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Jul. 17th, 2014 07:16 pm
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So I haven't posted in months, haven't really paged through in months either. Gonna try to do better... again.

Around here...
Kids are fine )

House is good )

Work... *sigh* )

And me stuff )

I can't remember if I did this here but I have a pinboard, it's found here:

I have a twitter, it's found here: @kimannebb

And I have a tumblr, it's found here: kimannebb

If you guys have the above, I'd love to add you so leave a comment. I'll try ad start looking for you guys. :)

I can't wait to get my Entertainment Weekly this week as it has Avengers: Age of Ultron stuff. I'm so excited for this movie ... that doesn't come out for 10 months. But it matters not, I'm just so excited.

In terms of fandoms I'm reading Avengers, Cap2 and Teen Wolf the most. The kids are almost finished their Woody the Woodpecker episode and then it's reading time and then bed for them.
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We tried Black Sails, and yes the pilot aired last week and I just got to it yesterday. It was ok. It didn't grab me like Game of Thrones though, the characters seemed to lack depth, or details or something. It looked nice. Some of the guys are hot. But... eh is my feeling. I'll tune in again see what episode two is like.

The Blacklist. I have not been happy with the past couple of episodes. Except for James Spader the writing is so weak that I can't push passed it anymore. Again, this was last week's episode, but Tom and Lizzie going forward with the adoption? First off, unrealistic as I don't think any agency would place an infant in their care. And Secondly, you know she is really into her work right now. Maybe in another year once the shine of the new position and Reddington is no longer pulling strings so easily. I just find it stupid that these two grown adults still think it's a good idea. But James Spader continues to be awesome.

True Detective I like a lot. The acting is amazing and I love the location and just the storytelling. This one is a keeper.

Since Glee has been gone for so long it will be easy to just not watch it when it returns. I enjoy the songs but I haven't realy looked forward to it in a while. That being said, I have a White Collar, three (possibly four) American Horror Stories, six South Parks and one Last Man Standing. So I'm in the hole. :P

Started the diet on Sunday. The shakes don't taste too bad, actually very chocolatey. Just made one at work with a stick-mixer-thing. I'm hungry though. I did get up and exercise this morning, it was low impact but that's what I need right now. So many times in the past I just jump in and go full throttle and then get sick. So I'm trying a different approach.

Still waiting to hear from my brother about the boys sleeping over, so I am going to make a date night and he will just have to deal. I've been waiting for over two weeks, that is plenty of time. Annoying that he can't seem to get it together with the wife to figure out a Saturday for the boys to come over and hang out. I'm sure if I called and asked for the girls he'd be all over that. Sheesh.
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And we have totally over extended ourselves. 14 new shows we are trying. Really not sure that is doable. Some start early so we can 'test' them and figure it out.

I've already decided to drop Dancing with the Stars. I don't need the stress. I'm on the fence about Glee, but with Adam Lambert being a recurring role, I'm kind of interested. I will start with it and go from there.

Amazingly enough there are only two days with conflicts, and one of those is an easy one as the show is repeated later in the night.

TV Schedule )

We are crazy right? :P

This weekend was super busy. Friday night we celebrated my Mom's birthday and my brother, wife and kids were there and it was a good time. Saturday there were two soccer games (9 and 1), defrosting the chest freezer, yard work and planting done, food shopping and a trip to CVS. Sunday was Church, hair cuts for the boys, then to Livilla Orchards to pick pumpkins. Then home to cook a couple of dinners for the week.

The laundry has been washed but not folded and put away. Many of the rooms of my house are in total chaos. I need another day on the weekend please, but have it so that the children are watched by someone else, that would be very helpful. And not every week needs to be like that, but just some weeks. This one would have been perfect.

For the last three nights I worked in Shutterfly making a photo book for my Mom and my MIL. Mr KA had a free coupon that expired yesterday and while he did give me much more notice this time, I wasn't ready as the pictures were behind in uploading. (Also hence why I haven't done the monthly picture thing). :( But I did get it done and it looks pretty good.

My allergies are crazy, I think I want to tear my nose off my face. The sneezing, the itchiness, the burning eyes. Ahhhh! Just going to make it through the day when I can take more allergy medicine and a decongestant. 6 more hours, I can make it.
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... and it's as though I will never be "current" again. I haven't posted much here about TV lately because I'm behind and I am so confused right now what "week" I'm working on that I'm all - screw it.

Arrow:Dead to Rights )

The Walking Dead: I Ain't a Judas )

I saw a poster for Iron Man 3. Facebook just shows me lots of posters. The one of Pepper holding the Iron Man mask with a slice down the front was spooky, but the one of Tony, no helmet but in the suit, with the flying suits in the background and the Malibu house exploding... I just think this movie is going to hurt. For whatever reason I have brought Avengers into my heart, have learned about the characters and comics (slowly) and I love Iron Man, and Tony has been hurt so badly, and this movie just seems like it's destined to ear him apart. And he won't have his friends to help him.

March is a crazy month. We are pretty much booked the whole thing except for my birthday and Easter, and considering it's the same weekend... we are booked. Overbooked I may even admit to. My Mom is having a party this weekend for my Dad's retirement, and I'm making a cake. I found one online that I think I can do: laptop.

I will bake a 9x13 cake for the bottom, then make a 9x13 pan of rice krispie treats. Then I will cover the krispies in chocolate icing and that will be the screen. I think if I make the krispies Saturday and leave them sit out, the on Sunday they will be stiff enough to stand (with the help of sticks) into the bottom of the computer. I will also be making some cupcakes to make sure there is enough cake to go around. Hopefully this is not out of league because Mr KA is busy this weekend. Friday night he is playing cards, Saturday from 3 until ? he is at a work event. So I'm going to get this cake started/done with two kids.

Oooh, it will be fine. I'll just whip out the iPad and phone when needed or pull out a movie. *g* I'm hoping my neighbors are avaiable for the kids to come over on Sunday. That would be perfect as I could put the final touches on the cake. I emailed her on Tuesday but haven't heard. She's not the best emailer and since it's their turn to host the kids it's hard me to call up and go "can the kids come over?" Although I should since I've never said no to her yet.

I will post a picture (hopefully) of the finished product.

Oh the Oscars. I did not watch *ducks* It's hard to get excited about an awards show where I didn't see many of the movies. I will say I saw more this year than previous ones recently, so it seems as though I'm getting my movie groove back. But it's not the same, won't be for years. And it makes me a little sad each year. I did record it and watch some of it, acceptance speeches of people I like, montages that I loved. So because I did it that way I have no real opinion about Seth MacFarland as a host. He has a great singing voice which was a surprise and some peppy dance moves. Did see the Avenger cast do their awkward jokes, it was nice to see them. :)

I bought myself a Zumba game for the Xbox. I've done it twice so far and it's decent, kind of fun. I can do certain kinds of dances better than others. The couch we currently have in the basement must go though cause it messes up the Kinect. I'm going to try and do it again tonight, but exercising at 6:45 is not motivating. It's after I've eaten and it's the only down time of the day, so I don't get to sit with the kids and watch tv and read. I'm just bitter I can't get up at 5am and do it without it totally screwing with the schedule. Really wish there was a better way of getting in shape/losing weight.

And I'm sure I have more to say about tv shows but I can't think of anything at this time.
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It truly is a magical place. The mind still boggles at how they handle dining reservations by sitting you withing 10 minutes of your original reservation time. How they can create such cool and exciting rides that take up a minimum amount of "land/space" (I'm talking about the Toy Story Mania ride in Hollywood Studios).

Just the organization of it all, it's amazing.

That being said - the trip was good but we should have waited as LM#2 was too young. Or I'm just not built good enough to take a 3 year old to Disney. Either one. More about the Disney trip )

Our first big family vacation was mostly a success!
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I think I need a Justified icon...

Justified: Kin )

Glee: Diva )

Suits: He's Back )

I'm actually caught up on the shows I watch alone. I'm going to enter my vacation with only one Merlin and one Last Man Standing. I'm very proud of me. The shows Mr KA and I watch together... yeah, we are in the hole badly because he went out last night and we watched nothing! I may actually have to force myself to stay up until 10:30 to watch an extra show each night. :P

There is a snow storm coming, they are predicting about 3-6 inches for our area. This storm is really going to slam the New England area though with talks of 2 feet of snow. I'm just happy the snow is arriving tonight and not Sunday night to mess with my flight to Florida.

Three days until we leave for Disney, I'm so excited, yet nervous at the same time. It will be the first plane ride for the kids, first big trip as a family. Here's hoping I pack well and complete. Due to the kid's breathing problems I'm packing a nebulizer, I'm afraid to leave it, so that will add some weight to the suitcase. I know I can pack everything into the two large ones, but I fear the weight limit. So I may just spread it out to three bags. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of which *g* Mr KA and I have not broached the stroller issue yet. That will most likely happen tomorrow. I think he is going to rent one, that is my thought. Since we are staying in the park, after we dump the stroller it's not that long to the bus line (in theory). I think I may still push for taking one. :)

Off to a debreif with HR about the two internal candidates we have interviewed for the open AP staff position. Then on to work on internal webpages, something that I'm struggling with but has been assigned to me. Then... vacation and Disney!!!
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Seriously, I wonder what is wrong with me! I keep thinking, oh I'll update and I last a week and then ... nothing. But it's a new year and everything we decide we'll do in the new year always works out. *big eye roll*

Work is fine, nothing really going on there but giving performance reviews, writing objections and trying to stay current with my inbox.

The extended family is fine, there is new drama with my Mom and brother, but really, it's not new just perhaps prolonged. Since I'm not involved, I'm not going to waste worrying about it here, let's keep this post happy.

The kids are great. LM#2 is potty trained *dance of joy!* We switched to pullups in October, a made a potty chart, there were stickers and candy rewards and group peeing (hubby and LM#1 tried to encourage), but nothing was working. And since I was afraid of "babying" the little one I decided on 12/16 to put him in underwear. It was a messy day, there was crying, there was big mean mom making him walk up the stairs drenched in pee, there was lots of laundry. Wrote a note to school explaining and sent lots of clothes and plastic bags. It was a long week.

Then. The day after Christmas he started peeing on the potty and hasn't stopped. He's had two accidents since then but both were because he waited too long and wet his pants standing in front of the toliet. So sad. But, no more diapers or pullups *gg* the grocery store trip is so much cheaper. Whew.

Now to conquer the binky. But I have plan, we are going to vacation in February and we are going to leave it there by mistake. Sadly I don't think this will go well, perhaps I'm shoring myself up for horriblness and when it turns out ok I'll be pleasantly surprised.

On vacation is exciting, we are going to Disney World!! We leave in 10 days and we are there for 5 days. I'm looking forward to it, I think the kids are exited. Mr. KA and I have done a lot of research of what the kids can do, we have made a schedule, we have dining reservations. We are pretty set. My biggest thing now is the stroller. I want to take my friends, she just used it there and it was great, can carry the older too if need be, but it's bulky. Mr. KA doesn't want it, I can tell. I think he wants to rent one from Disney, which is 15 bucks a day with a $100 deposit. Plus it all looks the same, so you have to hope no one takes it in error. We'll see how that pans out.

TV is ok. Some better than others. I just dropped Being Human the show just wasn't about being human anymore, it changed and I cared about one storyline only. What is hurting me is the amount of shows I watch without Mr KA is too many. I watch then in 20 minute intervals and it takes days. So I feel behind all the time.

That being said, I'm really enjoying Hawaii 5-0 this season, I think the Danny and Steve stuff has improved greatly. Merlin is good although I have been spoiled, something I didn't want but saw while looking at a picture posted in Facebook, so... I'm really apprehensive about the finale now. And Suits is back. *g* And in the last episode, which is really last week's, the one where Mike got beat up and Harvey was all "who did this to you?? I'll kill him!" Haaahaaa, the slash is awesome in this show.

It's the Avenger fandom that has eaten my brain. I try and stray from fic there but find myself back after a few stories. I can't stop. My love for Steve and Tony knows no bounds. My infatuation with Robert Downey Jr just grows, and I have an enabler out there that keeps sending me gifs! :P Which is good but not helping with the Avenger love.

I may try and start poting fic rec's here. I have a ton as I have a group email of about 13 people that I send fic recs too. And if I can get myself to update here more often, I will try and do it here as well.
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The family drama... does it ever stop? Still upset regarding religious decisions )

Watched a bunch of comedies last night, still working on shows that aired last week. The temptation to watch one or more CW shows tonight may win out over the remaining shows from last week. *ggg*

Last night I spent an hour working with pre-colored fondant and making molds of lego pieces. This goes along with the molds of the lego men. I think I'm all set for decorating the cake for the boy's birthday on Saturday. It's going to be a stacked square cake, covered with lego men and legos. Not sure how I will embellish with writing. Need to write their names and "happy birthday". Would love to be able to write in a Ninja font, but I'd have to do that free hand, but I may try.

My LM#1 is 6 years old today. Ahhhhhh! He was so excited this morning as his class will sing him happy birthday, he wears a birthday hat all day, he gets to decide when the class will eat his special snacks he brought in (which are brownies and witch hat cookies). Tonight he wants tacos for dinner, so I need to go to the store ... since he said originally he wanted cheeseburgers, which I have. I don't have ground meat and soft taco shells hanging around the house. :P

DWTS - thank freakin' god Bristol is done. She was on waaaaay too long. I think I'm routing for Shawn, Sabrina and Gilles. :)

And my pretty new icon? Courtesy of [personal profile] ctbn60 - isn't it adorable!!


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