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So I have watched the finale of Eureka Thoughts on the end - Just perfect really )

Had a meeting with my Sr Dir and Sr VP today about the "fixing" the Boston location. Sr VP wanted an update on how it went and if we were able to make progress. The progess we made was very good, he asked for a bi-weekly statistic update of how Boston continues to process their invoices etc. He also thanked me for my recent trip and for putting together the plan etc. So that was nice.

We started testing and it's going slow but at least it's going now. Other areas aren't so lucky. I thought since the IT department was strangling us with procedures and other hoops to jump through, that it would be better. But's it not. The data isn't always correct, the response from the one IT guy that we have been told to contact is slow (and of course it is because he's only one man), we have to update a "tracker" at the end of every day (Not Started, In Progess, Completed).

It's crazy I have a To Do pile, a Completed needing approval pile, a Problem pile. I have a sheet full of document numbers for the tests, I have a sheet logging my tests (who in AP is performing the test), I have a sheet that is an example of how to fill out specific fields on the test form.

*head hits desk* I am determined to make it as organized as possible and if my staff thinks I've crossed over into the dark side of oranization (ie anal) so be it. I need to keep my sanity.


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