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While I will record the debate and watch/listen on Thursday morning as I begin my cupcake baking marathon... I'm happy there are no new shows tonight.

I'm so behind *head hits desk*

It's crazy.

Homeland: Beirut is Back )

2 Broke Girls, oh how you make it hard for me to continue to love you. Way to many pee/urine jokes last week, just wasn't funny.

The New Girl is being overtaken by the now unfunny and just awkward character of Schmidt. They need to reign him in and make her less... quirky. If not I fear I may drop it.

Last week's Grimm was ok, it was just really predictable and they seem to think they were being clever. The only thing I found interesting was Juliet and Renard's connection, which is just being hinted to now.

In boy news, last night was the best night! The boys were awesome, they listened, they ate really well, they were polite. The bath was smooth, just everything, I wish to have those nights every night. :)

Tonight I'm making two batches of brownies and "witch hat" cookies so LM#2 can take it to school tomorrow to celebrate his birthday. He will be 6 tomorrow. Just, geezus, 6.

Tomorrow is a half day of work as it's out "team outing", we are going to a cooking place. Should be ok. Then I'm off until next Tuesday! During this time at work they are taking our processing system offline for 6 full days as they upgrade the software version we have. During that time my staff can do nothing so many of us scheduled time off. The upgrade was originally to happen in August, then September and finally now. Here's hoping the actual upgrade is smooth where the mock one in September was not.

The testing for this has been a nightmare and I feel as though it's been so slow to get here as I finished our testing in August. And we are currently testing for another upgrade that will not "turn on" until April 2013, however IT must have it loaded in January 2013. Yeah, I'm not a techi person but it made sense when they first told me. Just so much testing this year. Where are my quiet weeks? I'd like some of those.

And the office in Boston? Well, after neededing additional hand holding they seem to be holding steady right now. They are behind us statistic wise, but we have years of experience to their six months. What's troubling is the Manager up there, I don't have confidence in him. I'm still answering way too many questions from his staff, he's asking too many questions and I keep providing instructions to both my staff and his. At this point I've stopped going through him as I need to be sure they understand because I keep needing to help them fix mistakes.

I have hope things will click soon or something but I'm starting to have my doubts.


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