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Happy New Year to all, hope it's a good one, or at least an improvement over the last one.

For my in 2015 I just hope I stop being sick. Sadly I have finished round 3 of antibiotics, with a steroid this time, just recently. So for those of us counting, I had meds at the end of October, right before Thanksgiving, and then mid December. The Dr told me that I should see an ENT. Which I already have, we did a scan of my sinuses, the ENT says I have very small passages. Also said I'm a prime candidate for surgery.

That is something I wasn't pleased with, which is how I ended up at the allergist. And for 5 months the allergy shots and routine was working, but then in October I got so sick and I haven't been able to get rid of the congestion. And today I woke up with my throat feeling thick and scratchy and had periodic ear pain throughout the day. I'm being good about the nose sprays and allergy meds and really hope that this just passes. Don't want to go the surgery route, but I also can't continue to be sick like this. I can't take more antibiotics. It's just... round and round we go. Ugh.

Gotham: S1, E11 - Rogues' Gallery )

Anyone watching The Librarians? This is so much fun. Sure it's one part cheesy but I feel like everyone involved embraces the cheesiness. The cast has some really great chemistry, especially Jake (Christian Kane, so fun to watch him as a character that smiles and isn't so broody) and Cassandra (Lindy Booth), they are my favorites. I even like Ezekiel and Jenkins (John Larroquette is hilarious). The weakness link is Rebecca Romijn, and I want to like her, I do, but ... she's just not good. She brings everything down. Hopefully she will get better, someone involved in the show saw something in her, right?

TNT also is airing the episodes out of order. We think it was so they could air the Christmas themed one near Christmas. But it's messed with the inter dynamics of the team. And (unlike "Almost Human") it's not pissing me off too badly. I think it's because of the tone of the show, I can work through it. This last episode was about fairytales with the awesome line of "someone has weaponized fairy tales." I needed a fun show that can make me smile.

OH! Speaking of that, watch "Galavant" last night, it was awesome! There was singing and sorta dance numbers, and in appropriate lyrics. And singing, and just... awesomeness. Definitely tuning in. And while it's only 4 weeks long, it's probably for the best. It's really 8 episodes at 30 minutes each, but they've decided to air it as a one hour. This isn't for everyone, but I loved it.


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