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Once Upon A Time: S4, E4 - The Apprentice )

Yesterday was the family party and it went well, there were about 13 people here and then only 11 for dinner, that included children. It was really small since the rest of my family had other obligations etc. Every year when I do this I always tell myself I won't be controlling, that I won't freak out, that I will handle things smoothly.

That's of course, not what happened. I can see myself overreacting to all the questions that I'm asked or trying to keep things moving, and then it doesn't help that i have my family (mainly my parents and brother) telling me to relax, and it doesn't have to be on plan, or organized. That's not the way I'm made, it's just not. But maybe next year I won't be so ahhhhhh.

Today Mr. KA had a work thing so he was gone all day. I took the kids to Church, then the food store, we came home for lunch and I cooked a chicken breast and made cheeseburger pizza. Then we went to the movies to see Alexander and the horrible, terrible, no good very bad day. (The movie was adorable, sure silly and over the top in places, but I just felt it was cute and it made me laugh in several places... a lot. The kids seemed to enjoy the really silly stuff. And it just reminds me how adorable Jennifer Garner is).

After we go home I cleaned up the dinners and then we started peeling apples for apple sauce. The kids would turn the handle to peel it, I would cut up and stick on the crock pot. The kids did play a few extra moments of electronics today, but I got so much stuff done. I gave them showers, made them grilled cheese for dinner, and then they watched a movie LM#1 got for his birthday (they had seen it already). I folded 4 loads of laundry and the towels are in the dryer. Oh and I made lunches for Mr KA and LM#1 for tomorrow.

Whew. Busy busy day. Mr. KA finally got home after 8:30. Long day for both of us.
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The Walking Dead: S5, E1 - No Sanctuary )

Once Upon A Time: S4, E3 - Rocky Road )

Gotham: S1, E4 - Arkham )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E4 - Go Where I Send thee )

The friend party for LM#1 went well yesterday. He loved his party and had a great time. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, we finally ordered enough pizza and only had a few slices left over. I had 36 cupcakes and came home with over 15 I think. That was after giving 5 to a friend, I gave them as many as I could fit on the paper plate. I need to make 36 more cupcakes for Friday so LM#1 can take them to school and celebrate his birthday again. Then the family party is Saturday and I need to make two cakes, one for each little man. It's a lot of baking. Sheesh.
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Hawaii 5-0: S5, E2 - Ka Makuakane )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E3 - Root of all Evil )

Saw Gone Girl today, great movie. Awesome directing and acting, and even though it was 2 hours and 25 minutes long it really didn't seem like it at all.

Tomorrow is LM#1's birthday party for his friends, we are doing Chuck E Cheese. The party bags are done, the cupcakes are done. Theme is Ben 10 so I have the omnitrix on the gift bags, and on the cupcakes - however I don't think a lot of the kids know what it is. It's an older show, one that I found on Netflix and the kids really like it.

We painted pumpkins today and I did a Cap shield on one side, an arch reactor on the other and an "A" in between. The "A" isn't great but I am pretty pleased with the other two.

An update

Jul. 17th, 2014 07:16 pm
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So I haven't posted in months, haven't really paged through in months either. Gonna try to do better... again.

Around here...
Kids are fine )

House is good )

Work... *sigh* )

And me stuff )

I can't remember if I did this here but I have a pinboard, it's found here:

I have a twitter, it's found here: @kimannebb

And I have a tumblr, it's found here: kimannebb

If you guys have the above, I'd love to add you so leave a comment. I'll try ad start looking for you guys. :)

I can't wait to get my Entertainment Weekly this week as it has Avengers: Age of Ultron stuff. I'm so excited for this movie ... that doesn't come out for 10 months. But it matters not, I'm just so excited.

In terms of fandoms I'm reading Avengers, Cap2 and Teen Wolf the most. The kids are almost finished their Woody the Woodpecker episode and then it's reading time and then bed for them.
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I think I have them. I think it's just so much going on. I have work which is overwhelming, the snow/ice, kid's soccer, projects. It just seems to mount on top of one another.

I did a bunch of research for summer camp for LM#1. This is the first year he will need it and I looked at a Y and at a private camp facility. The private camp, which is in my town and close by, is cheaper by a couple of hundred. And it goes all summer, unlike the Y which ends several weeks before September.

I also did some research regarding swim lessons. Neither kid knows how to swim, even though LM#1 has had three sets of lessons. But I need him to swim before camp because if he can't he sits, and I don't want that for him. And he's so close, I think he could do it if he has more confidence in himself. So there are swim lessons at the Y or the local high school. Neither are cheap, however the Y is stating that if we join as a family we get 8 weeks worth of swim lessons free. I'm kind of leaning toward the Y. I can go and do classes, we can use the pool whenever and the kids can attend specials there.

All of this has been given to Mr. KA and I'm waiting for him to review. It's a bit ridiculous. I spend my time putting it together and he goes over a week without looking at it. I'm trying not to get too annoyed as this is the man that arranged it so I slept until 9:50 on Saturday and didn't return with the kids until 12:30. But geez, just read it!!!

I bought a package of 10 frames varying in sizes before Christmas and I took the time this weekend to take down the old frames and put up the new ones. Right now it looks silly because the frames are empty, but I think I really like it.

I spent last night on Shutterfly ordering pictures so all frames could be updated. I also sent pictures of the boys out to friends and family from December and January. So I'm on top of that.

Yet there is still a laundry basket of towels sitting, mocking me, in the loving room that needs to be folded. *sigh* (and to add to the mocking, they are actually from last week, not this past weekend)

The diet is going ok, have not been as faithful as I should be, but it's still progressing in the right direction. So I need to focus on that.

Olympics Have not been watching but recorded a bunch because LM#1 was interested. So I have showed him some speed skating, wasn't impressed; cross country skiing, not fast enough for him (although he got interested when he saw they shot something) and icing skating, which he seemed catptivated by. When one skater did a really tight, fast turn (to end the routine), he was all 'wow'. It was cute. He's looking forward to snowboarding, which I should be able to show him tonight.

Work Well this is just busy. I should be working through my lunch but I don't feel like it. I have so much to do and just not enough time, nor the staff. Which, considering I have more people here than normal shouldn't be a problem, but they are new. I have testing to set up and complete by Friday. I haven't even started it yet. Ugh.

Sherlock: S3, E3: His Last Vow )

Supernatural: S9: E13: The Purge )
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Yesterday the schools were closed and I worked at home. I thought it wouldn't be too bad, they are 7 and 4. I was wrong. It was such a trying day. I know they wanted me to play with them but I really couldn't because I lost a half day the day before with the drive home in the snow. I suppose they were just too young to totally get it but what upset me the most was the arguing and whining and screaming. Ugh.

Work is moving forward. The two new people are getting trained, and tomorrow they start to try processing by themselves. There is just so much work to do. My company just bought another company, at this point the decision has not been made regarding the payables. I just hope that they keep processing there for a few months because my team is unable to take on additional work. I believe it won't come to my area for a while, really hope.

Still have one review to write and I really need to sit with the staff next week. I don't want to write the review. I'm too close to the employee and last year I "fought" for her to keep the review rating and salary increase even though the consistency wasn't there. This year it didn't get better and I had to change her responsibility. So when the big boss challenged my rating I had nothing to fall back on, so now it's a lower rating and no raise. Ugh man.

And for TV, I'm just behind and it feels like a chore, even the shows I'm looking forward to. I also think I might be coming down with something. Boo.
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Months ago I promised to try and post more. And in the beginning I did really well and then I just stopped. I think I have it in my head I must only post when I have tons of things to say. But. Perhaps I need to look at it differently.

I feel very removed from fandom in general lately. I'm most active on Facebook, which is (a) weird and no one seems to "play" and (b) waaaay to related to my real name. All the playing on FB is non-slash mostly just episode discussion, and I was hoping that perahps people would be more into it but alas, they aren't.

And I miss my friends here. So once again I will try and update more often.

Work is way busy, I've recnetly had to hire 4 additional people to my team, so I now managed a team of 10. We are actively transitioning work from another location with the effective date of the end of January. So we need to start the new work, while training the new people to do out "old" work. February is going to be rough.

The kids are good. LM#1 is reading really well. He has lost 2 teeth. LM#2 is doing alright, he can write his name but still struggles with identifying all the alphabet, but it's still under 4.5 years old so he'll get there. He also has started to get up during the night again. It probably averages 4 out of 7 days he calls for me. *sigh* I really thought this was going to end.

I got a Nutribullet for Christmas so I'm trying combinations and on the look out for recipes. I'm trying to increase my fruit and veggie intake and hoping the Nurtribullet will help with that.
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Glee: S5, E2: Tina in the Sky With Diamonds )

The Blacklist: S1, E2: The Freelancer )

Sleepy Hollow: S1, E3: For the Triumph of Evil )

I enjoyed The Crazy Ones again, really love the bloopers at the end of the episodes, gives us a quick look of how things go and I enjoy that. I smiled a lot and laughed a couple of times, it's not hysterical like Modern Family in the beginning, but it is enjoyable.

So, LM#2 is still waking at 5:30 which is way early. But last night he slept through the night, which for the previous two nights, was not the case. I thought we were moving past it but I suppose it will take additional time until he accepts that he sleeps in his room during the week and needs to, you know, sleep. Sheesh.

Last night there was a battle with LM#1, won't bore you but in the end after his tantrums, crying, hyperventilating - he had no tattoos, lost his book at bed and did not watch a second show before bed. Not sure when he, or his brother, will believe when I say something. It's always "can I have it back". No. I took it away as punishment why would I give it back just for being good. You need to be good all the time, a state of being, because it's the right thing to do. Sheesh.

I'm still not feeling great. I left work early yesterday and laid on the couch for a bit. Today I'm working from home, it was scheduled and I'm so tempted to email my boss and take the afternoon off and take a nap. I have a headache I can't seem to get rid of and I'm feeling just horribly run down.

My Church is having a Yard Sale tomorrow and they are hosting a Bake Table and needed volunteers to provide baked goods. So I signed up for cupcakes, went online and found individual containers and baked three boxes this morning: vanilla, chocolate and confetti. The confetti are iced and labeled as I used a vanilla icing can. The others needs to be iced as I will make the buttercream frosting. I plan to decorate them with candycorn colors. The Yard Sale starts at 9 and since I'm not attending LM#2's soccer game (hoping that he will play if I'm not there providing a lap to climb on), I said I would help finish setting up. Of course she mentioned 7 and I actually laughed in her face and said I'd be by no later than 8.

After helping set up I will head to the food store. Then LM#1 has a soccer game in the afternoon at 2, my inlaws are coming tomorrow to see both games. On Sunday I have about an hour to myself while Mr KA takes the kids to Church for Sunday school and I'll come later because after that is a birthday party at 12-2 and then another from 3-5. Then I'm expecting my friend V over for dinner and watching Undercover Cousins, because we are suckers for hot guys from Jersey building stuff.

Somewhere in there I will find time to clean and or cook something ... at some point.

Oh and my friend, reccea introduced me to Pinboard. It's like Delicious but seems to be more no frills (although I did not use Delicious, always thought about it but never did, so I can't really explain what the differences are). But I read through Pinboard, "about them" and what they can do etc etc and I have joined. And I'm now obsessively adding all my recs, which considering there are 409 of them in my spreadsheet, will take some time. But I'm determined and (I might have mentioned) obsessed with it. Since I've decided to sign up and use it I need it to be updated now. :P Which is impossible. I'm kimannebb over there as well, and I'm adding my recs newest to oldest. One good thing is I'm finding errors in my spreadsheet and updating them. Although Pinboard can export to Excel so I may not need that file anymore. :) (I really like that feature. If someone asks me for recs I can export the slice they are looking for or explain how to go to Pinboard.) I still plan on sending out recs through email as I do today because I know that sometimes it's nice to be spoonfed stories. *g*

If anyone else is using Pinboard, let me know and I'll follow up or add you or whatever it's called. I'm still learning.
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It seems that since Tuesday night's battle LM#1 is starting to learn. Ther are still timeouts and he must learn to apply a filter to his mouth, but things are slowly improving.

I'm a little nervous about LM#2, putting him to bed is getting bad again, but he's staying in it and still sleeping through the night so I'm still counting this as much improved when compared to before.

Dads: S1, E2 )

The Crazy Ones: S1, E1: Pilot )

I can't really comment on the second episode of Brooklyn 9-9 because there was an emergency cut in that lasted about 5 minutes and it was a large chunk of the end of the episode and I was wondering how they were going to handle it. So I'm tuning in again to be fair, but like Dads it needs to be a fantastic episode to keep me watching.

I also watch the season premiere of 2 Broke Girls and sadly I didn't laugh at all. Mr. KA is not watching it anymore, just me, so hopefully the next one is better, but I found myself being annoyed with Kat Dennings and how she delivered a line. I just, I don't know. Maybe I'm just over this brand of humor, which I will admit to being embarrassed that I enjoyed it so much. :P

Also watched the season premiere of Last Man Standing, and wow, I knew the main character leaned to the right on the political scale, but I felt that it was really heavy in this episode, as was God. I like God, he's good, but... I don't know, something in this ep had me tilting my head at the screen. My biggest problem with the episode was that the two other daughters were barely in it. We'll see, this is another one I watch alone. I loved the first season, Tim Allen's character had me laughing out loud. Plus he reminded me of my Dad. Season 2 was still pretty good but what I liked most about it was the interaction within the family and that is getting more commonplace, as though they can't come up with topics.
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Battle of wills, but Mommy will triumph! )

The kids' birthdays are in October and we are doing superhero themes, Avengers. So i made the invites last night and LM#1 handed out this today, and I'll cut up and have LM#2's ready for tomorrow. They are both the same weekend, different days. October, just a month full of baking.

Speaking of baking, I volunteered to make cupcakes for my Church's yard sale. They are having a bake table and made an announcement that it would only work if we donated the goods. So cupcakes, but they mentioned they have to be wrapped. Weh? So I went online and found single containers for cupcakes, they are plastic. It wasn't too expensive, about 40 bucks for 200 of them. And I figure I have them for whenever they are needed again.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: S1, E1: Pilot )

The Blacklist: S1, E1: Pilot )

Mom: S1, E1: Pilot )

How I Met Your Mother: the final season )

I did watch the second episode of Sleepy Hollow but I was designing birthday invitations because Mr. KA wanted to hand them out as soon as possible, so I missed a lot so I don't have anything to say about it this week.

Right now Mr. KA and I are keeping pace with the shows. This won't last but I'm enjoying it right now. :)
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LM#2 slept through the night again! I know it seems silly to be this excited about an almost-four-year-old sleeping through the night, but dude, it is. It really is.

Brooklyn 9-9: S1, E1: Pilot )

Dads: S1, E1: Pilot )

I'm hoping the two shows improve. They could do a lot by toning the characters down, they are just too unbelievable on Brooklyn 9-9, and the Dads on Dads.

So. I just spoke with Staff Member K and had to take away most of her job and give her back straight processing. She is making too many mistakes and I can't count on her consistancy. I'm friends with Staff Member K, so it was a little rough, but I've been trying to work with her on this for a year and it's not getting better. She has a lot going on personally and I think this wil help her overall, lower her stress level etc. I'm sure she didn't see it that way, which is a shame, but I have to do what's best for the department.

That means to talked to Staff Member B and told him he is getting additional responsiblity, even put out there if he succeeds there could be a small promotion as he could advance a level. (He is going to submit his resume for the supervisor position, but sadly he has no experience and I really need someone with experience. Plus he hasn't really proven he can handle all of that.)

Fun times.
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Three nights in a row of sleeping )

Sleepy Hollow: S1, E1: Pilot )

The Newsroom: S2, E9: Election Night Pt2 )

In Steelers news, soooo glad I went to bed. Mr. KA stayed up, ugh man, 0-2, not a good start and I dare say it's not looking great. I have faith they will turn it around, but ouch.

In work news, we have posted the supervisor position, so that is good because I need that staff member badly. *sigh*

Also, arriving at work at 9am... really not working for me. It keeps me off center for most of the morning. I suppose I'll get used to it, but still. Hard to me to enforce the staff to work a full 8 hours when I'm doing 7.5 on average. Again, I'm sure I can figure out a balance as there isn't much other choice unless I sign LM#1 up for before care as well (which seems like over kill for 45 minutes to an hour).
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And we have totally over extended ourselves. 14 new shows we are trying. Really not sure that is doable. Some start early so we can 'test' them and figure it out.

I've already decided to drop Dancing with the Stars. I don't need the stress. I'm on the fence about Glee, but with Adam Lambert being a recurring role, I'm kind of interested. I will start with it and go from there.

Amazingly enough there are only two days with conflicts, and one of those is an easy one as the show is repeated later in the night.

TV Schedule )

We are crazy right? :P

This weekend was super busy. Friday night we celebrated my Mom's birthday and my brother, wife and kids were there and it was a good time. Saturday there were two soccer games (9 and 1), defrosting the chest freezer, yard work and planting done, food shopping and a trip to CVS. Sunday was Church, hair cuts for the boys, then to Livilla Orchards to pick pumpkins. Then home to cook a couple of dinners for the week.

The laundry has been washed but not folded and put away. Many of the rooms of my house are in total chaos. I need another day on the weekend please, but have it so that the children are watched by someone else, that would be very helpful. And not every week needs to be like that, but just some weeks. This one would have been perfect.

For the last three nights I worked in Shutterfly making a photo book for my Mom and my MIL. Mr KA had a free coupon that expired yesterday and while he did give me much more notice this time, I wasn't ready as the pictures were behind in uploading. (Also hence why I haven't done the monthly picture thing). :( But I did get it done and it looks pretty good.

My allergies are crazy, I think I want to tear my nose off my face. The sneezing, the itchiness, the burning eyes. Ahhhh! Just going to make it through the day when I can take more allergy medicine and a decongestant. 6 more hours, I can make it.
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Been meaning to post for days but it's hard to block 40 minutes during the weekend. So I use work time. Although right now is not work, right now LM#1 is watching TV while I use the time to get caught up on things.

First Days of School, sleeping update )

House of Cards: S1, E13 )

Suits: S3, E8: Endgame )

Graceland: S1, E11: Happy Endings )

Teen Wolf: S3, E8: Visonary )

I have lost all the "me" time I found in the last two months. With LM#1 not going to school until 8:30 I have no time to watch my shows. I've been tyring to fit them in here and there, but sadly it's going to take me forever to get through things. My iPad does not play well at work, I can't get on the Wifi there as it's against the rules, and the data plan just buffers the video. I'm going to try again and perhaps I can watch certain shows on there.

Right now I don't think I will watch DWTS, I enjoy it, the new format seems interesting and it would be less time (although I never watched the results show because I hate all results shows). And I can watch that with LM#2, he won'y like it but at least there are no werewolves tearing people apart, or an over use of the word "shit". I don't know.

My Entertainment Weekly magazine has not arrived and I'm annoyed. I need to go through it and chose the Fall line up and get ready. Shows are starting as early as next week and the magazine isn't here yet. I feel as though it gets later and later each year. :P
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Another update )

Teen Wolf: S3, E5: Frayed )

Teen Wolf: S3, E6: Motel California )

Suits: S3, E7: She's Mine )

Mr. KA took the boys for a Boys Day Out so I've been alone since about 10am. I did all the laundry only two more baskets to fold. I need to finish changing the sheets on the beds and do the door know. (I"m going to try and put the doorknob back on but backward, so it locks on the outside. I never knew it locked until LM#2 locked him self in his room.) And I watched all of this tv. And I made a dessert cookie bar. I'm trying to take Mr. KA's advice and just relax and not do a bunch of stuff around the house. OH! And I finished a book.

It's been a nice day. The boys will return soon and it's Family Movie night where they will eat grilled cheese and we will all watch something. I'm leaning toward Rango. Or a Batman Lego movie. Not sure which one.
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So last night was more of the same except he didn't wake at midnight, but rather 5:15. I told him he had to stay in bed, he didn't like it. I had him go potty and get back and then he screamed and cried. I played some music in LM#1's room in the hope that he would not be woken up.

Here's the thing, I'm taking a hard line with LM#2 in general. He will be 4 in October and he has the maturity of a 3 year old most of the time. So I've decided I'm not answering if he is whining, which just means it takes more time to learn what he wants. Last night at dinner he didn't want the veggie. I told him the same thing as always: he didn't have to eat it but there was no dessert. He didn't like that because he didn't get dessert the night before. He screamed and yelled and screamed some more. I ignored him. He got down and went into the cupboard (we were all away from the table, he just stayed hoping I'd change my mind). I was watching, but Mr. KA went in. I told him that I would take care of it but he went. Then LM#2 started crying again and I told Mr. KA to leave him, but no, he picked him up and brought him in and cuddled with him. That is not the way to stop the whining and crying behavior. I was so mad.

I even shared my thoughts with Mr KA but he feels he's only 3 and being a kid. But no. I hope that with him starting his Pre-K room that he begins to mature.

Today is the last day for LM#1 at his current daycare. It's a little weird thinking about it, when Mr KA dropped them off this morning they sat in the window and waved together for the last time.

We recently watched Jack the Giant Slayer and unfortunately it wasn't that great. I wanted something fun and ... something. It was ok but, overall it really wasn't great.

Teen Wolf: S3,E4: Unleashed )

A long weekend, woohoo. Tomorrow Mr. KA is taking the boys for an "all boys outing day" Not sure what they are doing because he won't tell me but he says he's leaving at 10 and returning around 5. That I'm supposed to do whatever I like. Not sure how I will spend the day, however I think I may try and organize my scrapbooking stuff since I haven't touched it in a horribly long time.

We are rewatching Xena season one... and dude, it's not good. Haahaahaa, It's like I need to watch this season to get to the better ones. Mr. KA and I rewatch seasons, but with all the other stuff we watch it takes us a long time. We are currently caught up which is nice so revisting a show is fun.
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In regards to LM#2 and going to bed/sleeping. Last night was better to the point I didn't get upset or try and reason with him. I sang him a song, told him he had three questions and then I was leaving. We went through what would happen if he got out of bed.

He asked his questions, there were smiles. I went to leave and he freaked out, trying to get me to stay. I continued because I had given him his three questions, and he followed me out. So I picked him up, reminded him what would happen if he got out of bed, put him back and then closed the door. He cried and yell that I "wasn't nice" and it "wasn't fair".

He woke at 12:30, wanting to get out of bed, I said no. I tried to calm him down before I left, but it didn't work and he went to get out of bed, so I closed the door again. He woke at 5:50 and I told him it wasn't time he needed to lie there until I came and got him. *sigh*

As punishment last night (for the previous nights shenanigans) he was not allowed to watch tv, so once again he was in the dining room playing with cars or puzzles.

Teen Wolf: S3, E3: Fireflies )

I am working from home tomorrow, so I am planning to go back to bed after the boys leave and begin work at 8:30. And we get out early tomorrow for the Labor Day weekend. I'm trying to get more sleep. Think it will work?
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Had a nice night last night, we took the kids out after dinner for a walk/bike riding. LM#2 is too short to peddle anything so he sat in a wagon, but LM#1 ride his bike (with training wheels). I had to run after him. I ran, I never run, it's not the best sight plus, ugh, not good at it. But they seemed to have a good time.

Bedtime came around and LM#2 was adamant that he wasn't sleeping. I gave in and gave him too many chances with getting out of bed. That's my fault. The air conditioning is on and his room has little air flow so if I shut the door it would have been so warm in there. He finally just stayed. He woke at 12:30, stating he wasn't tired, didn't want to sleep. He got out of bed twice, I put him back, told him one more time and I was shutting the door. He got out again, so I shut and locked the door. Felt like shit. Proceeded to be hysterical. LM#2 only carried on for a few minutes and then was quiet. He called out about 20 minutes after I closed the door but nothing else.

He woke at 5:45, but I refused to let him get up. He went to the potty and i put him back in bed and told him to be quiet and lay there and rest until i come back for him. Didn't go as smoothly as it should have. I got him up officially at about 6:10. Mr KA tells me I shouldn't get so upset, that it feeds into LM#2 as well. And I suppose it does. Tonight there are no chances with getting out. He gets out once, which he will, and I shut the door. Not sure what I will do when he wakes in the middle of the night but I'll figure it out then.

Sadly, it's caused me to be really down today. The dark skies and rain aren't helping, plus I'm feeling exhausted. I'm hoping to arrange a work at home day on Friday, it's not scheduled but we get out at 2:00 and I only have one teleconference. If I can work from home, I will go back to bed once the boys leave. Here's hoping for a little extra sleep.

Pretty Little Liars: S4, E12: Now You See Me, Now You Don't )

Teen Wolf: S3, E2: Chaos Rising )
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So LM#2 is going to bed a little easier, however he still woke last night at 11:50 but he was barely awake. Then at 4:15 I woke again, but not to him, to my hubby who was snoring so awful. :( Can't catch a break.

Teen Wolf: S3, E1: Tattoo )

I did my nails last night and they are a bright lime green. I find them a little distracting. *g*
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They had a great time with their grandparents. LM#2 slept through the night for them and everyone was happy. Last night LM#2 stayed in bed, but woke at 12:30 and 4:15 :( So an awesome start to my week. You know, you kind of assume as a parent you'd be getting full nights rest when the youngest is almost 4. Seriously. That isn't too much to expect. Alas, not in the cards for me.

DJango Unchained - this was just too long. And I feel that the storytelling was secondary to the imagrey that Tarantino created. There was some fantastic shots. Christoper Waltz was amazing, really enjoyed his performance. I thought the blood and gore, in places (like the shoot out at the house) was ridiculous (and totally unplausible) and it took away from the story for me. So I didn't love it. Makes me want to rewatch Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs just to see how violent and over the top they were. I remember violence, but not like the above movie.

Kind of forced these two into the weekend. Now I have all of season three on TiVo and no longer need Netflix.
Teen Wolf: S2, E11: Battlefield )

Teen Wolf: S2, E12: Master Plan )

Watched the VMAs last night. Ugh. What the hell happened to the show? Or am I just old now? I thought half the performers were crap, that there were few "performances" and a bunch of... acts? And not good ones. I don't know, maybe it was the location, maybe it was the way it was produced, but I felt it wasn't put together well. The best part was Justin Timberlake and then NSYNC, that was very smile worthy, kind of wish the group part was longer.

They talked about these videos, that aren't played on MTV anymore, you have to go and find them on Youtube or at the artist's site I suppose. It's just different now. But woohoo for a tiny NSYNC reunion. :)


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