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now I'm talking to air... and still doing it

The Flash: S1, E3 - Going Rogue Overall the episode was alright. I still can't really get behind Barry being in love with Iris and it's such a focal point that it's something I can't get past. And I agree that Felicity and Barry are perfectly perfect for each other. *g* And that kiss was cute and sweet, but really, not something you really do with "friends".

Felicity is awesome and perfect no matter what city she is in. I'm glad that Felicity was able to offer Barry a perspective regarding teams and such as I felt Barry's reaction was over the top for me regarding Cisco and the weapon. (and she has such a thing for that salmon ladder! *ggg*)

Kind of nice to see Wentworth Miller, he's very easy on the eyes. His character was really stiff though, I found it distracting. Mr. KA thinks he's a horrible actor, even back on Prison Break

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E4 - Ka No'eau I liked that the team tried everything they could to get Danny the money, even if it meant granting a favor to someone in jail.

In all honestly, I don't know what else happened in this episode because the end overshadows everything. Steve going with Danny, Steve having Danny's back, Danny's pain, Danny's threat, Danny's ... revenge. I knew it was coming, but it didn't make it any easier. I'm just flabbergasted. On the emotional side I realize that it's what Danny needed to do. But on the rational, law abiding side, he stepped over the edge. You can't come back from that.

In the next episode he's not there, which was probably smart because no matter how much pain or turmoil Danny would show, it would not be enough, it wouldn't be able to come through the TV. The phone call Steve does make to him, that was needed to the episodes are tied together.

I want fic that deals with this, lots and lots of fic.

Agents of Shield: S2, E6 - A Fractured House Dude it's Tim Dekay!! Now brother of the ass-hat Ward. And May has been married!! And what the hell is with Bobbi's hair? She go for highlights since we last saw her? (And dude, I may have pointed at the screen when the Japanese guy mentioned her hair.)

I have to admit that I'm fully on the side of Fitz, so while Gemma is having some angst over the state of Fitz, she left. And sure perhaps it was due to a mission, due to Coulson asking her to do it - I can't remember. The fact is Fitz was on his own, most of the team was busy reforming Shield or being invisible. And look, Mack is back, love him and his way with Fitz. (The only thing that makes him worse... is you. I know, why do you think I left. awwww man. *sniff*)

Damn Coulson. Just giving up Ward like that, I love badass Coulson, especially when he is only using words and manipulation. And these two brothers (Grant and Christian) dude, they are both liars. And Skye is as hard core as Coulson right now. But this is the way to get rid of Ward, of course he can still come back... later, - oh wait, now, because they only used regular handcuffs, geezus, seriously???

Why can't female operatives invest in freakin hair ties??? It's so unrealistic that everyone keeps fighting with all this hair, and hair flips and just... no.

And the Avenger: Age of Ultron exclusive clip?? Awesome, so perfect. There was humor, there was bonding, there was Natasha being awesome, and Steve shifting Thor's hammer ever so slightly. *gg* Of course the happy was short lived as we saw the real clip, with the freaky Pinocchio song and James Spader's voice as Ultron. I also saw a clip today of Steve and Tony, chopping wood of all things, having a discussion/sorta argument. But... chopping wood. This movie is going to be all over the place and I trust in Joss Whedon so I'm going to have faith that it will be good.

Of the bad, I'm sick. Stayed home from work today due to congestion and exhaustion and just horrible aches and pains. Got better through the day but then I made dinner, had baths/showers to give, lunches to make, then I felt like crap again. May stay home tomorrow too, I have tons of sick time but I will have to work a little. Maybe tomorrow I'll make myself watch some shows I'm behind on.

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