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Arrow: S3, E8: The Brace and the Bold So this was the big crossover event with The Flash. And, once again the ads are misleading. They made it sound as though it was a 2ep event. It wasn’t. Not that it’s bad, just not what all the write ups/interviews made it sound like.

I really enjoyed the banter and character interactions of both casts. Just so much fun and humor and sometimes snark. Everything I really like.

I have to admit that Oliver is probably the worst mentor/trainer ever. But he was fun! The whole arrows in the back and just pushing Barry until he saw things the way Oliver did. Hey, at least he’s consistent. I thought the fight between Barry and Oliver was great, very well done - the fact that they both landed punches and both missed sometimes. The cure was pretty reasonable as well.

This episode brought him the fact that I really can’t stand Dr Wells. He’s creepy and the fact that he was so full of himself when he said Oliver’s name (rubbing it into Felicity’s face that he found out) Ugh. And really though, how hard is it to figure out who the Arrow is? I mean, really?  

The storyline of Boomerang, it was ok, can’t remember how it ends actually. See. I really just watched the characters and loved it. (It’s also hard cause they were seen back to back and yesterday and I didn’t write this up quick enough.)

Supernatural: S10, E8: Hibbing 911 This was fun. Really enjoyed seeing Donna and Jodi together, they had a great rapport with each other. The episode was, overall, fun. The craziness of the Sheriff’s convention: the cute names of the panels, the awkward party/bar thing, the forced partnering for exercises. All things actually done at work conferences - it’s kind of horrifying actually.

Once again Sam and Dean get their asses handed to them by (insert baddie of the week) vampires. Seriously fellas, you used to be good at this. Dean is knocked right out but Sam, he has a glass jaw/head and was able to see a little afterward. Maybe the writers just like to tie Sam and Dean up. I mean, I’m not opposed to that, however these two men have been hunting most of their life but they seem to have lost their skills lately. It’s a tad frustrating as a viewer.

Go Donna for killing her first vampire!! And she didn’t hesitate just followed Dean’s lead and chopped off the head. You go girl. And perhaps now Donna and Jodi can be friends, I think that would be fun to see.

I appreciated the research they have been doing on The Mark, doesn’t seem to be finding anything, but they are looking. It’s nice to have it confirmed that they are being proactive. Not just waiting for something to happen. But Dean at the end, I can’t figure out if he is lying or honestly felt that way. That being in the bar, killing the vampires, he felt like himself, that he wasn’t being “pushed” but the Mark. I am suspicious of that, did the Mark go dormant, like the calm before the storm? I fear for Dean. I fear for us because after the demon was out of Dean the eps have been fun and more lighthearted than I most of the eps in the last two seasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying the episodes a lot, but… it’s the calm before the storm. I know it…

Christmas is coming. And coming way faster than I'm ready for. The tree is up and decorated though (that was Saturday), the house is done (Sunday), the outside was done last Monday when it was 55 degrees. Of course all the boxes are still in the bedroom, going to put them away tomorrow and perhaps get the rest of the house more in order (Mr. KA and I are off tomorrow). The gingerbread house is done, LM#2 has been bugging me all week to do it and he was so excited when I said it would be today. It's cute, very overloaded with candy, but they did it all.

We are also doing the Elf so finding new places to put him is already hard. Last year I did a set up where the Elf was held captive by the bad guy figures we have, but then LM#1 called me on it, said I set it up. :( So that's too much. The Elf needs to just sit or something only a little 'staged'.

I have shopping to do, Christmas cards to design, pictures to download. :P I love Christmas but sometimes it just overwhelms me.

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Good luck getting through the season!


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