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*sigh* Glee: S5, E3: The Quarterback )

NCIS: S11, E3: Under the Radar )

The Tomorrow People: S1, E1: Pilot )

Agents of Shield: S1, E3: The Asset )

This weekend I had planned to take to the kids to a nearby orchard to pick our own apples. But with all this rain that is not happening now. Now we are going to the movie tomorrow to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 *g*
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Hawaii 5-0: S4, E1: Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi )

Masters of Sex: S1, E1: Pilot )

NCIS: S11, E1: Past, Present, Future )

Agents of Shield: S1, E2: 0-8-4 )

We have decided to drop Dads, Brooklyn 9-9, and Hello Ladies (which only got one ep, it was just bad. And I want to support Seth Green and while there are funny lines occasionally, it's overall awkward.

Next week the CW starts followed by USA I'm sure so I will have to juggle more shows. Sheesh. :) Fall TV season has officially arrived.

I'm sick. I thought it was allergies but I don't think so. I think I'm leaving work early maybe to nap. I'm working from home tomorrow and I would love to say I'll sleep until 6:00 but sadly LM#2 has been up consistantly at 5:30 this week. Before school started there were times I went back to bed at work at home days but now with LM#1 not leaving until 8:30 that is not possible. I'm just looking to figure out a time to rest.
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Shows are gearing up for the finales...

NCIS: Double Blind )

Arrow: Darkness on the Edge of Town )

Supernatural: Clip Show )

I'm so bummed that all my friends are seeing or have seen Iron Man 3, even my parents are going tomorrow. WTH? But it has to be next Saturday as that is "date" night with the hubby as my kids are staying over my brother's house for the first time. I talked with him yesterday and he told me his softball's beef and beer is that day, but since he's already rescheduled with me twice, he didn't want to do it again. He even asked my parents to watch the kids for a couple of hours but they are going to the shore. And I'm mean, selfish, don't know, enough that I'm not offering to switch the day. If we did it would be over a month before we could do it again and I want the damn day/night! *g*

Been watching Benedict Cumberbatch on various talk shows etc... they really have no idea how to style his hair that long do they? A shame, he looks awesome with it curly, not so much with it slicked back. And did you know his "fans" call themself the Cumberbitches? Had no idea. Or that Chris Pine's fans are Pinenuts? (Yes I may have watch the Graham Norton show) I don't think I'll get to see Stak Trek: Into Darkness in the theater. (Ohgod, I just typed Stark Trek instead of Star Trek, wow, where the hell is my mind? I fixed it)
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Continuum: Matter of Time )

Spartacus: Wolves at the Gate )

NCIS: Canary )

Lost Girl: Fae-de to Black )

Suits: Zane vs Zane )

I’m working from home today, so I’m trying to do personal things in between. I have ... lots of TV to watch: last week’s Merlin, two weeks of Last Man Standing, Monday Mornings, Hawaii 5-0 and I recorded Smash... but I don’t think I’ll watch it. I think I need to walk away from it.

We leave for Disney in five days and I’m starting to freak out about the packing but since we leave on a Monday, I have the weekend, which is nice. Sadly I’m battling some sort of congestion/cold that will not go away and now the hubby has a sore throat. Here’s hoping the kids stay healthy.
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Thoughts on shows:
NCIS: Hit and Run )

Supernatural: As Time Goes By )

Arrow: Vertigo )

Justified: season four so far )

Mr. KA and I have a date tomorrow, we are going to the Movie Tavern. A place where we can have dinner and watch a movie at the same time. Sadly their choices of movies were slim since we saw two of them and don’t want to see a 3D movie. I’m seeing Warm Bodies and I just hope it’s amusing, please let it be funny.


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