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As you guys know that if I watch a show by myself I sometimes fall behind and since the regular TV season started... well... I'm behind.

But. I finally watched The Rundown Job of Leverage )

I was alway really looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 based on the previews. Steve and Danny in mortal! peril! What more could you ask for? Perhaps more mortal peril? Hawaii 5-0:Lana I Ka Moana )

So the second "new" show of the TV year has been axed by us. First it was The New Normal - but now that Matt Bomer is going to be guest starring I'm going to have to record that episode. And the second is Elementary. It's only two episodes, and normally that isn't enough, but I have such a full plate. And while the chemistry between Sherlock and Joan is good, the rest of it is boring. I did not find the "mysteries" very hard or compelling and it was just like most of the other crime proceedurals on TV. So, sadly, I'm letting it go.

Right now Go On is funny, the second episode of The Mindy Project was hysercial. Seriously made up for the lackluster pilot episode.

On the fence is Partners, I think it's cute and was really amused by the second episode and I think the banter and timing between Sophia Bush and Michael Urie's characters is great and it makes me smile. Revolution is ok, it's really good in bursts, but my main problem is Charly. I don't think she is a good actress and the character is whiney and unreasonable.

I will say though after only one epeidoe of Arrow I'm really excited about it. Arrow: Pilot )

Tomorrow is a packed day. After sleeping in (Mr. KA is awesome!) I will take the kids food shopping, then there is a soccer game, then we are going to a local school for a Pumpkin Festival. Hopefully it isn't too cold.


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