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Once Upon A Time: S4, E6 - Family Business )

The Walking Dead: S5, E4 - Slabtown )

Grimm: S4, E3 - Last Fight )

Feeling better, but still horribly congested. Finished my antibiotic and will continue with the regime of decongestants etc and I just hope that the congestion doesn't morph into something else.
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Once Upon A Time: S4, E4 - The Apprentice )

Yesterday was the family party and it went well, there were about 13 people here and then only 11 for dinner, that included children. It was really small since the rest of my family had other obligations etc. Every year when I do this I always tell myself I won't be controlling, that I won't freak out, that I will handle things smoothly.

That's of course, not what happened. I can see myself overreacting to all the questions that I'm asked or trying to keep things moving, and then it doesn't help that i have my family (mainly my parents and brother) telling me to relax, and it doesn't have to be on plan, or organized. That's not the way I'm made, it's just not. But maybe next year I won't be so ahhhhhh.

Today Mr. KA had a work thing so he was gone all day. I took the kids to Church, then the food store, we came home for lunch and I cooked a chicken breast and made cheeseburger pizza. Then we went to the movies to see Alexander and the horrible, terrible, no good very bad day. (The movie was adorable, sure silly and over the top in places, but I just felt it was cute and it made me laugh in several places... a lot. The kids seemed to enjoy the really silly stuff. And it just reminds me how adorable Jennifer Garner is).

After we go home I cleaned up the dinners and then we started peeling apples for apple sauce. The kids would turn the handle to peel it, I would cut up and stick on the crock pot. The kids did play a few extra moments of electronics today, but I got so much stuff done. I gave them showers, made them grilled cheese for dinner, and then they watched a movie LM#1 got for his birthday (they had seen it already). I folded 4 loads of laundry and the towels are in the dryer. Oh and I made lunches for Mr KA and LM#1 for tomorrow.

Whew. Busy busy day. Mr. KA finally got home after 8:30. Long day for both of us.
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The Walking Dead: S5, E1 - No Sanctuary )

Once Upon A Time: S4, E3 - Rocky Road )

Gotham: S1, E4 - Arkham )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E4 - Go Where I Send thee )

The friend party for LM#1 went well yesterday. He loved his party and had a great time. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, we finally ordered enough pizza and only had a few slices left over. I had 36 cupcakes and came home with over 15 I think. That was after giving 5 to a friend, I gave them as many as I could fit on the paper plate. I need to make 36 more cupcakes for Friday so LM#1 can take them to school and celebrate his birthday again. Then the family party is Saturday and I need to make two cakes, one for each little man. It's a lot of baking. Sheesh.
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Glee: S5, E1: Love, Love, Love )

Once Upon A Time: S3, E1: The Heart of the Truest Believer )

Tension, tension, tension )

It was a very busy weekend. Two soccer games, LM#2 didn't play at all, refused to get his picture done. I'm not attending next week, I'm hoping that might be helpful, although I don't know. I was against signing him up for this year because he's not even four yet and it seemed excessive to me. Week one I had to force him into the shin pads and cleats and hold him down in the seat to go. Seriously? Again, excessive.

Saturday Mr. KA and I had a date and we went to the movies and dinner. We saw "Don Jon" and it was good, very interesting take on porn, rom-coms, advertising. And on Sunday was Church then I planted six mums, with LM#2's help (and he was helpful, it was lovely and nice). Had a small break and then gardened for another three hours as I pulled up weeds and planted pachysandra in the hopes of making the side of the house look nicer and easier to upkeep. But it's been really hard and tiring and my muscles ache. Ugh.

I also had a project for the kids, we painted Fall themed shapes with sun catcher paint. The kids seems to like it and we hung them in the windows. I'm not sure we did it correct, the boys used way too much as it was a little clumpy and I tried to use less and it was weird to see the brush marks, but things turned out alright. I have a lot more to paint and hopefully they will be excited to do it again.

I signed up to "work" the Pumpkin Festival for LM#1's school. I got an email late today to inform me that there is a meeting at school at 7:30 tomorrow. Weh??? Tomorrow I needed to finish planting the pachysandra before it dies because my Dad gave it to me from his yard so I need to get it in the ground. It's as though everyone but a small handful have no plans and just goes through their daily routine with no structure. How do they do that? This kind of thing totally throws me off. :(
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John Carter: found it boring. Taylor Kitsch is an average actor at best, and while it did improve after the first 20 minutes, it just never grabbed me. I didn't care about the humans at all, the Tharks were more interesting. Sadly two hours I wish I had chosen something else.

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen )

I'm a week behind with these: Arrow: Home Invastion )

Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever )

2 Broke Girls is starting to lose it's funny/edge for me. This week's episode was kind of ridiculous. Might be good it's nearing the end of the season. And How I Met Your Mother, with the bachelor party, very creative, and fit so well into what Barney would describe as legend... what for it... dary. :)

My MacBook Pro arrived yesterday!!! It's so new and shiny :) I'm happy to report that my iTunes library was been loaded, as well as some Docs and Excel files. One of which was my master rec list, so I'm happy again. The fact I need to scroll "up" to make the page go "down" is odd, but I will get used to it. Figured out that the large finger pad was also the 'clicker', and after consulting the tiny manual, that two fingers will allow me to scroll a page. I will continue to poke at it, need to download pictures fromy my camera, so the fist time I do that should be interesting.

Well. The woman that was Manager before me as decided to fully retire. She's been working 4 days a week for about 18 months and she will stop working in July or August, whenever the repairs on her house are complete. Then StaffMember S wants to go down to 4 days a week starting in June (she too is of retirement age but is nowhere ready to stop working). Add in that my direct boss is being sent to San Diego for three months to try and improve the process of that office... ugh man, just ugh. So I will need to replace a Supervisor while my boss is not here.

Mr. KA has a softball game tonight so I'm going to pick up the kids and take them for a haircut, then new shoes. The shoes I bought LM#2 in February have ripped at the seams. Crazy! So they need new shoes for the spring/summer.

LM#1 is doing well with baseball, he's a good hitter, an ok thrower, a horrible catcher and hit or miss with the running. But he seems more into it this year, so that is good.
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I'm speaking about Once Upon A Time: The Miller's Daughter )

Grimm: Face Off )

Have off today, the hubby and I are seeing a local play. I went back to bed this morning, watched some tv, read some fic, now going to have lunch and continue watching. A nice day. :)

ETA: I think I'm being too harsh on OUAT, this was the best episode this year. And perhaps I'm a little disappointed that Snow went so dark, I just thought a little dark would be good but this is something that will change her. Kind of liked her for the image of good. *g*
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Supernatural: Bitten )

Arrow: Lone Gunman )

Once Upon A Time: The Crocodile )

I'm getting my hair done tonight, finally. It's way overdo, but what can you do when your friend in on vacation. Probably getting two inches off the bottoms, shorten up the layers, dying it, highlighting it red again, and having her blow dry it straight. Yep, gonna be there for a looong time - thank goodness for my iPad.

The dieting has been awful, I think I've gained back 6 of the 15 I had originally lost, but after LM#2's birthday, Halloween, anniversary, Mr KA birthday... that is when I will get back on the wagon.

DWTS - this week was intersting. I did not agree with the judges on Tuesday night, I thought they were overly hard on Shawn Johnson, while way too lenient on the group dance. While the group dancing to Gangum style was hilarious, it was bad. There were not in time with each other, the individual dances were not filled with much of anything, and it was just all over the place. It should have been 8's, not 9's. The Call Me Maybe group from Monday was awesome, that was incredible. This season is just weird because you have so many that are so good and you still have 8 people left.

Today is a shorter das I'm meeting Mr KA to sign the refinance papers, woohoo to a lower rate and a lower monthly payment. :)


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