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For those of you following the bedtime saga of LM#2 He stayed in bed last night )

Teen Wolf: S2, E6 Frenemy )

Comcast update. On Monday I spent 50 minutes on the phone and the email was loaded for one of the three not working. I asked her about the other two, she said it will take some time because there are many messages. As of today, I can not download three of my four Comcast email accounts, even the one I saw download on Monday. so I have to call back, again. Grrr.
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You know the day isn't going to go perfect when it starts with a phone call to Comcast at 5:50am. The internet was down, I unplugged the modem and router... nothing. So I called, she said I had to unplug the router, she sent a signal and told me to plug in the router once the lights were bright. Then hung up on me. Ok, sure, we probably got disconnected, but seriously, how many people are calling them at that time of day?

Now I'm spending my lunch, what little of it I have, with Comcast again because I'm only receiving email from one of four accounts I have with them. I called yesterday and they researched and escalated it to somewhere and that I should try it again in 24 hours and if I still don't have my mail - call back.

WTH. So still not getting mail on those three accounts, so I'm calling back. After 31 minutes it’s being escalated to a level two team and that it will be corrected within 72 hours. UGH. So I stressed that this hasn’t been working since Saturday and that this is the second call back and it’s still not corrected. She has credited our account 20 bucks, which, nice and it’s not my main account. However since it’s the “shopping” email there will be hundreds of emails to go through. Annoying.

Last week we received the letter for LM#1 entering First grade. His teacher name, the list of supplies he needs (holymoly batman!) and the school hours etc. We are signing him up for after care, it's associated with the school district so the bus will take him from school to the rec center. And for before care... I'm going to try and work out coming to work a little later so I can get him on the bus. We don't get the bus schedule until next week so there are a couple of options. I may be dropping him off at school at 8:20 and not waiting for the bus, all depends upon the time.

We had a hell of a storm here this morning, tons of flooding and rain. I actually worked from home for a little bit then came in when everyone was at work so my commute was still awesome. Sucks for those that were stuck in the traffic though.

I've been noticing a trend and perhaps it's been there a while, perhaps I overlooked it, but for now it's really irritating. (Spoilers for The Bridge and House of Cards Writers creating drama where there doesn't need extra drama? )

General thoughts on season one and the beginning of season two of Teen Wolf )
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John Carter: found it boring. Taylor Kitsch is an average actor at best, and while it did improve after the first 20 minutes, it just never grabbed me. I didn't care about the humans at all, the Tharks were more interesting. Sadly two hours I wish I had chosen something else.

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen )

I'm a week behind with these: Arrow: Home Invastion )

Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever )

2 Broke Girls is starting to lose it's funny/edge for me. This week's episode was kind of ridiculous. Might be good it's nearing the end of the season. And How I Met Your Mother, with the bachelor party, very creative, and fit so well into what Barney would describe as legend... what for it... dary. :)

My MacBook Pro arrived yesterday!!! It's so new and shiny :) I'm happy to report that my iTunes library was been loaded, as well as some Docs and Excel files. One of which was my master rec list, so I'm happy again. The fact I need to scroll "up" to make the page go "down" is odd, but I will get used to it. Figured out that the large finger pad was also the 'clicker', and after consulting the tiny manual, that two fingers will allow me to scroll a page. I will continue to poke at it, need to download pictures fromy my camera, so the fist time I do that should be interesting.

Well. The woman that was Manager before me as decided to fully retire. She's been working 4 days a week for about 18 months and she will stop working in July or August, whenever the repairs on her house are complete. Then StaffMember S wants to go down to 4 days a week starting in June (she too is of retirement age but is nowhere ready to stop working). Add in that my direct boss is being sent to San Diego for three months to try and improve the process of that office... ugh man, just ugh. So I will need to replace a Supervisor while my boss is not here.

Mr. KA has a softball game tonight so I'm going to pick up the kids and take them for a haircut, then new shoes. The shoes I bought LM#2 in February have ripped at the seams. Crazy! So they need new shoes for the spring/summer.

LM#1 is doing well with baseball, he's a good hitter, an ok thrower, a horrible catcher and hit or miss with the running. But he seems more into it this year, so that is good.
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Last week was a rough week on different levels for different reasons. There was Boston, then Texas, then locally a man wanted to kill himself, however he managed to kill his wife and two daughters who tried to save him.

In addition to these events, I learned that a childhood friend killed himself. He was a teacher, going to receive the Teacher of the Year award, just signed a lease on a condo. This guy was the nicest, never a bad word to say to anyone, did many things for others asking nothing in return. And while there are things surrounding his death that allude to deeper problems, his death was a shock and hit me harder than I would have expected. His Viewing was Sunday, and about 15 of us from our graduating grade school showed up. His mom remembered me, remembered that I was bringing him home from school and got into a car accident (we were fine, the car, not so much). I was touched that she remembered me as she didn't remember the people right before and after me. He and I were friends, we exchanged messages on FB, I kept up with his life. It's hard to accept that he's gone and for (perhaps) a sad reason.


Sorry it's such a downer, but as I mentioned, this past week has been rough.

On a more happy note - I've decided to buy a Mac. My MacBook Pro will arrive next weekend. I fully expect to be confused at first, but I also am looking forward to a computer that runs fast and is consistant in it's performance.

I attended Tribal Forces this year, a small con near Philly, and had such a good time. I got to sit and watch vids for two hours, got to talk about shows and fandom. One of the nice things about it being smaller, I felt more inclined to speak. Hopefully I didn't babble too badly. I will definitely go back again.

I've been lax in my tv write ups but I will do more this week once I watch stuff. I will say that I thought last week's Hawaii 5-0, where Steve and Catherine went to North Korea... kind of boring. Wasn't really interested, now, had it been Danny and Steve, that would have been a totally different story. *g*
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Justified: Ghosts )

Arrow: Unfinished Business )

Tech news
Update on the laptop is that the mother board died. Yep. The Tech Services guy says he hasn't seen a mother board die in over a year. Woofreakinhoo for me. So I'm paying him to remove the harddrive - which by the way isn't readily accessible like 90% of all laptops, this one has to be totally taken apart - and have him save it to my backup hard drive. This way I don't have to figure out what is mising from iTunes, or go back and try to recreate all the recs I've sent out in the last 10 months.

This new laptop will be better right? We will be through all the bad luck? Right?

Kid news
So, LM#2 has been without a binky since Saturday night. He's been getting up a little earlier, normally we have to drag him from the bed at 6:15 but lately he's been up at 6:00. I think before, he'd wake, find the binky and then mod back off to sleep. I always took the binky from his mouth when I went to bed, and most times in the morning he still didn't have it. So far this has been a smooth transition. I feel for Mr. KA because the almost 7am wake up call will be much earlier right now.
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So... The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs )

Grimm: Nameless )

Game of Thrones returned, woohoo!

Easter was nice, the kids ate chocolate all day, and wow with the sugar rush LM#2 had. Just bonkers. In addition to chocolate there were also Super Hero Squad figures: LM#1 got Thor and Modog and LM#2 got Iron Man and Abonination. We already had the heros but no villans so now we have two Iron Mans and Thors. Watching them find them in the baskets was funny :)

Not so nice, we tried to turn the computer on and it started beeping at us and the only way to get it to stop was to push the power button. Then it made a crunch sound. *sigh* Are you freakin kidding me? We've had this laptop for maybe 18 months. We take it no where, we treat it nice. And I just spent two hours updating my Recs file and did not back up the computer. It's probably been about 9 months since the last backup. :( Been meaning to do it but haven't felt like it. So now I'm taking it to Tech Services to have them look at it, see what is going on. I'm hoping it's something simple that can be fixed, however I'm kind of assuming the hard drive is fried. And if it's fried then I need them to get my stuff off of it. And I have to go laptop shopping... again!

Ugh. It's just, a MAC is so much more expensive and there's so much to learn. But I gotta tell you, if I can get the hubby on board maybe we need to go that way. I had my Gateway for 5 years with no problems (that was a desktop), then I got a Dell and had that for 4 years (also a desktop). Then got an HP - never again 'cause it sucked. Now this is a Dell. I forgot to bring the laptop with me, so I may leave early today, get the laptop and take it over to them for diagnosis. Their hours are 8 to 4:30, which is really inconvenient. At least I have my iPad and my work computer but what a pain in the ass.
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This is my first post, I don't even have icons here. Oh but to learn fast, alas it will take me a little while. First to upload icons, then go from there. Probably the weekend.

I think I need to read the FAQs and such before heading further. ohboy.


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