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Gotham: S1, E10 - Lovecraft I have to admit that this show turned itself around for me. There is still stuff I'm not in love with but it's gotten more interesting and Gordon's personality has grown, or deepened. He doesn't just seem constipated all the time. *g*

I think Selena is fantastic, and her relationship with Bruce is adorable. However I have questions in regards to their ages. I first pegged Bruce about 13 and Selena about 16, but with the kissing and awkward flirting... I just don't see that happening.

Alfred kicking ass is fantastic. I really enjoy that he is not just a butler, but someone with depths - action hero depths. And his relationship with Bruce is odd and awkward but it's full of love. And the introduction of (poison) Ivy, she did seems strange and the fact that Cat didn't like her was humorous.

I appreciated how they filmed Harvey Dent, I think that 90% of the time one side of his face was in shadow. I thought it was something they were doing in the first ep he appeared, but they carried it through every episode/scene. It was cool.

Now we wait until January and Gordon is at Arkham, not sure what is going to happen there.

Grimm: S4, E6 - Highway of Tears There were so many scenes in this episode I really liked. Trubel returning to Nick's house, seemingly by herself, to make sure Nick and Juliette were finished sexing it up, but Rosalie and Monroe were hiding around the corner. The weird flirting between Nick and Juliette while she looks like Analind (which was just awkward). Any scene between Trubel and Josh. Hank blatantly checking out the deputy, dude, you were on duty!! And then at the spice shop when Rosalie had Juliette (with her gun) and then Trubel arrive. Hey! *g*

Nick is finally back to being a Grimm, thank-freakin-god. Took too long, I appreciate the story arch, just feel as though it took too long. And it was really predictable that the return of his power wasn't instantaneous, but returned during a tense moment. Just happy to have everyone back to being like they were supposed to.

Just a little thought about Homeland Dude. Carrie. Lied, totally liked to Saul, allowed him to be captured, something he said he didn't want. Ever again. Lied. Dearlord, how does this woman sleep with herself? Sure, she saved his life, but for what? For the chance of him being released? I don't know, that relationship is done, he will never trust her again. Whatever bond they had is done. And perhaps she is ok with that because in the end Saul is alive, but still.

Health. Well, that sucks. Health update I mentioned before at the end of October that I was sick with a sinus infection, took antibiotics for 10 days. The aches and pains, and pain from congestion went away, but the congestion did not. Kept blowing, ears popping. That went on for almost two weeks until I started to feel bad again. That was last Sunday. Monday I went to work and my voice started getting throat-ier, the head congestion pain was back.

Made another doctor's appointment for Tuesday morning, saw a different doctor in the practice. She was lovely, asked lots of questions like: after the antibiotics, how much better did you feel percent wise. Good question, I told her 70%, she said that wasn't acceptable. I liked her very much at that point. She explained the two different kinds of antibiotics to me, one suppresses and allows the body to fight off the rest of the infection, and the other kills it.

My first one was a suppresser. Sadly my body can't fight off a sinus infection anymore. So this time I have a kill it antibiotic. I got worse on Wed and Thurs and started to feel better on Friday and then Saturday. I spent Thanksgiving, at my inlaws, in bed for two hours in the afternoon. I couldn't get around it, I felt that bad. But at least I'm starting to feel better now. Hopefully this does the trick, however I'm kind of worried as we enter December because 90% of the time I'm sick by Christmas. All the stress of work, gifts, decorating, cookies, plans etcetc. But I will think positively.

The outside of the house is decorated (did that last Monday was it was 65 degrees out, just didn't turn them on until today). The tree is up and decorated. Tomorrow I plan to finish the inside of the house and then I'm done. I will move on to creating the Christmas card and downloading the pictures from my camera. Not sure when cooking will be happening. Really wish I didn't have to cook. Blah.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving if you celebrated. :)

Date: 2014-11-30 11:47 pm (UTC)
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All of that--except for getting a doc who asked all the right questions and listened to your answers and who agreed that that was an unacceptable outcome--sucks. Getting a doc who was pro-active in trying to get a better outcome does not suck, and I hope it works.

For what it's worth, I'm a big fan of probiotics when I'm taking antibiotics. I think it was Sinead who suggested a particular brand: Fem Dophilius worked for me when I was on back to back courses of heavy duty antibiotics.

Just make sure you buy those from someplace that keeps them in the cold (like the refrigerated cases at the store.) I don't know if you have Sprouts, but that's my go to place for these.

I'll cross my fingers that this round does the trip, because a sinus infection may not suck as much as some illnesses, but it does sap energy and make you feel generally crappy in that background way that's almost worse because you aren't sick enough to take time off from work, but you still feel crappy.


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