note - I think my Skye problem is her attitude, she is all tough girl and it just grates on me. She doesn't have enough experience to be that tough. t really need to get over this don't I? :P

Supernatural: S10, E6 - Ask Jeeves
I feel this episode had a great premise, had so much potential and did have a lot of humor, but I believe it's execution wasn't great.

There was a lot to love though.

The women hitting on Sam, Sam trying to flirt and hold his own and failing miserably. Dean taking such great glee in it. I liked the little touches, like the doorbell, really loved that. The silver butter knives that weren't silver and that totally backfired.

The family members were so hilariously shallow and ridiculous that it was really funny. I did appreciate that there was no ghost but a Shifter. I did get confused regarding the backstory involving Bobby and perhaps I need to re-watch it as I do admit to not paying enough attention there.

My biggest problem is Sam's reaction at the end, he seemed to be sweating and just paralyzed with fear. Over a young lady Shifter. Why? It didn't make sense to me, and then afterward he was fine. I also want the Winchesters to start kicking some ass, they are getting thrown around a lot so far this season.

And then the end, Dean, emptying the clip into the Shifter once it was dead. The conversation in the car was interesting, does Dean really believe his actions meant nothing? Or is he lying? HIs honest "this is the first kill" was refreshing, but sadly I think he's lying. Although I'm not sure if he he realizes he is lying. I suppose this means the Mark is coming up again. It was only a matter of time right?

I like the happy, fun episodes. The brothers smiling. I like that. :)

This year at my job has been... rough. So many ups and downs. Work things As I've mentioned before, in the summer my company was approached by another for a merger. Things moved forward, we continued to work with that hanging over our head. So things weren't great. Then in October it fell apart, no more merger, so we were all happy.

Then we had a meeting on Wednesday, they divided us into functions, we were spread throughout the buildings in the largest meeting places available. It was odd. The CEO then told us that after much debate and discussion... they have decided that only one location in the US should be established for the company and that they were choosing the one in MA.

This is not shocking however it's disappointing. We were here first, we bought them, and now they are the hub. 500 jobs are moving. On a personal level I am fine because there is a handful of areas that are staying here and mine is one of them. We will go from four buildings to two. It's just so sad and it sucks. I feel bad for many of my colleagues as they will need to chose between relocation (if they are asked) and losing a job.

Next year has to be better, right? At least less ups and downs. Geezus


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