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Arrow: S3, E4 - The Magician I wish they had explored Sara and Nyssa's relationship more (but they are supporting characters so I can see why they didn't get to it), and I think it's because Sara is gone. Nyssa obviously loved her very much. I also vehemently disagree with both Laurel and Nyssa not telling Det. Lance. It's stupid, he needs to know or he will find out another way, one where he is shocked and can't react.

Think my favorite thing ever is that Nyssa just shot Merlyn, no warning, no talking, nothing. Just let the arrow fly, and really, that's what should have happened, so I loved that it did.

And Merlyn is cheating a little, he's got special effects. But evidently Oliver has arrows with GPS tech. Haaahaahaaa. Awesome.

I can't get behind this hardass-Laurel that wants Merlyn dead. I know she thinks he killed Sara, but it's ridiculous. The group isn't sure that Merlyn was Sara's killer but they are calling for his head. Call for his head regarding bringing Starling City to the ground, something they can prove. Plus I just don't like Laurel. And her asking Oliver to compromise his promise to himself regarding killing.

I have to admit that I can't get behind Oliver's thinking, telling the League of Assassins that Merlyn is under his protection. I don't get it. I think it's ridiculous. And the end of the ep he's not at war with the League of Assassins, way to think things through there dude. Merlyn is not worth that.

A nitpick moment, when they were sneaking into the house, Nyssa, Oliver and Roy all had hoods, two had masks, but Diggle was just Diggle. No hiding. Don'tcha think he needs something to protect his identity. *g* And wow, Thea probably feels like shit, or at least a little bad for lying to Oliver when he is trying so hard to be truthful (although he wasn't totally truthful, but he was trying).

Supernatural: S10, E4 - Paper Moon I liked this episode mainly for the fact that Sam and Dean talked. And shared. Really talked, sure of lot of it was talking in circles, but they tried. I do think Sam is in bit of a denial regarding the actions he took to find Dean, but he's allowed denial for a bit. And Dean, I don't think he is processing his time as a demon well at all. He almost seems to want to have died (which is not a surprise).

I thought the actress that played Kate was horrible. I didn't realize it in the first episode we met her, probably because of the format of the ep, but here she was just bad. It was uncomfortable to watch and really brought down the rest of the episode for me. But the Sam and Dean stuff was good. Some really great moments.


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