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The Flash: S1, E9: The Man in the Yellow Suit Well. Confusing is one way to put it. This episode was fast paced from the beginning.

The return of Ronnie aka Firestorm, nice to see Robbie Amell again, sad that the same wig department is the same from Arrow as that wig is… poor. *g* However when he goes flame it doesn’t really matter, and maybe when he returns it will be a little better. (Hey, I can hope). I did appreciate Caitlin handled it, she protected herself the first time, but didn’t let it go. Trusted Cisco and approached him on her own terms, while it didn’t go the way she had hoped, she still followed through.

I also wholeheartedly support West bringing Eddie into the fold regarding meta-humans and admitting knowing the Flash. Perhaps this will convince Eddie to back off of the task force. I would like Eddie and Iris to know about Barry, maybe toward the end of the season. It wouldn’t make sense to keep dragging it out, it just makes drama where there doesn’t need to be any.

That brings me to Barry’s all-encompassing-love for Iris. *yawn* I haven’t hidden my displeasure of this particular element of the story. He confesses his love in the most awkward conversation ever. I appreciate how Iris reacted, or didn’t react. I have hope that with this confession Barry can start to move past his love. He will aways be in love with Iris, however he needs to be an adult with mature thoughts and feelings, accept that Iris is not going to be his romantic partner, and move on other relationships.

The man in the yellow suit is fast, faster than Barry. Talked to Barry like he knew him personally. Taunted him. (Fast forward to the end of the ep.) Wells is the man in the yellow suit. Are you freakin kidding me? I will admit to being surprised there, although it played out perfectly. He programmed/controlled the suit with that metal arched he placed on the suit to attack him in the lab ensuring his alibi.

Wells creeped me out before this, now it’s just really awful. I look at him and shudder, kudos toTom Cavangh ‘cause I really hate him.

We also find out that there was a distinct red and yellow blur on the right Barry’s mom died, which I just assumed that’s what it looked like, never thought it was two people. So Wells was there, with someone else, and killed her. Was she a scientist? I can’t remember, I almost feel as though she had to be, that Wells and Person killed her to protect their research/goals.

This was a good episode, tons of questions and done well. I’m looking forward to it’s return to see how things will play out.

Agents of Shield: S2, E10: What They Become To say that I'm pissed off is an understatement.

They killed Tripp. Killed him. They gave us back Mac, but killed Trip. I just. I have no words. He was awesome, I loved his addition to the team and I'm very sad to see him go. Nice that he went down swinging, saving Skye and everyone. Still being smart by kicking the obelisk. But he died and I can't forgive it.

I knew when they added all of the new characters that someone probably was going to go. Last episode I had accepted it was Mac, but it was a bait and switch. While I find Lance hilarious, he could have gone.

Skye gained a lot of points when he just shot Ward, good for her. Very proud of her for that. Sadly he should have died, nice explanation regarding what stopped the bullets, but he should have died. He needs to go, his usefulness is now over.

I do find it ironic that fake-May is like Ward after his "leader" died, having no direction, no freedom as Ward said. Now they are paired together.

Skye knows all about Dad and Mom, good. Dad gets away, or is let go, whichever way you look at it. He will be back. Killing Whitehall was surprising thought he'd be the big bad a little longer, perhaps the big bad is not Raina, or whatever she became. Looked cat-like, but we didn't see her again (which I found odd). But Skye, Skye she stayed the same. The happy little special snowflake that she is. Ugh seriously? Hubby thinks their transformation appearance may be tied their power - we are thinking all the "approved" people have some sort of power.

May was awesome with the plane flying, fancy as Trip said. Coulson killed Whitehall, woo. Mac is back, Fitz seems to be making an amazing recovery. Really thought his struggle would be longer, a slower recovery - kind of disappointed with the seemingly about-face.

I just ... Trip is gone and I'm not happy. I don't care enough about Skye to be affected by her pain over the knowledge/reunion of her parents or her transformation. *sigh* I already miss Trip.

Arrow: S3, E10 Dude. Ra's hasn't been challenged in 67 years... how old is he?! There needs to be some magic involved here, otherwise it's just bad writing. Not keeping track of years. *gg*

Speaking of bad writing. If a show wants to have a surprise reveal that Thea killed Sarah, have the balls to say she did it under her volition. Don't hide behind mind control/suggestion and then-have-no-memory. That is just lame. They were grooming her to be a baddie, just go with it, do something different. But now we have this weird person that is combat trained and guilty of murder and is oblivious. Not thrilled about this plot point.

Of course Ray would have a tragic backstory. Of course. Felicity's reaction to seeing ATOM "why does this keep happening to me" was just so perfect. The goodbye between Oliver and Felicity was sweet and kinda gut wrenching.

What the FRAK kind of ending was that!?!? I didn't have any expectations, not really, but Oliver have his throat paralyzed, taking a sword to the gut and being kicked off a cliff was not it. I actually gasped when he was stabbed with the sword. How the hell are they going to fix this? Geezus. Perhaps bestow Oliver some magic and make him alive? Wow.

On a shallow note, Roy looked so hot in the red outfit, it's the belt/buckles around his thighs that really caught my notice tonight. *g*

Finished this round of antibiotics, still congested. It's bothersome while talking sometimes, and I blow my nose throughout the day, all day. I may call the Doctor tomorrow and leave a message explaining how I'm feeling just to keep her updated. I'm concerned about taking a step backward again. I'm notorious for getting sick at Christmas, I think it's all the working, getting ready, etcetc.


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