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Teen Wolf: Weaponized )
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Is watching Teen Wolf. Mr. KA is out playing softball and I have the chance to watch it live, but... I'm just so tired and just not interested. He plays again tomorrow night so I'll do it then.

Tonight I did my nails, a light blue on the bottom with black tips. Sadly the black streaked at the bottom of the blue because I didn't know what I was doing. So not as nice as I was hoping but perhaps I'll think they are ok tomorrow morning.

Also spent some time on Shutterfly putting photos onto pages so I could make a photo book for by the 31st in order to get it free, Mr. KA gave me a coupon. Yes he gave it to me a month ago but I didn't feel like it. So I'm trying to get it done now. I think that might be why I'm so drained.

I had some nice thoughts about last week's Teen Wolf ep (IED) but never wrote it up, then, because of Tumblr, I've been reading a lot of the TW fandom, their opinions, their Sterek campaigns and people who still watch the show but carry such hatred for Jeff Davis and bitterness for the lack of quality that I find it... odd that they even bother. Some more thoughts on the TW fandom etc )
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I've been away, but I'll try and make more of an effort. I need to read the friends page and scroll backward. In the meantime I wrote up thoughts on this week's episode of Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf: S4, E4 - The Benefactor )
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Teen Wolf: S3, E22: De-Void )

I took a half day vacation today, worked the morning, and then took a nap this afternoon and now we are watching some TV. Mr. KA and I were supposed to go to a play but it was canceled due to selling only two tickets. Since Mr. KA had to work I just worked as well.

Finally got a package out to ctbn60, I'm pimping Teen Wolf, Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow, thanks to reccea, I was able to put all these in the mail - she will have them tomorrow. *g*

The diet is moving along, up to 17 pounds now. I was hoping to be at 25 for my birthday weekend, but that is a long shot. Sadly I probably would have made it if I was able to exercise. But with the coughing it's not been possible. I will try yoga soon though.
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After spending 5 days around LA with friends, I'm home into the frozen tundra. I took a red eye and I had hopes of sleeping but as there was a screaming child on the flight, that didn't happen. And I know how hard it is traveling with young children but that didn't stop me from being frustrated. I did nap for about 3 1/2 hours, longer than I originally anticipated, but I'm tired.

I'm also tired of coughing, which my roommates for Escapade are probably thinking the same thing. I really thought I would be feeling better by now, 5 days of antibiotics, but no, I feel about the same before I left. :( This gets me up to about 18 days of coughing. Fun times.

I loved hanging out with reccea and hederahelix, people I don't get to see nearly enough. And something that came out of the weekend is that I joined Tumblr, still have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks to reccea, I have it started. I chose some colors and a header and did reblog one thing. I'm sure I can get the hang of it eventually, but it seems like a "time suck" which is not something I have a ton of but there are some cool things out there. Right now faradheia has been sending me all these links and I've been loving it, so hopefully that continues while I get my footing in something new.

I did get to rematch of all of season 3B of Teen Wolf while away and I really loved watching it with same minded folks. I have a theory about Stiles and Malia I have a theory )

I haven't watched this week's episode yet, I'm trying to watch some of the other stuff Mr KA watched while I was gone so I'm not horribly behind.

I'm cold, wrapped in a blanket on the couch and I'm still cold. And coughing. Ugh.
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So today was not a good day for dieting as I made more stuff than I was supposed to. It was a work at home day and that is never good. But I kept it to popcorn and chocolate chip cookies, ok that second one is not good. Still better than a regular work at home day. I did get up this morning and do the movement exercises. I plan to get up tomorrow as well. And we will go forward and do better. *sigh* Right?

We watched the second episode of Bitten, it's ok. They have established more rules and backstory. Not a big fan of her being the only female, however I'm sure as the show goes on there will be more that show up. Still not sure if she wanted it or had to be talked into it, and of course we don't know what happened between Elena and the dude that doesn't have buttons on his shirt higher than mid-chest.

Oh and when he wrestles/fights with his fellow pack member he needs to be shirtless. Also found it add that one of the pack members was in bed with her with only shorts on. Like there was nothing odd about that. Yet, there is. :P I think Mr. KA is more into me than me, I will give it one more I think and then make a decision.

I mainlined American Horror Story: Coven today. I had three of them and let them run while working, so I didn't really watch them. More like listened. I want to finish the season as i made it through so much already, don't want to leave it unfinished. Not sure if I will tune in next year as I need to whittle the shows I watch alone.

Did see Teen Wolf: S3: E18: Illuminated )

Thought this past Monday's episode of HIMYM was good, one of the best. I loved how they tied everything together. They made such a great casting choice for the Mom, those are some really hard shoes to fill but they found the perfect person. And the episode made me all teary, damn them. I think that while there have been some episodes this season that were not good, or kind of boring/pointless, I think their idea of doing every hour leading up the wedding was cool. A unique concept to end the series on. Overall I have really enjoyed the series, sure there were highs and lows, but more highs than most comedies lately. Hopefully the show can really go out on a high note.

So I read today that there was a Christian singer that walked out of the Grammys because of Katy Perry's performance for "Dark Horse". I thought it was pretty good, lots of fun, it was dark and eerie. But to leave because it was too satanic? That a viewer would feel their spirituality threatened? Really? I just can't understand that, it was entertainment and I can't see it as an attack on Christianity or a supporting of satanism. I don't get it.

The President is speaking tonight, I will not be watching because I just can't take sitting there and listening to all the stupid applause etc. I will read the transcript tomorrow during lunch (I'll find it online somewhere), but tonight I will try to continue to watch some TV shows with the hubby.
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Supernatural: S9, E10: Road Trip )

Teen Wolf: S3, E15: Galvanize )

So there's more snow today. And surprise the weather forecasters did not get the timing or measurements right. Most of the week I heard the snow would be arriving between 9-12 and be 1-2 inches. It arrived about 10 but then continued to snow until after 4 and I think there is 3 inches out there. I will try and be thankful they have been right about when we are getting snow and I will have to accept that. Due to the snow we did not take the kids bowling, we were going to do that today, but felt it wise not to bother to go out.

Tomorrow I will go food shopping after Church and maybe we will go tomorrow afternoon. With the kid's help I put away all the "winter" decorations and put out Valentine's Day. The kids decorated the front living room windows with clings and rubber clings. Very heart filled and festive. We then made a single batch of chocolate chip cookies. As I was doing it the batter was liquify after the eggs went in. I had trouble getting everything to "mix" together. It was weird. Now the brown sugar was harder than normal, and the white sugar was clumpy at first, but I got through that. I finally got the batter to mix and then I added the flour, which was mostly white flour but about a quarter cup of wheat pastry flour because I ran out of white and everything was already in the bowl.

The batter was "grainy" but tasted ok. The kids helped spoon it onto the cookie sheets and I baked them almost a sheet at a time. They are the best "looking" cookies I've made in a long long time. They tasted pretty good too. Weird right?

Tomorrow I start a diet, one based on shakes and cleanses. A friend has found success and encouraged me to give it a go. It's a bit expensive but if I'm able to start losing weight, it will be worth it. So, wish me luck to find the strength to follow the routine and finding time to exercise.
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Teen Wolf: S3, E12: Lunar Eclipse )

All caught up. :-)
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Teen Wolf: S3, E11: Alpha Pact )

The Bridge: S1, E10: Old Friends )

Burn Notice: Series Finale )

I had off from work today. I had a massage this morning and she worked on my hips and upper body and I can move my head and it doesn't pain me to get up off the floor. I am starting a new exercise schedule where there will be yoga. I'm also going to be mindful of how I sit as to not stress my hips/knees (I tend to curl my leg(s) under me). I've schedule another session in two weeks to keep things ok and then I'll return to once a month.

I also went to Kohls, for socks for the kids and walked out spending about 270 bucks. How does that happen? I know how it happened, I bought five items for myself to get me through the next month as I lose weight. I'm determined to get this done. My work has offered a 10 week class where they teach you 8 ways to live your life, it's called Diet Free. So I figure if I can learn more about food maybe that will help.

Tonight we are heading my Mom's to celebrate her birthday. The cupcakes are made, just need to ice them. I need to finish the second half of Suits and the last Teen Wolf. So I'll most likely be posting again.
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I'm a little confused in my head because I finished this episode last night but started the next one this morning...

Teen Wolf: S3, E10: The Overlooked )
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Been meaning to post for days but it's hard to block 40 minutes during the weekend. So I use work time. Although right now is not work, right now LM#1 is watching TV while I use the time to get caught up on things.

First Days of School, sleeping update )

House of Cards: S1, E13 )

Suits: S3, E8: Endgame )

Graceland: S1, E11: Happy Endings )

Teen Wolf: S3, E8: Visonary )

I have lost all the "me" time I found in the last two months. With LM#1 not going to school until 8:30 I have no time to watch my shows. I've been tyring to fit them in here and there, but sadly it's going to take me forever to get through things. My iPad does not play well at work, I can't get on the Wifi there as it's against the rules, and the data plan just buffers the video. I'm going to try again and perhaps I can watch certain shows on there.

Right now I don't think I will watch DWTS, I enjoy it, the new format seems interesting and it would be less time (although I never watched the results show because I hate all results shows). And I can watch that with LM#2, he won'y like it but at least there are no werewolves tearing people apart, or an over use of the word "shit". I don't know.

My Entertainment Weekly magazine has not arrived and I'm annoyed. I need to go through it and chose the Fall line up and get ready. Shows are starting as early as next week and the magazine isn't here yet. I feel as though it gets later and later each year. :P
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Teen Wolf: S3, E7: Currents )

I'm trying to watch as much as I can today because starting on Tuesday I lose my "alone time" in the morning before work. So I actually have no idea when I will watch my shows now. At all. I plan to sleep in until 5:30 or so and then exercise, shower and take LM#2 to the bus, then right to work. At night I've been reading for about 20 minutes before bed, I may have to watch before bed. Oh the troubles of being a fangirl with working full time and little dudes running around. :P

Ahhhh the boys have returned so no more Teen Wolf for me today...
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Another update )

Teen Wolf: S3, E5: Frayed )

Teen Wolf: S3, E6: Motel California )

Suits: S3, E7: She's Mine )

Mr. KA took the boys for a Boys Day Out so I've been alone since about 10am. I did all the laundry only two more baskets to fold. I need to finish changing the sheets on the beds and do the door know. (I"m going to try and put the doorknob back on but backward, so it locks on the outside. I never knew it locked until LM#2 locked him self in his room.) And I watched all of this tv. And I made a dessert cookie bar. I'm trying to take Mr. KA's advice and just relax and not do a bunch of stuff around the house. OH! And I finished a book.

It's been a nice day. The boys will return soon and it's Family Movie night where they will eat grilled cheese and we will all watch something. I'm leaning toward Rango. Or a Batman Lego movie. Not sure which one.
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So last night was more of the same except he didn't wake at midnight, but rather 5:15. I told him he had to stay in bed, he didn't like it. I had him go potty and get back and then he screamed and cried. I played some music in LM#1's room in the hope that he would not be woken up.

Here's the thing, I'm taking a hard line with LM#2 in general. He will be 4 in October and he has the maturity of a 3 year old most of the time. So I've decided I'm not answering if he is whining, which just means it takes more time to learn what he wants. Last night at dinner he didn't want the veggie. I told him the same thing as always: he didn't have to eat it but there was no dessert. He didn't like that because he didn't get dessert the night before. He screamed and yelled and screamed some more. I ignored him. He got down and went into the cupboard (we were all away from the table, he just stayed hoping I'd change my mind). I was watching, but Mr. KA went in. I told him that I would take care of it but he went. Then LM#2 started crying again and I told Mr. KA to leave him, but no, he picked him up and brought him in and cuddled with him. That is not the way to stop the whining and crying behavior. I was so mad.

I even shared my thoughts with Mr KA but he feels he's only 3 and being a kid. But no. I hope that with him starting his Pre-K room that he begins to mature.

Today is the last day for LM#1 at his current daycare. It's a little weird thinking about it, when Mr KA dropped them off this morning they sat in the window and waved together for the last time.

We recently watched Jack the Giant Slayer and unfortunately it wasn't that great. I wanted something fun and ... something. It was ok but, overall it really wasn't great.

Teen Wolf: S3,E4: Unleashed )

A long weekend, woohoo. Tomorrow Mr. KA is taking the boys for an "all boys outing day" Not sure what they are doing because he won't tell me but he says he's leaving at 10 and returning around 5. That I'm supposed to do whatever I like. Not sure how I will spend the day, however I think I may try and organize my scrapbooking stuff since I haven't touched it in a horribly long time.

We are rewatching Xena season one... and dude, it's not good. Haahaahaa, It's like I need to watch this season to get to the better ones. Mr. KA and I rewatch seasons, but with all the other stuff we watch it takes us a long time. We are currently caught up which is nice so revisting a show is fun.
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In regards to LM#2 and going to bed/sleeping. Last night was better to the point I didn't get upset or try and reason with him. I sang him a song, told him he had three questions and then I was leaving. We went through what would happen if he got out of bed.

He asked his questions, there were smiles. I went to leave and he freaked out, trying to get me to stay. I continued because I had given him his three questions, and he followed me out. So I picked him up, reminded him what would happen if he got out of bed, put him back and then closed the door. He cried and yell that I "wasn't nice" and it "wasn't fair".

He woke at 12:30, wanting to get out of bed, I said no. I tried to calm him down before I left, but it didn't work and he went to get out of bed, so I closed the door again. He woke at 5:50 and I told him it wasn't time he needed to lie there until I came and got him. *sigh*

As punishment last night (for the previous nights shenanigans) he was not allowed to watch tv, so once again he was in the dining room playing with cars or puzzles.

Teen Wolf: S3, E3: Fireflies )

I am working from home tomorrow, so I am planning to go back to bed after the boys leave and begin work at 8:30. And we get out early tomorrow for the Labor Day weekend. I'm trying to get more sleep. Think it will work?
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Had a nice night last night, we took the kids out after dinner for a walk/bike riding. LM#2 is too short to peddle anything so he sat in a wagon, but LM#1 ride his bike (with training wheels). I had to run after him. I ran, I never run, it's not the best sight plus, ugh, not good at it. But they seemed to have a good time.

Bedtime came around and LM#2 was adamant that he wasn't sleeping. I gave in and gave him too many chances with getting out of bed. That's my fault. The air conditioning is on and his room has little air flow so if I shut the door it would have been so warm in there. He finally just stayed. He woke at 12:30, stating he wasn't tired, didn't want to sleep. He got out of bed twice, I put him back, told him one more time and I was shutting the door. He got out again, so I shut and locked the door. Felt like shit. Proceeded to be hysterical. LM#2 only carried on for a few minutes and then was quiet. He called out about 20 minutes after I closed the door but nothing else.

He woke at 5:45, but I refused to let him get up. He went to the potty and i put him back in bed and told him to be quiet and lay there and rest until i come back for him. Didn't go as smoothly as it should have. I got him up officially at about 6:10. Mr KA tells me I shouldn't get so upset, that it feeds into LM#2 as well. And I suppose it does. Tonight there are no chances with getting out. He gets out once, which he will, and I shut the door. Not sure what I will do when he wakes in the middle of the night but I'll figure it out then.

Sadly, it's caused me to be really down today. The dark skies and rain aren't helping, plus I'm feeling exhausted. I'm hoping to arrange a work at home day on Friday, it's not scheduled but we get out at 2:00 and I only have one teleconference. If I can work from home, I will go back to bed once the boys leave. Here's hoping for a little extra sleep.

Pretty Little Liars: S4, E12: Now You See Me, Now You Don't )

Teen Wolf: S3, E2: Chaos Rising )
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So LM#2 is going to bed a little easier, however he still woke last night at 11:50 but he was barely awake. Then at 4:15 I woke again, but not to him, to my hubby who was snoring so awful. :( Can't catch a break.

Teen Wolf: S3, E1: Tattoo )

I did my nails last night and they are a bright lime green. I find them a little distracting. *g*
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They had a great time with their grandparents. LM#2 slept through the night for them and everyone was happy. Last night LM#2 stayed in bed, but woke at 12:30 and 4:15 :( So an awesome start to my week. You know, you kind of assume as a parent you'd be getting full nights rest when the youngest is almost 4. Seriously. That isn't too much to expect. Alas, not in the cards for me.

DJango Unchained - this was just too long. And I feel that the storytelling was secondary to the imagrey that Tarantino created. There was some fantastic shots. Christoper Waltz was amazing, really enjoyed his performance. I thought the blood and gore, in places (like the shoot out at the house) was ridiculous (and totally unplausible) and it took away from the story for me. So I didn't love it. Makes me want to rewatch Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs just to see how violent and over the top they were. I remember violence, but not like the above movie.

Kind of forced these two into the weekend. Now I have all of season three on TiVo and no longer need Netflix.
Teen Wolf: S2, E11: Battlefield )

Teen Wolf: S2, E12: Master Plan )

Watched the VMAs last night. Ugh. What the hell happened to the show? Or am I just old now? I thought half the performers were crap, that there were few "performances" and a bunch of... acts? And not good ones. I don't know, maybe it was the location, maybe it was the way it was produced, but I felt it wasn't put together well. The best part was Justin Timberlake and then NSYNC, that was very smile worthy, kind of wish the group part was longer.

They talked about these videos, that aren't played on MTV anymore, you have to go and find them on Youtube or at the artist's site I suppose. It's just different now. But woohoo for a tiny NSYNC reunion. :)


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