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I've had the last two days off from work, although spent two hours working yesterday. I had a massage and a haircut and caught up on some TV. Today I have run some errands and trying to get caught up with more TV. Need to pack as I'm heading down to Maryland to see azhreia to watch Teen Wolf and Cap2 and chat, lots of chatting. Going to be a fun time. :-)
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I find myself in a horrible mood, have been for over a day. It might be a side effect from not feeling well since Christmas. It may be stress for the upcoming trip. It may be because LM#1 just doesn't listen, and argues about everything. I really don't remember being like this with my Mom, not verbally. Yes I rolled my eyes a lot but geezus, everything I say he has a retort. My Mom said it was time to clean up, I did it. Time to put on the jacket? Ok. But these kids, everything needs to be on their own time, and it's driving me crazy. Today we all get stuck because LM#2 wanted to open the door to the garage but was having trouble. Mr. KA reached over him and turned the knob, you'd think the world was ending by the yelling and crying "I wanted to do it". We tried to push forward but the yelling got worse so Mr. KA closed the door and let LM#2 do it and all was right.

Seriously? This happens a lot. Both kids. LM#2 refused to potty when I wanted him to so I left him upstairs and went down and put some dishes away etc. Five minutes later I go back and he's smiling at the top of the steps, pottied and waiting for me. Shouldn't be like that. And LM#1 he likes to do things just One. More. Time after I tell him to stop. Just one more. And everytime he does it he gets in trouble, you'd think that he would stop doing it. Of course that might just be logic talking and he's 6, perhaps I'm asking too much. :P
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Weekends need to be longer. Really.

The movie Warm Bodies was amusing, a very outside the box view of the zombie genre. I respect that. Zombies cured by love, or it was actually human interaction, but hey. *g* We liked the Movie Tavern just fine, although not a huge fan of the seats, but we will try it again for sure. I mean, any movie theater where they bring you a margarita is awesome!

Best part was there was still time to do the food shopping so my Sunday was open for cleaning and cooking instead of the food store trip too. I was lucky yesterday as the kids went to the neighbors to play for about 3 hours. During that time I changed the sheets on all the beds, straightened up my room, browned meat (for cheese burger pizza later in the week), cooked ham slices, cooked chicken with peppers. Also made a pumpkin bread and finished up the afternoon with chocolate cupcakes with the help of LM#2 as they were home by then.

During the cupcake making, LM#1 was playing xBox with his Daddy showing him how to fight in Kung Fu Panda. Our first obsession was Batman, but they beat that and he’s moved onto a fighting game. Personally, I enjoyed the quest game better, but hey.

Had Family Movie Night and LM#2 picked Tarzan, not a fave Disney movie, but for the best several weeks we’ve been pushing the Disney movies so when we go it’s in the forefront of their mind. I don’t think the kids liked it too much (although I think they’ve seen it before) because there was a lot of squirming toward the end.

Yesterday also had us finishing LM#1’s kindergarten project "100 days", where he had to put together a project made of 100 pieces. It looks good and we finished a day early, that is the best part.

Mr. KA and I did watch the Super Bowl, I found the first half boring, but then the 49ers came out strong and it was exciting. Really wanted to see the 49ers win.

The commercials… they were ok but nothing great. Props to Budweiser coming out first with a new beer, that’s the way to do it. Thought the M&M one was cute and it made me laugh. The Doritos goat one made me laugh as well, and then I felt embarrassed by it. The best one for laughs was Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan for Sam Sung, freaking hilarious! The Dodge Ram commercial about the farmers was beautifully done and had a nice message. The Rock’s milk commercial was cute. That’s all that stuck with me. I will admit that by the 4th quarter we were forwarding through some stuff. ahh the beauty of tivo

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