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The Flash: S1, E9: The Man in the Yellow Suit )

Agents of Shield: S2, E10: What They Become )

Arrow: S3, E10 - The Climb )

Finished this round of antibiotics, still congested. It's bothersome while talking sometimes, and I blow my nose throughout the day, all day. I may call the Doctor tomorrow and leave a message explaining how I'm feeling just to keep her updated. I'm concerned about taking a step backward again. I'm notorious for getting sick at Christmas, I think it's all the working, getting ready, etcetc.
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Arrow: S3, E8: The Brave and the Bold )

Supernatural: S10, E8: Hibbing 911 )

Christmas is coming. And coming way faster than I'm ready for. The tree is up and decorated though (that was Saturday), the house is done (Sunday), the outside was done last Monday when it was 55 degrees. Of course all the boxes are still in the bedroom, going to put them away tomorrow and perhaps get the rest of the house more in order (Mr. KA and I are off tomorrow). The gingerbread house is done, LM#2 has been bugging me all week to do it and he was so excited when I said it would be today. It's cute, very overloaded with candy, but they did it all.

We are also doing the Elf so finding new places to put him is already hard. Last year I did a set up where the Elf was held captive by the bad guy figures we have, but then LM#1 called me on it, said I set it up. :( So that's too much. The Elf needs to just sit or something only a little 'staged'.

I have shopping to do, Christmas cards to design, pictures to download. :P I love Christmas but sometimes it just overwhelms me.
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Arrow: S3, E5: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak )

Finally feeling a little better, the congestion is still really bad, I sometimes can't hear well out of my right ear, but I finally feel better. I don't think I'll be a hundred percent for another handful of days.
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Arrow: S3, E3 - Corto Maltese )

Agents of Shield: S2, E5 - A Hen in the Wolf House )

Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was released today. OMG. James Spader is very freaky as Ultron. There is so much going on in the trailer, so many feels, so much pain. So much. I trust in Joss, but he likes pain mixed with action and humor and while Avengers1 didn't have a ton of pain, Cap2 did and I fear that Avengers2 will be like that. Painful emotionally. (Here is a link:
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Here I go again, trying to make sure and update here.

First some quick opinions about some TV shows.

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E1 - A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai )

Arrow: S3, E1 - The Calm )

Supernatural: S10, E1 - Black )

The Flash: S1, E1 - City of Heroes )

Agents of Shield: S2, E3 - Making Friends and Influencing People )

I have tried the comedies of blackish, Selfie and A to Z and each have something different but the funniest one was Selfie - sure it was ridiculous but the actors embraced it and it was fantastic. I'm interested to see how it goes forward. blackish thought the second one was better than the first so I'll tune back in. A to Z was eh, it has to wow me with the second episode otherwise I'm done.

I am still watching NCIS however I may stop and leave poor Mr KA to watch on his own. I just, the dialog is so bad, and the plots are ridiculous and... I just don't think I want to spend 45 minutes of my evening like that anymore. I'll see after this episode. I will miss the characters, but now the world they live in (I think the last straw is the plot device they used in the second episode involving Dir. Vance. I couldn't stand it, it was so manipulative, grrrr.

work stuff )

We were supposed to go apple picking tomorrow after LM#1 was finished school but sadly it's going to rain. So that needs to be delayed. I have off tomorrow, which is awesome, and I will be painting vertical stripes into my son's room. LM#2 has been wanting his room repainted so I allowed him to pick the colors (a bright blue, a red delicious red and a dark dark purple) The bright blue stripes will be on the red wall, sadly I wanted the purple on the red, though it would be subtle/cool look. After the painting is done I will order his new furniture, hopefully the one I picked out will fit in his room. There won't be a ton of floor space, however the furniture is being purchased with the thought of him taking it with him when he leaves. LM#1 has a queen bed, but LM#2's room is too small for that so he is getting a double.

One thing I am doing for myself tomorrow is getting a pedicure. I need one. Badly. It will be the last one for while as it's now winter and I won't be in sandals.
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Arrow: S2, E12: Tremors )

Justified: S5, E4: Over The Mountain )

Been catching Hollywood Game Night when there is a celebrity I'm interested in. This week was Michael Weatherly, plus Michele Tractenberg - dude, she is hardcore, a ver competive person, you could tell, she didn't like losing. :P the show is fun, but I have to admit that Jane Lynch is a tad annoying, she tries to be funny, but most of the time it's awkward. In my opinion.

Out of the 5 workdays this week, I got up and did some movement exercises 4 of them. I think that is an accomplishment. The program is going alright, but each day I seem to eat something additional I shouldn't. Last night it was a chocolate chip cookie after resisting the goodies at work all day. But I suppose one cookie is not going to ruin everything else, so I keep going. Tomorrow is the really hard "cleanse" day where I just drink stuff all day. That will be difficult.

Work. Well I sat with the staff yesterday and gave everyone their Reviews. It went fine, just that Staff Member K seems to have a different memory of her year, sadly her Review is subpar and it will be reflect in the no merit and low bonus. But in her Review she feels that it wasn't that bad, a few mistakes here and there. Yeah. That's not how it worked, and I'm a bit disturbed that she thinks so. The merit stuff doesn't come out until mid-late February so I'll worry about it then. Right now I need to focus on transitioning the workload from the other office to my staff (where I'm one person short).
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Shows are gearing up for the finales...

NCIS: Double Blind )

Arrow: Darkness on the Edge of Town )

Supernatural: Clip Show )

I'm so bummed that all my friends are seeing or have seen Iron Man 3, even my parents are going tomorrow. WTH? But it has to be next Saturday as that is "date" night with the hubby as my kids are staying over my brother's house for the first time. I talked with him yesterday and he told me his softball's beef and beer is that day, but since he's already rescheduled with me twice, he didn't want to do it again. He even asked my parents to watch the kids for a couple of hours but they are going to the shore. And I'm mean, selfish, don't know, enough that I'm not offering to switch the day. If we did it would be over a month before we could do it again and I want the damn day/night! *g*

Been watching Benedict Cumberbatch on various talk shows etc... they really have no idea how to style his hair that long do they? A shame, he looks awesome with it curly, not so much with it slicked back. And did you know his "fans" call themself the Cumberbitches? Had no idea. Or that Chris Pine's fans are Pinenuts? (Yes I may have watch the Graham Norton show) I don't think I'll get to see Stak Trek: Into Darkness in the theater. (Ohgod, I just typed Stark Trek instead of Star Trek, wow, where the hell is my mind? I fixed it)
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Supernatural: The Great Escapist )

Revolution: Home )

Arrow: The Undertaking )

Merlin: eps before the start again tonight )

Mr KA is away for the night, he and his friends from high school went to the casino to celebrate they have all turned or will turn 40. Just me and boys. :) It's going to be good although the hardest thing will be getting up tomorrow at 6:15 or 6:30, whenever they get up. I normally get to stay in bed until 8:00 as Mr KA gets up with the kids on the weekend. So I need to concentrate on the fact that 6:30 is way later than the 5:00 I get up everyday. Right?

LM#1 has a baseball game tomorrow and it's "appreciation" day where all the games have announcers and they will read the kid's stats and interests. Both sets of grandparents will be there, which is perfect because that means I'll be able to take pictures as LM#2 will have four people wanting his attention. My in-laws are arriving sometime in the mid to late morning. Would love a time as I need to go food shopping and if they are going to be here at 11:30 I'll go before they arrive If 10:00 then I'd wait for them and leave the kids with them. *g* I think I'll be going to the store as I can't see them being here that early.

Work. Well there's been a bit of a shake up at work. We have a new CEO and he's making business unit changes and everyone is worried about our location. And after attending three meetings about it, there is nothing to "know" right now. All the changes effective now have nothing do with us, we still need to perform our daily functions to the people that are experiencing a change. I'm sure it will be fine, but the tizzy was started due to a Q&A stating that out location's move to a brand new facility is on hold. We've already sign a letter of intent, deposits, architects. I'm sure it will be fine, and I realize that all those things can be defaulted on, but I'm going with the company won't do that. Hey I can be naive right now.

Iron Man 3 came out today. I'm sad that I won't be seeing it until the 18th. A friend saw it, said it was fun, a bit of a mess, but fun and RDJ was great. And while I haven't seen it yet, kind of disappointed to hear that it's "messy". But we'll see. And I didn't realize that Star Trek: Into Darkness was opening on the 17th. I think the theater will be crowded that weekend. That's our next date night.

And my love/obsession, whatever you want to call it, for RDJ is not lessoning at all. It just keeps growing, it's a bit disturbing actually.
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John Carter: found it boring. Taylor Kitsch is an average actor at best, and while it did improve after the first 20 minutes, it just never grabbed me. I didn't care about the humans at all, the Tharks were more interesting. Sadly two hours I wish I had chosen something else.

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen )

I'm a week behind with these: Arrow: Home Invastion )

Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever )

2 Broke Girls is starting to lose it's funny/edge for me. This week's episode was kind of ridiculous. Might be good it's nearing the end of the season. And How I Met Your Mother, with the bachelor party, very creative, and fit so well into what Barney would describe as legend... what for it... dary. :)

My MacBook Pro arrived yesterday!!! It's so new and shiny :) I'm happy to report that my iTunes library was been loaded, as well as some Docs and Excel files. One of which was my master rec list, so I'm happy again. The fact I need to scroll "up" to make the page go "down" is odd, but I will get used to it. Figured out that the large finger pad was also the 'clicker', and after consulting the tiny manual, that two fingers will allow me to scroll a page. I will continue to poke at it, need to download pictures fromy my camera, so the fist time I do that should be interesting.

Well. The woman that was Manager before me as decided to fully retire. She's been working 4 days a week for about 18 months and she will stop working in July or August, whenever the repairs on her house are complete. Then StaffMember S wants to go down to 4 days a week starting in June (she too is of retirement age but is nowhere ready to stop working). Add in that my direct boss is being sent to San Diego for three months to try and improve the process of that office... ugh man, just ugh. So I will need to replace a Supervisor while my boss is not here.

Mr. KA has a softball game tonight so I'm going to pick up the kids and take them for a haircut, then new shoes. The shoes I bought LM#2 in February have ripped at the seams. Crazy! So they need new shoes for the spring/summer.

LM#1 is doing well with baseball, he's a good hitter, an ok thrower, a horrible catcher and hit or miss with the running. But he seems more into it this year, so that is good.
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Justified: Ghosts )

Arrow: Unfinished Business )

Tech news
Update on the laptop is that the mother board died. Yep. The Tech Services guy says he hasn't seen a mother board die in over a year. Woofreakinhoo for me. So I'm paying him to remove the harddrive - which by the way isn't readily accessible like 90% of all laptops, this one has to be totally taken apart - and have him save it to my backup hard drive. This way I don't have to figure out what is mising from iTunes, or go back and try to recreate all the recs I've sent out in the last 10 months.

This new laptop will be better right? We will be through all the bad luck? Right?

Kid news
So, LM#2 has been without a binky since Saturday night. He's been getting up a little earlier, normally we have to drag him from the bed at 6:15 but lately he's been up at 6:00. I think before, he'd wake, find the binky and then mod back off to sleep. I always took the binky from his mouth when I went to bed, and most times in the morning he still didn't have it. So far this has been a smooth transition. I feel for Mr. KA because the almost 7am wake up call will be much earlier right now.
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Supernatural: Freaks and Geeks )

Arrow: Salvation )

The office was closed today so it was a nice day off. Went and got a massage, then ran some errands. I then went to my friends house for a little while to hang and try to teach her some cooking tips. Her son, who is two, is very special needs and she was talking about how much time she doesn't have in order to prep food etc. So I took some of my favorite things to make quick and easy chicken dishes. She asked about cooking times so I told her what she needed. I showed her how you can get something ready in the morning when there is extra time, but then cover it and cook it later.

I shared how I only really cook on the weekend and then store it and reheat it later. I listed all of my side dishes, which sadly, are not that many. :( But I tried to show her how if she rethought her ideas of cooking that perhaps she can squeak out a few meals a week at first. Sadly her husband works many days of the week and doesn't get in until almost 10pm five days a week. I feel as though this is the only thing I can help with at the time.

If anyone has easy crock pot recipes, please share. I'm looking for myself and her, recipes that doesn't have a huge amount of prep are perfect (especially for her, me, I can chop etc).

So we are in the middle of the movie Battleship and, wow, I don't think it's going to get better. Haahaaahaaa. But we plan to watch it in pieces so hopefully we will find it entertaining.
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Glee: Guilty Pleasures )

Arrow: Return of the Huntress )

Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger )

Hawaii 5-0: Na Ki'i )

ETA: Justified: Decoy )

I'm sick again, this is my fourth sinus infection in six months. It's not surprising since I always feel as though I have liquid in my ears/head and I can't get it out. It's just tiring, I'm tired of being so congested and feeling like crap. And I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while because the kids are staying at my parents on Saturday. And while we had no plans, lying around feeling crappy and lying around with the hubby watching TV are slightly different.
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... and it's as though I will never be "current" again. I haven't posted much here about TV lately because I'm behind and I am so confused right now what "week" I'm working on that I'm all - screw it.

Arrow:Dead to Rights )

The Walking Dead: I Ain't a Judas )

I saw a poster for Iron Man 3. Facebook just shows me lots of posters. The one of Pepper holding the Iron Man mask with a slice down the front was spooky, but the one of Tony, no helmet but in the suit, with the flying suits in the background and the Malibu house exploding... I just think this movie is going to hurt. For whatever reason I have brought Avengers into my heart, have learned about the characters and comics (slowly) and I love Iron Man, and Tony has been hurt so badly, and this movie just seems like it's destined to ear him apart. And he won't have his friends to help him.

March is a crazy month. We are pretty much booked the whole thing except for my birthday and Easter, and considering it's the same weekend... we are booked. Overbooked I may even admit to. My Mom is having a party this weekend for my Dad's retirement, and I'm making a cake. I found one online that I think I can do: laptop.

I will bake a 9x13 cake for the bottom, then make a 9x13 pan of rice krispie treats. Then I will cover the krispies in chocolate icing and that will be the screen. I think if I make the krispies Saturday and leave them sit out, the on Sunday they will be stiff enough to stand (with the help of sticks) into the bottom of the computer. I will also be making some cupcakes to make sure there is enough cake to go around. Hopefully this is not out of league because Mr KA is busy this weekend. Friday night he is playing cards, Saturday from 3 until ? he is at a work event. So I'm going to get this cake started/done with two kids.

Oooh, it will be fine. I'll just whip out the iPad and phone when needed or pull out a movie. *g* I'm hoping my neighbors are avaiable for the kids to come over on Sunday. That would be perfect as I could put the final touches on the cake. I emailed her on Tuesday but haven't heard. She's not the best emailer and since it's their turn to host the kids it's hard me to call up and go "can the kids come over?" Although I should since I've never said no to her yet.

I will post a picture (hopefully) of the finished product.

Oh the Oscars. I did not watch *ducks* It's hard to get excited about an awards show where I didn't see many of the movies. I will say I saw more this year than previous ones recently, so it seems as though I'm getting my movie groove back. But it's not the same, won't be for years. And it makes me a little sad each year. I did record it and watch some of it, acceptance speeches of people I like, montages that I loved. So because I did it that way I have no real opinion about Seth MacFarland as a host. He has a great singing voice which was a surprise and some peppy dance moves. Did see the Avenger cast do their awkward jokes, it was nice to see them. :)

I bought myself a Zumba game for the Xbox. I've done it twice so far and it's decent, kind of fun. I can do certain kinds of dances better than others. The couch we currently have in the basement must go though cause it messes up the Kinect. I'm going to try and do it again tonight, but exercising at 6:45 is not motivating. It's after I've eaten and it's the only down time of the day, so I don't get to sit with the kids and watch tv and read. I'm just bitter I can't get up at 5am and do it without it totally screwing with the schedule. Really wish there was a better way of getting in shape/losing weight.

And I'm sure I have more to say about tv shows but I can't think of anything at this time.
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Thoughts on shows:
NCIS: Hit and Run )

Supernatural: As Time Goes By )

Arrow: Vertigo )

Justified: season four so far )

Mr. KA and I have a date tomorrow, we are going to the Movie Tavern. A place where we can have dinner and watch a movie at the same time. Sadly their choices of movies were slim since we saw two of them and don’t want to see a 3D movie. I’m seeing Warm Bodies and I just hope it’s amusing, please let it be funny.
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Supernatural: Bitten )

Arrow: Lone Gunman )

Once Upon A Time: The Crocodile )

I'm getting my hair done tonight, finally. It's way overdo, but what can you do when your friend in on vacation. Probably getting two inches off the bottoms, shorten up the layers, dying it, highlighting it red again, and having her blow dry it straight. Yep, gonna be there for a looong time - thank goodness for my iPad.

The dieting has been awful, I think I've gained back 6 of the 15 I had originally lost, but after LM#2's birthday, Halloween, anniversary, Mr KA birthday... that is when I will get back on the wagon.

DWTS - this week was intersting. I did not agree with the judges on Tuesday night, I thought they were overly hard on Shawn Johnson, while way too lenient on the group dance. While the group dancing to Gangum style was hilarious, it was bad. There were not in time with each other, the individual dances were not filled with much of anything, and it was just all over the place. It should have been 8's, not 9's. The Call Me Maybe group from Monday was awesome, that was incredible. This season is just weird because you have so many that are so good and you still have 8 people left.

Today is a shorter das I'm meeting Mr KA to sign the refinance papers, woohoo to a lower rate and a lower monthly payment. :)
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Hawaii 5-0: Popilikia )

Last Resort has been pretty good. I like that it's not just about the submarine crew, but the island and the mainland in DC. Last Resort: Eight Bells )

Arrow: Honor Thy Father )

Today is the big birthday party. The cupcakes are made and cooling and I'm about to start the icing.
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As you guys know that if I watch a show by myself I sometimes fall behind and since the regular TV season started... well... I'm behind.

But. I finally watched The Rundown Job of Leverage )

I was alway really looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 based on the previews. Steve and Danny in mortal! peril! What more could you ask for? Perhaps more mortal peril? Hawaii 5-0:Lana I Ka Moana )

So the second "new" show of the TV year has been axed by us. First it was The New Normal - but now that Matt Bomer is going to be guest starring I'm going to have to record that episode. And the second is Elementary. It's only two episodes, and normally that isn't enough, but I have such a full plate. And while the chemistry between Sherlock and Joan is good, the rest of it is boring. I did not find the "mysteries" very hard or compelling and it was just like most of the other crime proceedurals on TV. So, sadly, I'm letting it go.

Right now Go On is funny, the second episode of The Mindy Project was hysercial. Seriously made up for the lackluster pilot episode.

On the fence is Partners, I think it's cute and was really amused by the second episode and I think the banter and timing between Sophia Bush and Michael Urie's characters is great and it makes me smile. Revolution is ok, it's really good in bursts, but my main problem is Charly. I don't think she is a good actress and the character is whiney and unreasonable.

I will say though after only one epeidoe of Arrow I'm really excited about it. Arrow: Pilot )

Tomorrow is a packed day. After sleeping in (Mr. KA is awesome!) I will take the kids food shopping, then there is a soccer game, then we are going to a local school for a Pumpkin Festival. Hopefully it isn't too cold.


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