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Hawaii 5-0: S5, E2 - Ka Makuakane )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E3 - Root of all Evil )

Saw Gone Girl today, great movie. Awesome directing and acting, and even though it was 2 hours and 25 minutes long it really didn't seem like it at all.

Tomorrow is LM#1's birthday party for his friends, we are doing Chuck E Cheese. The party bags are done, the cupcakes are done. Theme is Ben 10 so I have the omnitrix on the gift bags, and on the cupcakes - however I don't think a lot of the kids know what it is. It's an older show, one that I found on Netflix and the kids really like it.

We painted pumpkins today and I did a Cap shield on one side, an arch reactor on the other and an "A" in between. The "A" isn't great but I am pretty pleased with the other two.
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We watched Riddick, mainly for Katee Sackhoff because she is just such a kickass lady. But the movie was horrible. It was filled with one-liners, barely any actual dialog. The effects were fine/good but... I was not impressed.

Plus Katee Sackhoff showed her breast and I didn't really see the point of it at all, it added nothing to the scene, story, nothing. Why did that have to do happen?

I wish it was better, but what a waste of time. I really have been sucking at movie picking lately.
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The weekend was nice, got some things done around the house. The kids went to a neighbors on Sunday so I attacked my desk in the basement and filed stuff away and packed up tax paperwork etc. So I feel good about that.

We watched Looper, onmygod it wasn't good. The most fascinating part was how much like Bruce Willis they make Joseph Gordon Levit look, kind of scary. I found the movie pointless and not well thought out and I never bought the characters being redeemed. Just. Yeah, wish I hadn't seen it. :(

For TV, we only have 30 minutes left of season two of Orange Is The New Black and we would have finished it if the sync wasn't screwy. They talked and the lips wouldn't move, and we tried reloading and starting over and nothing worked. So hopefully tonight I can finish it.

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So last night was more of the same except he didn't wake at midnight, but rather 5:15. I told him he had to stay in bed, he didn't like it. I had him go potty and get back and then he screamed and cried. I played some music in LM#1's room in the hope that he would not be woken up.

Here's the thing, I'm taking a hard line with LM#2 in general. He will be 4 in October and he has the maturity of a 3 year old most of the time. So I've decided I'm not answering if he is whining, which just means it takes more time to learn what he wants. Last night at dinner he didn't want the veggie. I told him the same thing as always: he didn't have to eat it but there was no dessert. He didn't like that because he didn't get dessert the night before. He screamed and yelled and screamed some more. I ignored him. He got down and went into the cupboard (we were all away from the table, he just stayed hoping I'd change my mind). I was watching, but Mr. KA went in. I told him that I would take care of it but he went. Then LM#2 started crying again and I told Mr. KA to leave him, but no, he picked him up and brought him in and cuddled with him. That is not the way to stop the whining and crying behavior. I was so mad.

I even shared my thoughts with Mr KA but he feels he's only 3 and being a kid. But no. I hope that with him starting his Pre-K room that he begins to mature.

Today is the last day for LM#1 at his current daycare. It's a little weird thinking about it, when Mr KA dropped them off this morning they sat in the window and waved together for the last time.

We recently watched Jack the Giant Slayer and unfortunately it wasn't that great. I wanted something fun and ... something. It was ok but, overall it really wasn't great.

Teen Wolf: S3,E4: Unleashed )

A long weekend, woohoo. Tomorrow Mr. KA is taking the boys for an "all boys outing day" Not sure what they are doing because he won't tell me but he says he's leaving at 10 and returning around 5. That I'm supposed to do whatever I like. Not sure how I will spend the day, however I think I may try and organize my scrapbooking stuff since I haven't touched it in a horribly long time.

We are rewatching Xena season one... and dude, it's not good. Haahaahaa, It's like I need to watch this season to get to the better ones. Mr. KA and I rewatch seasons, but with all the other stuff we watch it takes us a long time. We are currently caught up which is nice so revisting a show is fun.
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They had a great time with their grandparents. LM#2 slept through the night for them and everyone was happy. Last night LM#2 stayed in bed, but woke at 12:30 and 4:15 :( So an awesome start to my week. You know, you kind of assume as a parent you'd be getting full nights rest when the youngest is almost 4. Seriously. That isn't too much to expect. Alas, not in the cards for me.

DJango Unchained - this was just too long. And I feel that the storytelling was secondary to the imagrey that Tarantino created. There was some fantastic shots. Christoper Waltz was amazing, really enjoyed his performance. I thought the blood and gore, in places (like the shoot out at the house) was ridiculous (and totally unplausible) and it took away from the story for me. So I didn't love it. Makes me want to rewatch Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs just to see how violent and over the top they were. I remember violence, but not like the above movie.

Kind of forced these two into the weekend. Now I have all of season three on TiVo and no longer need Netflix.
Teen Wolf: S2, E11: Battlefield )

Teen Wolf: S2, E12: Master Plan )

Watched the VMAs last night. Ugh. What the hell happened to the show? Or am I just old now? I thought half the performers were crap, that there were few "performances" and a bunch of... acts? And not good ones. I don't know, maybe it was the location, maybe it was the way it was produced, but I felt it wasn't put together well. The best part was Justin Timberlake and then NSYNC, that was very smile worthy, kind of wish the group part was longer.

They talked about these videos, that aren't played on MTV anymore, you have to go and find them on Youtube or at the artist's site I suppose. It's just different now. But woohoo for a tiny NSYNC reunion. :)
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John Carter: found it boring. Taylor Kitsch is an average actor at best, and while it did improve after the first 20 minutes, it just never grabbed me. I didn't care about the humans at all, the Tharks were more interesting. Sadly two hours I wish I had chosen something else.

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen )

I'm a week behind with these: Arrow: Home Invastion )

Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever )

2 Broke Girls is starting to lose it's funny/edge for me. This week's episode was kind of ridiculous. Might be good it's nearing the end of the season. And How I Met Your Mother, with the bachelor party, very creative, and fit so well into what Barney would describe as legend... what for it... dary. :)

My MacBook Pro arrived yesterday!!! It's so new and shiny :) I'm happy to report that my iTunes library was been loaded, as well as some Docs and Excel files. One of which was my master rec list, so I'm happy again. The fact I need to scroll "up" to make the page go "down" is odd, but I will get used to it. Figured out that the large finger pad was also the 'clicker', and after consulting the tiny manual, that two fingers will allow me to scroll a page. I will continue to poke at it, need to download pictures fromy my camera, so the fist time I do that should be interesting.

Well. The woman that was Manager before me as decided to fully retire. She's been working 4 days a week for about 18 months and she will stop working in July or August, whenever the repairs on her house are complete. Then StaffMember S wants to go down to 4 days a week starting in June (she too is of retirement age but is nowhere ready to stop working). Add in that my direct boss is being sent to San Diego for three months to try and improve the process of that office... ugh man, just ugh. So I will need to replace a Supervisor while my boss is not here.

Mr. KA has a softball game tonight so I'm going to pick up the kids and take them for a haircut, then new shoes. The shoes I bought LM#2 in February have ripped at the seams. Crazy! So they need new shoes for the spring/summer.

LM#1 is doing well with baseball, he's a good hitter, an ok thrower, a horrible catcher and hit or miss with the running. But he seems more into it this year, so that is good.
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Watched a boat load of movies over the weekend:
- Twilight Pt 2: good to see the end of the series and while I read the books I don't remember the whole "switch" with the battle (this is regarding Alice). I don't remember it happening that way in the book, so either (a) it didn't and they did that for the movie and really, what manipulative bastards or (b) I was skimming i too much and missed it totally. I'm kind of leaning toward "a".

- 21 Jump Street: I swore I would not watch this, then a friend said it was really funny. So I swallowed my dislike of Jonah Hill and gave it a try. Have to admit that I laughed a lot, mainly because it was poking fun of itself and for that I respect it. Still only a B movie though, but dug the cameos of the originally 21 Jump Street members.

- 5-year Engagement: eh, it was alright, kind of funny in places, but kind of predictable as well. I'm a big fan of Jason Segal and I find it curious how much I keep seeing his naked body in movies that he writes. Sadly I'd give this movie a grade of C.

Revolution: The Stand )

The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life )

I'm really excited about the return of Game of Thrones :-) I get that and the finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, so we already know what we're watching. I feel like I'm missing a show or two I wanted to babble about but I can't remember.

I am finally feeling better. Tuesday, six days later, I felt better. I'm still horribly congested, but at least I feel less like crap. Sadly I pulled the right side of my neck badly and I'm in pain there. I'm just a mess :P The neck pain is better than yesterday, however I can only turn my neck so far to the right. Good thing I already have a massage scheduled for Friday.
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Weekends need to be longer. Really.

The movie Warm Bodies was amusing, a very outside the box view of the zombie genre. I respect that. Zombies cured by love, or it was actually human interaction, but hey. *g* We liked the Movie Tavern just fine, although not a huge fan of the seats, but we will try it again for sure. I mean, any movie theater where they bring you a margarita is awesome!

Best part was there was still time to do the food shopping so my Sunday was open for cleaning and cooking instead of the food store trip too. I was lucky yesterday as the kids went to the neighbors to play for about 3 hours. During that time I changed the sheets on all the beds, straightened up my room, browned meat (for cheese burger pizza later in the week), cooked ham slices, cooked chicken with peppers. Also made a pumpkin bread and finished up the afternoon with chocolate cupcakes with the help of LM#2 as they were home by then.

During the cupcake making, LM#1 was playing xBox with his Daddy showing him how to fight in Kung Fu Panda. Our first obsession was Batman, but they beat that and he’s moved onto a fighting game. Personally, I enjoyed the quest game better, but hey.

Had Family Movie Night and LM#2 picked Tarzan, not a fave Disney movie, but for the best several weeks we’ve been pushing the Disney movies so when we go it’s in the forefront of their mind. I don’t think the kids liked it too much (although I think they’ve seen it before) because there was a lot of squirming toward the end.

Yesterday also had us finishing LM#1’s kindergarten project "100 days", where he had to put together a project made of 100 pieces. It looks good and we finished a day early, that is the best part.

Mr. KA and I did watch the Super Bowl, I found the first half boring, but then the 49ers came out strong and it was exciting. Really wanted to see the 49ers win.

The commercials… they were ok but nothing great. Props to Budweiser coming out first with a new beer, that’s the way to do it. Thought the M&M one was cute and it made me laugh. The Doritos goat one made me laugh as well, and then I felt embarrassed by it. The best one for laughs was Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan for Sam Sung, freaking hilarious! The Dodge Ram commercial about the farmers was beautifully done and had a nice message. The Rock’s milk commercial was cute. That’s all that stuck with me. I will admit that by the 4th quarter we were forwarding through some stuff. ahh the beauty of tivo

White Collar: Brass Tacks )
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Let's face it. Facebook has made me feel as though I'm reaching all my friends, when in reality that is not the case. So once again I'm going to try updating my journals.

Currently I believe there is a problem with crossposting, so I will be copying and pasting between the two sites just to keep everyone informed.

I had a great weekend as I was able to hang out with [personal profile] hederahelix and then visited with [personal profile] ctbn60 for a little bit during her daughter's wedding. It was a good time. It has of course, made me miss some of my friends and fandom. But, I will try to be more of a presence online (outside of Facebook).

Avengers is my new shiny fandom. I was skirting the edge of it for a while, and then the movie came out and notched me a little higher. Then [personal profile] hederahelix returned from Con-Txt with so much squee that it was not contained and had to be shared. And I glady accepted.

I'm so enthralled by the Avengers and all of it's cast that I saw The Bourne Legacy in the theater, and with only one date night a month with the hubby, that is commitment. I have purchased RDJr's album because I'm crazy. I find myself searching Youtube for new Avenger vids, or RDJr vids, or Chris Evans stuff. I just have it really really bad. *g* And that's a good thing.

The new TV season is here and I'm already behind, but I'm not really sure how many new shows will make the cut. I really find myself without a lot of patience, just not enough time to give all shows 6 episodes to get it's feet. I will admit that after last week's H50, Hederahelix and I watched the previews for tonight's ep. smiling widely I looked at her and said that (and pointing to my TV) is why we still watch H50. Of course it could suck, but anything with that premise? Must be watched. Sadly it's 10pm and hubby doesn't watch the show so I need to squeeze it in another time, but I will find time and I hope it fills me with lots and lots of happiness.

The boys are good. Their birthdays are soon and will be 6 and 3. yeah, I really don't see how that is possible, but yes, 6 and 3. The 6 year old is writing, reciting phone numbers and reading (a little). All very exciting. Now if only the 3 year old would get with peeing on the potty the world would be a better place. :)
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I haven't posted here in a long time, but I have missed my friends so I thought perhaps I can try here instead of LJ.

Life in general is kind of ridiculous between work and kids. Work itself is stressing me out, I need to travel again to the Boston area next week to provide hands on training to the AP department there. Again. Sadly their Mgr is just not stepping up and they aren't getting the new processing system. And after three months they should really "get" it now. I'm so frustrated with the Mgr there and the way he's handling things. Hopefully next week goes alright, I need to find a balance between pissed off and helpful. :P

Kids are fine, just very mouthy for a 5.5 and 2.5 year old. We are trying to do swim lessons for LM#1 (little man) and he seems to like the water this year and I see improvement just not sure if he's going to be actually swimming this year, but at least he's interested. and LM#2 is just in temper mode and stubborn.

I've recently started watching Suits and Common Law, I do admit to liking Common Law more. The boys are gorgeous and Michael Ealy is just so pretty. His eyes so so beautiful.

I'm looking forward to the return of White Collar next week. And speaking of Matt Bomer... I saw Magic Mike. :) :) So much fun, saw it with friends and between the pretty mean being almosy naked and the fact that Channing Tatum actually made me smile throughout the whole movie - it was such a fun time. I would love to see it again with just slash minded friends but I was in mixed company so I had to keep my comments (mostly) to myself.

I've been trying to lose weight, haven't succeeded but I keep convincing myself that "this" time will be the time. But perhaps I'll drop a few pounds and I'll feel better but right now... not so much.

Oh! And I'm going to a Supernatural convention in August with two friends. I hope it's a great time, it's my first convention since my Herc and Xena trips. The line up is great, but sadly Jensen Ackles will not be there, that's the only thing missing. I still can't believe I'm going but my friend asked and I thought, I spent all that money and time on Herc and Xena and I love Supernatural more, so, yeah, perhaps I should go to one.

Here's hoping I start posting more, I will try and make it part of my routine. :)


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