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The family drama... does it ever stop? Still upset regarding religious decisions )

Watched a bunch of comedies last night, still working on shows that aired last week. The temptation to watch one or more CW shows tonight may win out over the remaining shows from last week. *ggg*

Last night I spent an hour working with pre-colored fondant and making molds of lego pieces. This goes along with the molds of the lego men. I think I'm all set for decorating the cake for the boy's birthday on Saturday. It's going to be a stacked square cake, covered with lego men and legos. Not sure how I will embellish with writing. Need to write their names and "happy birthday". Would love to be able to write in a Ninja font, but I'd have to do that free hand, but I may try.

My LM#1 is 6 years old today. Ahhhhhh! He was so excited this morning as his class will sing him happy birthday, he wears a birthday hat all day, he gets to decide when the class will eat his special snacks he brought in (which are brownies and witch hat cookies). Tonight he wants tacos for dinner, so I need to go to the store ... since he said originally he wanted cheeseburgers, which I have. I don't have ground meat and soft taco shells hanging around the house. :P

DWTS - thank freakin' god Bristol is done. She was on waaaaay too long. I think I'm routing for Shawn, Sabrina and Gilles. :)

And my pretty new icon? Courtesy of [personal profile] ctbn60 - isn't it adorable!!


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