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So there's been a ton of snow, we got another 3-4 inches on Tuesday morning causing schools to be delayed, businesses to be delayed etc. But today it's sunny with a high of 45. That is definitely lovely. The weekend is going to be temps in the 50s. Of course I think more cold is coming next week, but for now I will concentrate on the nice sun and the fact that it will start to melt the mounds of snow.

I am behind on shows. I haven't watched Teen Wolf from this week, which is killing me a little ... Stiles!!! But I will try and fit it in at some point. And Mr. KA and I had four episodes of Pretty Little Liars to get through, we did two last night and will most likely hit the other two tonight. It's hard to watched Aria interact with Ezra as we "know" about Ezra. You know? *g*

Took the boys to the The Lego Movie Everything is AWESOME!!! You will only "get" that if you saw the movie, but it was cute, some really clever jokes for the adults. And some cool animation, legos as the ocean? Pretty neat.

Saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, and coming from a place where I know nothing about this group, the trailer made the movie look like a huge amount of fun.

I'm on Twitter, not sure if I mentioned that. I find it confusing to follow, and for me a restriction of 140 spaces is... difficult, but it's kind of fun to watch the celebrities post stuff. Only been on there for about a month but I already have 65 tweets. I keep posting odd thoughts that come in as I watch stuff, but because I'm behind it's no longer revelant on Twitter. Usually.

I have a horrendous cough. People keep asking me if I'm ok. It's ridiculous and exhausting. I haven't been exercising this week on the fear I will get either worse or sick. I don't want to be sick. But the coughing, I'm even taking cough medicine.

So the diet, it's going well. I haven't been 100% faithful but each week I get a little better and it's paying off. I am down 12.5 pounds and I can put my wedding ring on (I got them resized several months ago and the wedding ring was still too snug so I didn't wear it, but it fits now.) :) I feel even more motivated.

I have snack duty for work today and I tried some new recipes. A brownie that is 37 calories, banana oat squares (no sugar added), banana bread (gluten free), then I made smore cookies (prepackaged dough, just place on the cookie sheet), and rice krispie squares (although I burnt the butter so they may not be edible). Hopefully these treats go over alright, the brownies aren't great, the banana oat squares seem ok, although next time I will bake them for a little longer. They do not look like the picture at all.
ETA: the krispie squares were not edible, totally hard and fell apart, so in the trash they went. Learn from me people, if you burn the butter/marshmellow mixture throw it out and start over. :)

I also made a new chicken over the weekend, it used Ritz crackers, spices and parmesan cheese mixed in a food processor. Then it was dipped in a mixture of egg and honey. It's very good and the kids loved it. I tried it because I had Ritz crackers from Christmas (my in-laws gave them to me and we will never use them timely).

Next week is my trip to California and I'm sooo excited. :) I got an email from US Airways asking me if I wanted to be added to the list to move up to first class -- for an additional 324 bucks. Naaa, I think I'll scrunch up in coach. If it was a 100 bucks I might have done it, I've never flown first class and for fun, but not for that much.
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Supernatural: S9, E10: Road Trip )

Teen Wolf: S3, E15: Galvanize )

So there's more snow today. And surprise the weather forecasters did not get the timing or measurements right. Most of the week I heard the snow would be arriving between 9-12 and be 1-2 inches. It arrived about 10 but then continued to snow until after 4 and I think there is 3 inches out there. I will try and be thankful they have been right about when we are getting snow and I will have to accept that. Due to the snow we did not take the kids bowling, we were going to do that today, but felt it wise not to bother to go out.

Tomorrow I will go food shopping after Church and maybe we will go tomorrow afternoon. With the kid's help I put away all the "winter" decorations and put out Valentine's Day. The kids decorated the front living room windows with clings and rubber clings. Very heart filled and festive. We then made a single batch of chocolate chip cookies. As I was doing it the batter was liquify after the eggs went in. I had trouble getting everything to "mix" together. It was weird. Now the brown sugar was harder than normal, and the white sugar was clumpy at first, but I got through that. I finally got the batter to mix and then I added the flour, which was mostly white flour but about a quarter cup of wheat pastry flour because I ran out of white and everything was already in the bowl.

The batter was "grainy" but tasted ok. The kids helped spoon it onto the cookie sheets and I baked them almost a sheet at a time. They are the best "looking" cookies I've made in a long long time. They tasted pretty good too. Weird right?

Tomorrow I start a diet, one based on shakes and cleanses. A friend has found success and encouraged me to give it a go. It's a bit expensive but if I'm able to start losing weight, it will be worth it. So, wish me luck to find the strength to follow the routine and finding time to exercise.
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... and it's as though I will never be "current" again. I haven't posted much here about TV lately because I'm behind and I am so confused right now what "week" I'm working on that I'm all - screw it.

Arrow:Dead to Rights )

The Walking Dead: I Ain't a Judas )

I saw a poster for Iron Man 3. Facebook just shows me lots of posters. The one of Pepper holding the Iron Man mask with a slice down the front was spooky, but the one of Tony, no helmet but in the suit, with the flying suits in the background and the Malibu house exploding... I just think this movie is going to hurt. For whatever reason I have brought Avengers into my heart, have learned about the characters and comics (slowly) and I love Iron Man, and Tony has been hurt so badly, and this movie just seems like it's destined to ear him apart. And he won't have his friends to help him.

March is a crazy month. We are pretty much booked the whole thing except for my birthday and Easter, and considering it's the same weekend... we are booked. Overbooked I may even admit to. My Mom is having a party this weekend for my Dad's retirement, and I'm making a cake. I found one online that I think I can do: laptop.

I will bake a 9x13 cake for the bottom, then make a 9x13 pan of rice krispie treats. Then I will cover the krispies in chocolate icing and that will be the screen. I think if I make the krispies Saturday and leave them sit out, the on Sunday they will be stiff enough to stand (with the help of sticks) into the bottom of the computer. I will also be making some cupcakes to make sure there is enough cake to go around. Hopefully this is not out of league because Mr KA is busy this weekend. Friday night he is playing cards, Saturday from 3 until ? he is at a work event. So I'm going to get this cake started/done with two kids.

Oooh, it will be fine. I'll just whip out the iPad and phone when needed or pull out a movie. *g* I'm hoping my neighbors are avaiable for the kids to come over on Sunday. That would be perfect as I could put the final touches on the cake. I emailed her on Tuesday but haven't heard. She's not the best emailer and since it's their turn to host the kids it's hard me to call up and go "can the kids come over?" Although I should since I've never said no to her yet.

I will post a picture (hopefully) of the finished product.

Oh the Oscars. I did not watch *ducks* It's hard to get excited about an awards show where I didn't see many of the movies. I will say I saw more this year than previous ones recently, so it seems as though I'm getting my movie groove back. But it's not the same, won't be for years. And it makes me a little sad each year. I did record it and watch some of it, acceptance speeches of people I like, montages that I loved. So because I did it that way I have no real opinion about Seth MacFarland as a host. He has a great singing voice which was a surprise and some peppy dance moves. Did see the Avenger cast do their awkward jokes, it was nice to see them. :)

I bought myself a Zumba game for the Xbox. I've done it twice so far and it's decent, kind of fun. I can do certain kinds of dances better than others. The couch we currently have in the basement must go though cause it messes up the Kinect. I'm going to try and do it again tonight, but exercising at 6:45 is not motivating. It's after I've eaten and it's the only down time of the day, so I don't get to sit with the kids and watch tv and read. I'm just bitter I can't get up at 5am and do it without it totally screwing with the schedule. Really wish there was a better way of getting in shape/losing weight.

And I'm sure I have more to say about tv shows but I can't think of anything at this time.


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