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The Flash: S1, E9: The Man in the Yellow Suit )

Agents of Shield: S2, E10: What They Become )

Arrow: S3, E10 - The Climb )

Finished this round of antibiotics, still congested. It's bothersome while talking sometimes, and I blow my nose throughout the day, all day. I may call the Doctor tomorrow and leave a message explaining how I'm feeling just to keep her updated. I'm concerned about taking a step backward again. I'm notorious for getting sick at Christmas, I think it's all the working, getting ready, etcetc.
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The Flash: S1, E5 - Plastique )

I was going to post about the 200th ep of SPN now, but have decided to just watch it instead of watch with the computer opened and maybe typing.
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The Flash: S1, E3 - Going Rogue )

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E4 - Ka No'eau )

Agents of Shield: S2, E6 - A Fractured House )

And the Avenger: Age of Ultron exclusive clip?? Awesome, so perfect. There was humor, there was bonding, there was Natasha being awesome, and Steve shifting Thor's hammer ever so slightly. *gg* Of course the happy was short lived as we saw the real clip, with the freaky Pinocchio song and James Spader's voice as Ultron. I also saw a clip today of Steve and Tony, chopping wood of all things, having a discussion/sorta argument. But... chopping wood. This movie is going to be all over the place and I trust in Joss Whedon so I'm going to have faith that it will be good.

Of the bad, I'm sick. Stayed home from work today due to congestion and exhaustion and just horrible aches and pains. Got better through the day but then I made dinner, had baths/showers to give, lunches to make, then I felt like crap again. May stay home tomorrow too, I have tons of sick time but I will have to work a little. Maybe tomorrow I'll make myself watch some shows I'm behind on.
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Here I go again, trying to make sure and update here.

First some quick opinions about some TV shows.

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E1 - A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai )

Arrow: S3, E1 - The Calm )

Supernatural: S10, E1 - Black )

The Flash: S1, E1 - City of Heroes )

Agents of Shield: S2, E3 - Making Friends and Influencing People )

I have tried the comedies of blackish, Selfie and A to Z and each have something different but the funniest one was Selfie - sure it was ridiculous but the actors embraced it and it was fantastic. I'm interested to see how it goes forward. blackish thought the second one was better than the first so I'll tune back in. A to Z was eh, it has to wow me with the second episode otherwise I'm done.

I am still watching NCIS however I may stop and leave poor Mr KA to watch on his own. I just, the dialog is so bad, and the plots are ridiculous and... I just don't think I want to spend 45 minutes of my evening like that anymore. I'll see after this episode. I will miss the characters, but now the world they live in (I think the last straw is the plot device they used in the second episode involving Dir. Vance. I couldn't stand it, it was so manipulative, grrrr.

work stuff )

We were supposed to go apple picking tomorrow after LM#1 was finished school but sadly it's going to rain. So that needs to be delayed. I have off tomorrow, which is awesome, and I will be painting vertical stripes into my son's room. LM#2 has been wanting his room repainted so I allowed him to pick the colors (a bright blue, a red delicious red and a dark dark purple) The bright blue stripes will be on the red wall, sadly I wanted the purple on the red, though it would be subtle/cool look. After the painting is done I will order his new furniture, hopefully the one I picked out will fit in his room. There won't be a ton of floor space, however the furniture is being purchased with the thought of him taking it with him when he leaves. LM#1 has a queen bed, but LM#2's room is too small for that so he is getting a double.

One thing I am doing for myself tomorrow is getting a pedicure. I need one. Badly. It will be the last one for while as it's now winter and I won't be in sandals.


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