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Agents of Shield: S2, E8 - The Things We Bury )

Supernatural: S10, E6 - Ask Jeeves )

This year at my job has been... rough. So many ups and downs. Work things )
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Sleepy Hollow: S2, E7: Deliverance )

The Walking Dead: S5, E3: Four Walls and a Roof )

For work )

I've been sick now for 8 days. The first 4 were the most awful things, I had a spiking fever, aches throughout my shoulders, back and hips. The congestion started on day 3 and got worse to the point I could not breath, hence not being able to sleep either. Went to the doctor on Day 4 and she diagnosed me with sinusitis, which I've had many times, and it never felt like that. I didn't go to work for 4 days. The weekend wasn't much better, while the aches and pains decreased the congestion got worse causing headaches and pain through the left side of my face.

*sigh* I went to work on Monday, I needed to be home again but that was 4 days in a row, I have never ever done that before. So in the ten years I've been with the company they realized I was very sick, which was nice, I didn't have a fear that they didn't believe me. The head is still so congested my ears pop, need to use Afrin at night to breath, even Nyquil to get to sleep. Ugh. This just so sucks.

Good thing about today is that we started watching The Avengers with the kids today. I found myself shushing LM#2, but he had questions or just comments. :)
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Sleepy Hollow: S2, E5 - The Weeping Lady )

Stuff about work and personnel problems work stuff )
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Here I go again, trying to make sure and update here.

First some quick opinions about some TV shows.

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E1 - A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai )

Arrow: S3, E1 - The Calm )

Supernatural: S10, E1 - Black )

The Flash: S1, E1 - City of Heroes )

Agents of Shield: S2, E3 - Making Friends and Influencing People )

I have tried the comedies of blackish, Selfie and A to Z and each have something different but the funniest one was Selfie - sure it was ridiculous but the actors embraced it and it was fantastic. I'm interested to see how it goes forward. blackish thought the second one was better than the first so I'll tune back in. A to Z was eh, it has to wow me with the second episode otherwise I'm done.

I am still watching NCIS however I may stop and leave poor Mr KA to watch on his own. I just, the dialog is so bad, and the plots are ridiculous and... I just don't think I want to spend 45 minutes of my evening like that anymore. I'll see after this episode. I will miss the characters, but now the world they live in (I think the last straw is the plot device they used in the second episode involving Dir. Vance. I couldn't stand it, it was so manipulative, grrrr.

work stuff )

We were supposed to go apple picking tomorrow after LM#1 was finished school but sadly it's going to rain. So that needs to be delayed. I have off tomorrow, which is awesome, and I will be painting vertical stripes into my son's room. LM#2 has been wanting his room repainted so I allowed him to pick the colors (a bright blue, a red delicious red and a dark dark purple) The bright blue stripes will be on the red wall, sadly I wanted the purple on the red, though it would be subtle/cool look. After the painting is done I will order his new furniture, hopefully the one I picked out will fit in his room. There won't be a ton of floor space, however the furniture is being purchased with the thought of him taking it with him when he leaves. LM#1 has a queen bed, but LM#2's room is too small for that so he is getting a double.

One thing I am doing for myself tomorrow is getting a pedicure. I need one. Badly. It will be the last one for while as it's now winter and I won't be in sandals.
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The weekend was nice, got some things done around the house. The kids went to a neighbors on Sunday so I attacked my desk in the basement and filed stuff away and packed up tax paperwork etc. So I feel good about that.

We watched Looper, onmygod it wasn't good. The most fascinating part was how much like Bruce Willis they make Joseph Gordon Levit look, kind of scary. I found the movie pointless and not well thought out and I never bought the characters being redeemed. Just. Yeah, wish I hadn't seen it. :(

For TV, we only have 30 minutes left of season two of Orange Is The New Black and we would have finished it if the sync wasn't screwy. They talked and the lips wouldn't move, and we tried reloading and starting over and nothing worked. So hopefully tonight I can finish it.

Work stuff )

An update

Jul. 17th, 2014 07:16 pm
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So I haven't posted in months, haven't really paged through in months either. Gonna try to do better... again.

Around here...
Kids are fine )

House is good )

Work... *sigh* )

And me stuff )

I can't remember if I did this here but I have a pinboard, it's found here:

I have a twitter, it's found here: @kimannebb

And I have a tumblr, it's found here: kimannebb

If you guys have the above, I'd love to add you so leave a comment. I'll try ad start looking for you guys. :)

I can't wait to get my Entertainment Weekly this week as it has Avengers: Age of Ultron stuff. I'm so excited for this movie ... that doesn't come out for 10 months. But it matters not, I'm just so excited.

In terms of fandoms I'm reading Avengers, Cap2 and Teen Wolf the most. The kids are almost finished their Woody the Woodpecker episode and then it's reading time and then bed for them.
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I think I have them. I think it's just so much going on. I have work which is overwhelming, the snow/ice, kid's soccer, projects. It just seems to mount on top of one another.

I did a bunch of research for summer camp for LM#1. This is the first year he will need it and I looked at a Y and at a private camp facility. The private camp, which is in my town and close by, is cheaper by a couple of hundred. And it goes all summer, unlike the Y which ends several weeks before September.

I also did some research regarding swim lessons. Neither kid knows how to swim, even though LM#1 has had three sets of lessons. But I need him to swim before camp because if he can't he sits, and I don't want that for him. And he's so close, I think he could do it if he has more confidence in himself. So there are swim lessons at the Y or the local high school. Neither are cheap, however the Y is stating that if we join as a family we get 8 weeks worth of swim lessons free. I'm kind of leaning toward the Y. I can go and do classes, we can use the pool whenever and the kids can attend specials there.

All of this has been given to Mr. KA and I'm waiting for him to review. It's a bit ridiculous. I spend my time putting it together and he goes over a week without looking at it. I'm trying not to get too annoyed as this is the man that arranged it so I slept until 9:50 on Saturday and didn't return with the kids until 12:30. But geez, just read it!!!

I bought a package of 10 frames varying in sizes before Christmas and I took the time this weekend to take down the old frames and put up the new ones. Right now it looks silly because the frames are empty, but I think I really like it.

I spent last night on Shutterfly ordering pictures so all frames could be updated. I also sent pictures of the boys out to friends and family from December and January. So I'm on top of that.

Yet there is still a laundry basket of towels sitting, mocking me, in the loving room that needs to be folded. *sigh* (and to add to the mocking, they are actually from last week, not this past weekend)

The diet is going ok, have not been as faithful as I should be, but it's still progressing in the right direction. So I need to focus on that.

Olympics Have not been watching but recorded a bunch because LM#1 was interested. So I have showed him some speed skating, wasn't impressed; cross country skiing, not fast enough for him (although he got interested when he saw they shot something) and icing skating, which he seemed catptivated by. When one skater did a really tight, fast turn (to end the routine), he was all 'wow'. It was cute. He's looking forward to snowboarding, which I should be able to show him tonight.

Work Well this is just busy. I should be working through my lunch but I don't feel like it. I have so much to do and just not enough time, nor the staff. Which, considering I have more people here than normal shouldn't be a problem, but they are new. I have testing to set up and complete by Friday. I haven't even started it yet. Ugh.

Sherlock: S3, E3: His Last Vow )

Supernatural: S9: E13: The Purge )
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So it's snowing again. I'm sure others are not surprised, I'm not surprised, but geez. It's a heavier snow than the last storm, mixed with rain. I thought it was only supposed to be 4-6 inches but now it's looks more like 4-8. I am at home today, as are the kids and Mr. KA. Since Mr. KA is here at least I can have a work at home day and actually get stuff done.

Speaking of work today was the first "all" Company meeting. I had planned on going to the cafeteria to attend but now I'm watching on the web. It's interesting.

Also about work Staff Member-H (who is new) has asked that she rally needs to pick her daughter up by 5, and her husband can't do it etcetc, so I said she could leave at 430 even though she doesn't get in until 830. The new staff members were supposed to be without baggage and want to work and be there and not be a problem. :( I left it open ended with the idea that perhaps once she is up and running regarding our invoice process she can dial in at night and work. Yeah, not going to happen. She can not get paid if she won't be there for 8 hours until her daughter can find other arrangements.

Why am I the only one that arranges "coverage" for their children. I pay for it. LM#1 takes a bus from school to aftercare, that I pay for. LM#2 is in daycare with a great learning, I will keep him there for Kindergarten to allow him somewhere to be all day. Why aren't other people finding arrangements for their kids? I understand that it's a little extra money but they are working. I'm just frustrated.

Lost Girl: S4, E3: Lovers. Apart )

The Superbowl was boring, I hate to see any team beat like that. It erases their performance throughout the year and it's sad. The commericals were more subpar than usual. I liked the Cheerios one, the BMW one with the British villans (for obvious reasons), the Full House one. Maybe one other that was cute but over all >:P I missed the trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier, not sure how, must have forwarded right by it, so I will need to watch it online.
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Arrow: S2, E12: Tremors )

Justified: S5, E4: Over The Mountain )

Been catching Hollywood Game Night when there is a celebrity I'm interested in. This week was Michael Weatherly, plus Michele Tractenberg - dude, she is hardcore, a ver competive person, you could tell, she didn't like losing. :P the show is fun, but I have to admit that Jane Lynch is a tad annoying, she tries to be funny, but most of the time it's awkward. In my opinion.

Out of the 5 workdays this week, I got up and did some movement exercises 4 of them. I think that is an accomplishment. The program is going alright, but each day I seem to eat something additional I shouldn't. Last night it was a chocolate chip cookie after resisting the goodies at work all day. But I suppose one cookie is not going to ruin everything else, so I keep going. Tomorrow is the really hard "cleanse" day where I just drink stuff all day. That will be difficult.

Work. Well I sat with the staff yesterday and gave everyone their Reviews. It went fine, just that Staff Member K seems to have a different memory of her year, sadly her Review is subpar and it will be reflect in the no merit and low bonus. But in her Review she feels that it wasn't that bad, a few mistakes here and there. Yeah. That's not how it worked, and I'm a bit disturbed that she thinks so. The merit stuff doesn't come out until mid-late February so I'll worry about it then. Right now I need to focus on transitioning the workload from the other office to my staff (where I'm one person short).
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Yesterday the schools were closed and I worked at home. I thought it wouldn't be too bad, they are 7 and 4. I was wrong. It was such a trying day. I know they wanted me to play with them but I really couldn't because I lost a half day the day before with the drive home in the snow. I suppose they were just too young to totally get it but what upset me the most was the arguing and whining and screaming. Ugh.

Work is moving forward. The two new people are getting trained, and tomorrow they start to try processing by themselves. There is just so much work to do. My company just bought another company, at this point the decision has not been made regarding the payables. I just hope that they keep processing there for a few months because my team is unable to take on additional work. I believe it won't come to my area for a while, really hope.

Still have one review to write and I really need to sit with the staff next week. I don't want to write the review. I'm too close to the employee and last year I "fought" for her to keep the review rating and salary increase even though the consistency wasn't there. This year it didn't get better and I had to change her responsibility. So when the big boss challenged my rating I had nothing to fall back on, so now it's a lower rating and no raise. Ugh man.

And for TV, I'm just behind and it feels like a chore, even the shows I'm looking forward to. I also think I might be coming down with something. Boo.
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Months ago I promised to try and post more. And in the beginning I did really well and then I just stopped. I think I have it in my head I must only post when I have tons of things to say. But. Perhaps I need to look at it differently.

I feel very removed from fandom in general lately. I'm most active on Facebook, which is (a) weird and no one seems to "play" and (b) waaaay to related to my real name. All the playing on FB is non-slash mostly just episode discussion, and I was hoping that perahps people would be more into it but alas, they aren't.

And I miss my friends here. So once again I will try and update more often.

Work is way busy, I've recnetly had to hire 4 additional people to my team, so I now managed a team of 10. We are actively transitioning work from another location with the effective date of the end of January. So we need to start the new work, while training the new people to do out "old" work. February is going to be rough.

The kids are good. LM#1 is reading really well. He has lost 2 teeth. LM#2 is doing alright, he can write his name but still struggles with identifying all the alphabet, but it's still under 4.5 years old so he'll get there. He also has started to get up during the night again. It probably averages 4 out of 7 days he calls for me. *sigh* I really thought this was going to end.

I got a Nutribullet for Christmas so I'm trying combinations and on the look out for recipes. I'm trying to increase my fruit and veggie intake and hoping the Nurtribullet will help with that.
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Glee: S5, E1: Love, Love, Love )

Once Upon A Time: S3, E1: The Heart of the Truest Believer )

Tension, tension, tension )

It was a very busy weekend. Two soccer games, LM#2 didn't play at all, refused to get his picture done. I'm not attending next week, I'm hoping that might be helpful, although I don't know. I was against signing him up for this year because he's not even four yet and it seemed excessive to me. Week one I had to force him into the shin pads and cleats and hold him down in the seat to go. Seriously? Again, excessive.

Saturday Mr. KA and I had a date and we went to the movies and dinner. We saw "Don Jon" and it was good, very interesting take on porn, rom-coms, advertising. And on Sunday was Church then I planted six mums, with LM#2's help (and he was helpful, it was lovely and nice). Had a small break and then gardened for another three hours as I pulled up weeds and planted pachysandra in the hopes of making the side of the house look nicer and easier to upkeep. But it's been really hard and tiring and my muscles ache. Ugh.

I also had a project for the kids, we painted Fall themed shapes with sun catcher paint. The kids seems to like it and we hung them in the windows. I'm not sure we did it correct, the boys used way too much as it was a little clumpy and I tried to use less and it was weird to see the brush marks, but things turned out alright. I have a lot more to paint and hopefully they will be excited to do it again.

I signed up to "work" the Pumpkin Festival for LM#1's school. I got an email late today to inform me that there is a meeting at school at 7:30 tomorrow. Weh??? Tomorrow I needed to finish planting the pachysandra before it dies because my Dad gave it to me from his yard so I need to get it in the ground. It's as though everyone but a small handful have no plans and just goes through their daily routine with no structure. How do they do that? This kind of thing totally throws me off. :(
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LM#2 slept through the night again! I know it seems silly to be this excited about an almost-four-year-old sleeping through the night, but dude, it is. It really is.

Brooklyn 9-9: S1, E1: Pilot )

Dads: S1, E1: Pilot )

I'm hoping the two shows improve. They could do a lot by toning the characters down, they are just too unbelievable on Brooklyn 9-9, and the Dads on Dads.

So. I just spoke with Staff Member K and had to take away most of her job and give her back straight processing. She is making too many mistakes and I can't count on her consistancy. I'm friends with Staff Member K, so it was a little rough, but I've been trying to work with her on this for a year and it's not getting better. She has a lot going on personally and I think this wil help her overall, lower her stress level etc. I'm sure she didn't see it that way, which is a shame, but I have to do what's best for the department.

That means to talked to Staff Member B and told him he is getting additional responsiblity, even put out there if he succeeds there could be a small promotion as he could advance a level. (He is going to submit his resume for the supervisor position, but sadly he has no experience and I really need someone with experience. Plus he hasn't really proven he can handle all of that.)

Fun times.
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Three nights in a row of sleeping )

Sleepy Hollow: S1, E1: Pilot )

The Newsroom: S2, E9: Election Night Pt2 )

In Steelers news, soooo glad I went to bed. Mr. KA stayed up, ugh man, 0-2, not a good start and I dare say it's not looking great. I have faith they will turn it around, but ouch.

In work news, we have posted the supervisor position, so that is good because I need that staff member badly. *sigh*

Also, arriving at work at 9am... really not working for me. It keeps me off center for most of the morning. I suppose I'll get used to it, but still. Hard to me to enforce the staff to work a full 8 hours when I'm doing 7.5 on average. Again, I'm sure I can figure out a balance as there isn't much other choice unless I sign LM#1 up for before care as well (which seems like over kill for 45 minutes to an hour).
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So. It occured to me, thanks to a friend mentioning it, that I haven't been here in a while. I obviously go through spurts where I post a lot and then months of nothing. It's harder to remember, easier to scroll through Facebook and be done, but in reality I'm missing a group of people I like chatting and keeping up with. So I will try to be better about this... again.

Kid update
They are older. Haahaahaa. LM#2 is doing well, he is really starting to use sentences instead of just words, he's a bit of a late bloomer here. LM#1 was crazy earlier so I was upset at first with LM#2 but really, he understands me, even if he isn't listening.

Ahhh listening, the bane of my life right now. Neither child will listen until I reach a certain octive, which I don't like doing but they are giving me no choice. LM#1 thinks he's funny, but he is really just being "fresh" and it's got to stop. I try to have patience, I told Mr KA that I would count to five before correcting/yelling, sadly that did not last very long.

LM#1 graduated Kindergarten. He can read so well it's scary, it's awesome, but wow with the reading. We are trying to stick with it during the summer but it's a little tough.

In general things are satisfying. I suffered through Defiance, not sure why I dind't just walk away, but I watched the whole season and only the last few were really good. Perhaps next season will improve but I'm not going to bother. Also tried Under The Dome, but I while I was slightly intrigued I wasn't very interested. Tried Ray Donovan but most of the characters were so unlikeable that I just couldn't be bothered.

Am currently watching The Bridge really interested in the storyline, love Detective Ruiz (however not pleased with what happened in ep 2 or 3). I do find the leading leader to be hard to swallow, the first episode was hard to get through with her but I loved the story so much I wanted to try again to see if they toned her down. And they did so we will continue with this. Hopefully they will conclude the story at the end of the season. Also started House of Cards (finally joined the streaming side of Netflix, never had a reason to, but I have one now more on that in a sec). I like it, it's really well acted and the story is interesting, plus I love Kevin Spacey.

Also doing Graceland which is a house where pretty people of law enforcement live. One where you have to overlook the fact that it's their home base and no one is ever followed back. Ever. Crazy, but I've been enjoying it for the pretty. Suits has returned and the first couple of episodes where Mike and Harvey were not speaking were rough.

I'm sure there is more but ....

Finally back in our old area after it was reconfirgured, will be here a while. It's cold, there is a vent so that sucks. I also have ants. Called facilities and they said they would lay little house traps but I see nothing. I sit the closest to the outdoor patio, I asked them to spray outside there but evidently no. We will see, if it keeps up I will be forced to do it myself. (And I'm not overreacting because I came in on Monday and opened my drawer to find a cluster of ants going to town on wrapped jolly ranchers and two wrapper hershey kisses. It was not a pleasant way to spend Monday morning.

It's mostly ok, I down a staff member as she retird and I'm having some performance issues with one/two more. So I suppose it doesn't sound that good. :P

Been reading fanfic, mainly Avengers with some Sherlock, H50 and Merlin thrown in. And then there's the new show I've been sucked into - Teen Wolf. And this is alllllll reccea's fault. She mentioned it a couple of times and the last time she did the next day I went to a friend's house so she could dye my hair. She was watching that week's ep of Teen Wolf, so I watched it. Wasn't going too be rude. But I found myself asking questions. And of course it couldn't have just been an action packed teen filled ep, oh noo, this was full of lore and mythology and character background info. Grrrrrr.

So I joined Netflix streaming, probably should have done it before but wasn't sure how much I'd be using it. I am currently on episode 9 of season one (I started watching last Thursday. So... I may be mainlining a little, as much as working full time and having kids allows.) But... Teen Wolf?!? sheesh.

I leave for our summer travels through the state on Saturday and return mid-week, hopefully it will be a nice trip. I'm off all week though but the kids will go to daycare on Thurs and Fri. Some nice alone time for me and Mr. KA, where we will most likely clean and watch tv. Maybe I'll nap.

I will aim to update more frequently.
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Supernatural: The Great Escapist )

Revolution: Home )

Arrow: The Undertaking )

Merlin: eps before the start again tonight )

Mr KA is away for the night, he and his friends from high school went to the casino to celebrate they have all turned or will turn 40. Just me and boys. :) It's going to be good although the hardest thing will be getting up tomorrow at 6:15 or 6:30, whenever they get up. I normally get to stay in bed until 8:00 as Mr KA gets up with the kids on the weekend. So I need to concentrate on the fact that 6:30 is way later than the 5:00 I get up everyday. Right?

LM#1 has a baseball game tomorrow and it's "appreciation" day where all the games have announcers and they will read the kid's stats and interests. Both sets of grandparents will be there, which is perfect because that means I'll be able to take pictures as LM#2 will have four people wanting his attention. My in-laws are arriving sometime in the mid to late morning. Would love a time as I need to go food shopping and if they are going to be here at 11:30 I'll go before they arrive If 10:00 then I'd wait for them and leave the kids with them. *g* I think I'll be going to the store as I can't see them being here that early.

Work. Well there's been a bit of a shake up at work. We have a new CEO and he's making business unit changes and everyone is worried about our location. And after attending three meetings about it, there is nothing to "know" right now. All the changes effective now have nothing do with us, we still need to perform our daily functions to the people that are experiencing a change. I'm sure it will be fine, but the tizzy was started due to a Q&A stating that out location's move to a brand new facility is on hold. We've already sign a letter of intent, deposits, architects. I'm sure it will be fine, and I realize that all those things can be defaulted on, but I'm going with the company won't do that. Hey I can be naive right now.

Iron Man 3 came out today. I'm sad that I won't be seeing it until the 18th. A friend saw it, said it was fun, a bit of a mess, but fun and RDJ was great. And while I haven't seen it yet, kind of disappointed to hear that it's "messy". But we'll see. And I didn't realize that Star Trek: Into Darkness was opening on the 17th. I think the theater will be crowded that weekend. That's our next date night.

And my love/obsession, whatever you want to call it, for RDJ is not lessoning at all. It just keeps growing, it's a bit disturbing actually.
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John Carter: found it boring. Taylor Kitsch is an average actor at best, and while it did improve after the first 20 minutes, it just never grabbed me. I didn't care about the humans at all, the Tharks were more interesting. Sadly two hours I wish I had chosen something else.

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen )

I'm a week behind with these: Arrow: Home Invastion )

Supernatural: Pac-Man Fever )

2 Broke Girls is starting to lose it's funny/edge for me. This week's episode was kind of ridiculous. Might be good it's nearing the end of the season. And How I Met Your Mother, with the bachelor party, very creative, and fit so well into what Barney would describe as legend... what for it... dary. :)

My MacBook Pro arrived yesterday!!! It's so new and shiny :) I'm happy to report that my iTunes library was been loaded, as well as some Docs and Excel files. One of which was my master rec list, so I'm happy again. The fact I need to scroll "up" to make the page go "down" is odd, but I will get used to it. Figured out that the large finger pad was also the 'clicker', and after consulting the tiny manual, that two fingers will allow me to scroll a page. I will continue to poke at it, need to download pictures fromy my camera, so the fist time I do that should be interesting.

Well. The woman that was Manager before me as decided to fully retire. She's been working 4 days a week for about 18 months and she will stop working in July or August, whenever the repairs on her house are complete. Then StaffMember S wants to go down to 4 days a week starting in June (she too is of retirement age but is nowhere ready to stop working). Add in that my direct boss is being sent to San Diego for three months to try and improve the process of that office... ugh man, just ugh. So I will need to replace a Supervisor while my boss is not here.

Mr. KA has a softball game tonight so I'm going to pick up the kids and take them for a haircut, then new shoes. The shoes I bought LM#2 in February have ripped at the seams. Crazy! So they need new shoes for the spring/summer.

LM#1 is doing well with baseball, he's a good hitter, an ok thrower, a horrible catcher and hit or miss with the running. But he seems more into it this year, so that is good.
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While I will record the debate and watch/listen on Thursday morning as I begin my cupcake baking marathon... I'm happy there are no new shows tonight.

I'm so behind *head hits desk*

It's crazy.

Homeland: Beirut is Back )

2 Broke Girls, oh how you make it hard for me to continue to love you. Way to many pee/urine jokes last week, just wasn't funny.

The New Girl is being overtaken by the now unfunny and just awkward character of Schmidt. They need to reign him in and make her less... quirky. If not I fear I may drop it.

Last week's Grimm was ok, it was just really predictable and they seem to think they were being clever. The only thing I found interesting was Juliet and Renard's connection, which is just being hinted to now.

In boy news, last night was the best night! The boys were awesome, they listened, they ate really well, they were polite. The bath was smooth, just everything, I wish to have those nights every night. :)

Tonight I'm making two batches of brownies and "witch hat" cookies so LM#2 can take it to school tomorrow to celebrate his birthday. He will be 6 tomorrow. Just, geezus, 6.

Tomorrow is a half day of work as it's out "team outing", we are going to a cooking place. Should be ok. Then I'm off until next Tuesday! During this time at work they are taking our processing system offline for 6 full days as they upgrade the software version we have. During that time my staff can do nothing so many of us scheduled time off. The upgrade was originally to happen in August, then September and finally now. Here's hoping the actual upgrade is smooth where the mock one in September was not.

The testing for this has been a nightmare and I feel as though it's been so slow to get here as I finished our testing in August. And we are currently testing for another upgrade that will not "turn on" until April 2013, however IT must have it loaded in January 2013. Yeah, I'm not a techi person but it made sense when they first told me. Just so much testing this year. Where are my quiet weeks? I'd like some of those.

And the office in Boston? Well, after neededing additional hand holding they seem to be holding steady right now. They are behind us statistic wise, but we have years of experience to their six months. What's troubling is the Manager up there, I don't have confidence in him. I'm still answering way too many questions from his staff, he's asking too many questions and I keep providing instructions to both my staff and his. At this point I've stopped going through him as I need to be sure they understand because I keep needing to help them fix mistakes.

I have hope things will click soon or something but I'm starting to have my doubts.
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So I have watched the finale of Eureka Thoughts on the end - Just perfect really )

Had a meeting with my Sr Dir and Sr VP today about the "fixing" the Boston location. Sr VP wanted an update on how it went and if we were able to make progress. The progess we made was very good, he asked for a bi-weekly statistic update of how Boston continues to process their invoices etc. He also thanked me for my recent trip and for putting together the plan etc. So that was nice.

We started testing and it's going slow but at least it's going now. Other areas aren't so lucky. I thought since the IT department was strangling us with procedures and other hoops to jump through, that it would be better. But's it not. The data isn't always correct, the response from the one IT guy that we have been told to contact is slow (and of course it is because he's only one man), we have to update a "tracker" at the end of every day (Not Started, In Progess, Completed).

It's crazy I have a To Do pile, a Completed needing approval pile, a Problem pile. I have a sheet full of document numbers for the tests, I have a sheet logging my tests (who in AP is performing the test), I have a sheet that is an example of how to fill out specific fields on the test form.

*head hits desk* I am determined to make it as organized as possible and if my staff thinks I've crossed over into the dark side of oranization (ie anal) so be it. I need to keep my sanity.
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So. This past weekend Mr KA was away and I had the boys all to myself. I will continue to look at Friday through Saturday at 4:00 at things being awesome and lots of fun. I will forget what came after as it does not reflect well on myself (got so mad I couldn't find the happy until the next day when I had an hour without the boys to "reset") and makes my kids seem ill-behaved (just would not listen for anything). So the good stuff, was good and we'll leave it at that. :)

Got caught up on Burn Notice - - and I'm just not feeling it at all. This really pissed off and near breakdown Michael is a huge turn off. I just think he's a whiner instead of someone that takes control of the situation. Where did that guy go? I'm hoping in the next couple of episodes the bad thing Michael is so upset about gets corrected and we can get back to snarky team jobs.

I am envious of those that were able to attend Comic Con, but I did watch the four hours G4 aired. Sadly it didn't show anything I was remotely interested in, but a high point was watching John Barrowman checking out the near naked men.

The work trip last week was good, I think I helped people and provided additional guidance. Here's hoping it "sticks", my staff will continue to assist until August and then they need to see if they can stand on their own. Sadly the rest of my July is just crazy, too many things in the air at one time.

*This is the first time I'm trying to crosspost to Livejournal, so I hope it works right.


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