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Gotham: S1, E10 - Lovecraft )

Grimm: S4, E6 - Highway of Tears )

Just a little thought about Homeland )

Health. Well, that sucks. more )

The outside of the house is decorated (did that last Monday was it was 65 degrees out, just didn't turn them on until today). The tree is up and decorated. Tomorrow I plan to finish the inside of the house and then I'm done. I will move on to creating the Christmas card and downloading the pictures from my camera. Not sure when cooking will be happening. Really wish I didn't have to cook. Blah.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving if you celebrated. :)
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Once Upon A Time: S4, E6 - Family Business )

The Walking Dead: S5, E4 - Slabtown )

Grimm: S4, E3 - Last Fight )

Feeling better, but still horribly congested. Finished my antibiotic and will continue with the regime of decongestants etc and I just hope that the congestion doesn't morph into something else.
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So... The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs )

Grimm: Nameless )

Game of Thrones returned, woohoo!

Easter was nice, the kids ate chocolate all day, and wow with the sugar rush LM#2 had. Just bonkers. In addition to chocolate there were also Super Hero Squad figures: LM#1 got Thor and Modog and LM#2 got Iron Man and Abonination. We already had the heros but no villans so now we have two Iron Mans and Thors. Watching them find them in the baskets was funny :)

Not so nice, we tried to turn the computer on and it started beeping at us and the only way to get it to stop was to push the power button. Then it made a crunch sound. *sigh* Are you freakin kidding me? We've had this laptop for maybe 18 months. We take it no where, we treat it nice. And I just spent two hours updating my Recs file and did not back up the computer. It's probably been about 9 months since the last backup. :( Been meaning to do it but haven't felt like it. So now I'm taking it to Tech Services to have them look at it, see what is going on. I'm hoping it's something simple that can be fixed, however I'm kind of assuming the hard drive is fried. And if it's fried then I need them to get my stuff off of it. And I have to go laptop shopping... again!

Ugh. It's just, a MAC is so much more expensive and there's so much to learn. But I gotta tell you, if I can get the hubby on board maybe we need to go that way. I had my Gateway for 5 years with no problems (that was a desktop), then I got a Dell and had that for 4 years (also a desktop). Then got an HP - never again 'cause it sucked. Now this is a Dell. I forgot to bring the laptop with me, so I may leave early today, get the laptop and take it over to them for diagnosis. Their hours are 8 to 4:30, which is really inconvenient. At least I have my iPad and my work computer but what a pain in the ass.
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I'm speaking about Once Upon A Time: The Miller's Daughter )

Grimm: Face Off )

Have off today, the hubby and I are seeing a local play. I went back to bed this morning, watched some tv, read some fic, now going to have lunch and continue watching. A nice day. :)

ETA: I think I'm being too harsh on OUAT, this was the best episode this year. And perhaps I'm a little disappointed that Snow went so dark, I just thought a little dark would be good but this is something that will change her. Kind of liked her for the image of good. *g*


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