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Glee: S5, E2: Tina in the Sky With Diamonds )

The Blacklist: S1, E2: The Freelancer )

Sleepy Hollow: S1, E3: For the Triumph of Evil )

I enjoyed The Crazy Ones again, really love the bloopers at the end of the episodes, gives us a quick look of how things go and I enjoy that. I smiled a lot and laughed a couple of times, it's not hysterical like Modern Family in the beginning, but it is enjoyable.

So, LM#2 is still waking at 5:30 which is way early. But last night he slept through the night, which for the previous two nights, was not the case. I thought we were moving past it but I suppose it will take additional time until he accepts that he sleeps in his room during the week and needs to, you know, sleep. Sheesh.

Last night there was a battle with LM#1, won't bore you but in the end after his tantrums, crying, hyperventilating - he had no tattoos, lost his book at bed and did not watch a second show before bed. Not sure when he, or his brother, will believe when I say something. It's always "can I have it back". No. I took it away as punishment why would I give it back just for being good. You need to be good all the time, a state of being, because it's the right thing to do. Sheesh.

I'm still not feeling great. I left work early yesterday and laid on the couch for a bit. Today I'm working from home, it was scheduled and I'm so tempted to email my boss and take the afternoon off and take a nap. I have a headache I can't seem to get rid of and I'm feeling just horribly run down.

My Church is having a Yard Sale tomorrow and they are hosting a Bake Table and needed volunteers to provide baked goods. So I signed up for cupcakes, went online and found individual containers and baked three boxes this morning: vanilla, chocolate and confetti. The confetti are iced and labeled as I used a vanilla icing can. The others needs to be iced as I will make the buttercream frosting. I plan to decorate them with candycorn colors. The Yard Sale starts at 9 and since I'm not attending LM#2's soccer game (hoping that he will play if I'm not there providing a lap to climb on), I said I would help finish setting up. Of course she mentioned 7 and I actually laughed in her face and said I'd be by no later than 8.

After helping set up I will head to the food store. Then LM#1 has a soccer game in the afternoon at 2, my inlaws are coming tomorrow to see both games. On Sunday I have about an hour to myself while Mr KA takes the kids to Church for Sunday school and I'll come later because after that is a birthday party at 12-2 and then another from 3-5. Then I'm expecting my friend V over for dinner and watching Undercover Cousins, because we are suckers for hot guys from Jersey building stuff.

Somewhere in there I will find time to clean and or cook something ... at some point.

Oh and my friend, reccea introduced me to Pinboard. It's like Delicious but seems to be more no frills (although I did not use Delicious, always thought about it but never did, so I can't really explain what the differences are). But I read through Pinboard, "about them" and what they can do etc etc and I have joined. And I'm now obsessively adding all my recs, which considering there are 409 of them in my spreadsheet, will take some time. But I'm determined and (I might have mentioned) obsessed with it. Since I've decided to sign up and use it I need it to be updated now. :P Which is impossible. I'm kimannebb over there as well, and I'm adding my recs newest to oldest. One good thing is I'm finding errors in my spreadsheet and updating them. Although Pinboard can export to Excel so I may not need that file anymore. :) (I really like that feature. If someone asks me for recs I can export the slice they are looking for or explain how to go to Pinboard.) I still plan on sending out recs through email as I do today because I know that sometimes it's nice to be spoonfed stories. *g*

If anyone else is using Pinboard, let me know and I'll follow up or add you or whatever it's called. I'm still learning.


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