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Arrow: S3, E5: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak Not going to beat a dead horse so I don’t have much to say about Laurel.

Except. There is no city on this Earth that allows the District Attorney that kind of power, to call in a Swat team… wtf??

Learning about Felicity’s college was interesting, she looked so different in the Goth makeup. What I found interesting is that it seems that Goth Felicity didn’t last long after the arrest. Was that because Goth Felicity was never real? She did it as a phase (those that we hear about in college), did she do it to fit in with the hackers? The flip just seemed so quick, however I don’t have a good understanding of the time there, it wasn’t clear.

Also would like to mention (as the husband says) the cloth shortage that seems to be causing Starling City to not have complete outfits. What I loved about Felicity is that she came across as a normal/average woman. Lately she is wearing outfits that are (a) inappropriate (missing backs, missing stomaches) and (b) not things the normal/average woman wears. And I will admit that I’m disappointed a bit.

I did enjoy Oliver’s truthfulness to Felicity about how he feels about her current self. And I have to appreciate the way Felicity is keeping her ground, that she loves him, he loves her, but she can recognize that he is too confused, too unstable.

Thought Thea and Oliver were adorable. Brothers and sisters is hard, and him coming with popcorn - totally adorable. Her offering to donate to the earthquake survivors - cute. My favorite though was them sitting on the floor together, mostly in the same position, watching tv. It was a nice sibling scene. (And there was Merlyn being a liker across the way, and I’m not sure how to interpret his facial expression (a) longing? (b) jealousy (c) annoyance/concern? Maybe a mix of them all however I thought longing was in the lead.

And the end. The end was a mind-twist. I did not see that coming, I knew that Sara knew the person, she didn’t seem surprised about it, just confused. But I sat here with my mouth agape totally shocked. Was he being controlled? Or is someone messing with him to make him think he did it? Guess we’ll find out, but come on! Stop screwing with Roy, he needs some happy, or at least less horribleness.

OH, and Ray Palmer is adorable, completely adorable.

Finally feeling a little better, the congestion is still really bad, I sometimes can't hear well out of my right ear, but I finally feel better. I don't think I'll be a hundred percent for another handful of days.
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