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I went to Escapade and had a great time, loved hanging out with reccea and hederahelix (which doesn't happen nearly enough for my liking). Met some new people as well.

Sadly there was a small issue with wifi connectivity and my work computer, basically that it wasn't working, so I had to be taken to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in order to get my work done. Then there was the fact that I coughed the whole trip. I really believe people that I had the plague. *g*

Unfortunately I'm still coughing, I'm now taking Tessalin Pearls, something to suppress the coughing, I've taken 5 pills and I've seen no improvement so tomorrow morning I'm hoping that is different. But I'm not feeling well, I feel like I did before the antibiotic. And that just seriously sucks.

I'm behind on tv so there's not much for me to talk about. Although I could rant about Bitten because wow with the bad. Mr. KA seems to be enjoying it but I find no character appealing or likeable and there was snipping of appendages in the last ep that... yeah, kind of pointless if you were going to kill him, why be so cruel? Hence the un-likability of everyone.

Looking forward to Teen Wolf tomorrow. Mr KA and I were supposed to go to a play but they only sold 2 tickets - ours, so they canceled the performance and gave us a refund and a credit for tickets, so that is good. But now we aren't sure what to do. I kind of had it in my head that I was off and I really need the rest. I may take a half a sick day for the afternoon and work the morning where I can be uninterrupted.

I did watch the latest Hawaii 5-0s and the banter and talks between Steve and Danny really are the show for me. I think the weekly crimes are boring and kind of stupid, or perhaps I just am not paying attention.

I joined Tumblr, so if you are there, I'm kimannebb. I don't quite get what I'm doing but I'm reblogging stuff. *g*
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Last week was a rough week on different levels for different reasons. There was Boston, then Texas, then locally a man wanted to kill himself, however he managed to kill his wife and two daughters who tried to save him.

In addition to these events, I learned that a childhood friend killed himself. He was a teacher, going to receive the Teacher of the Year award, just signed a lease on a condo. This guy was the nicest, never a bad word to say to anyone, did many things for others asking nothing in return. And while there are things surrounding his death that allude to deeper problems, his death was a shock and hit me harder than I would have expected. His Viewing was Sunday, and about 15 of us from our graduating grade school showed up. His mom remembered me, remembered that I was bringing him home from school and got into a car accident (we were fine, the car, not so much). I was touched that she remembered me as she didn't remember the people right before and after me. He and I were friends, we exchanged messages on FB, I kept up with his life. It's hard to accept that he's gone and for (perhaps) a sad reason.


Sorry it's such a downer, but as I mentioned, this past week has been rough.

On a more happy note - I've decided to buy a Mac. My MacBook Pro will arrive next weekend. I fully expect to be confused at first, but I also am looking forward to a computer that runs fast and is consistant in it's performance.

I attended Tribal Forces this year, a small con near Philly, and had such a good time. I got to sit and watch vids for two hours, got to talk about shows and fandom. One of the nice things about it being smaller, I felt more inclined to speak. Hopefully I didn't babble too badly. I will definitely go back again.

I've been lax in my tv write ups but I will do more this week once I watch stuff. I will say that I thought last week's Hawaii 5-0, where Steve and Catherine went to North Korea... kind of boring. Wasn't really interested, now, had it been Danny and Steve, that would have been a totally different story. *g*
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I haven't posted here in a long time, but I have missed my friends so I thought perhaps I can try here instead of LJ.

Life in general is kind of ridiculous between work and kids. Work itself is stressing me out, I need to travel again to the Boston area next week to provide hands on training to the AP department there. Again. Sadly their Mgr is just not stepping up and they aren't getting the new processing system. And after three months they should really "get" it now. I'm so frustrated with the Mgr there and the way he's handling things. Hopefully next week goes alright, I need to find a balance between pissed off and helpful. :P

Kids are fine, just very mouthy for a 5.5 and 2.5 year old. We are trying to do swim lessons for LM#1 (little man) and he seems to like the water this year and I see improvement just not sure if he's going to be actually swimming this year, but at least he's interested. and LM#2 is just in temper mode and stubborn.

I've recently started watching Suits and Common Law, I do admit to liking Common Law more. The boys are gorgeous and Michael Ealy is just so pretty. His eyes so so beautiful.

I'm looking forward to the return of White Collar next week. And speaking of Matt Bomer... I saw Magic Mike. :) :) So much fun, saw it with friends and between the pretty mean being almosy naked and the fact that Channing Tatum actually made me smile throughout the whole movie - it was such a fun time. I would love to see it again with just slash minded friends but I was in mixed company so I had to keep my comments (mostly) to myself.

I've been trying to lose weight, haven't succeeded but I keep convincing myself that "this" time will be the time. But perhaps I'll drop a few pounds and I'll feel better but right now... not so much.

Oh! And I'm going to a Supernatural convention in August with two friends. I hope it's a great time, it's my first convention since my Herc and Xena trips. The line up is great, but sadly Jensen Ackles will not be there, that's the only thing missing. I still can't believe I'm going but my friend asked and I thought, I spent all that money and time on Herc and Xena and I love Supernatural more, so, yeah, perhaps I should go to one.

Here's hoping I start posting more, I will try and make it part of my routine. :)


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