Jan. 23rd, 2014

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Yesterday the schools were closed and I worked at home. I thought it wouldn't be too bad, they are 7 and 4. I was wrong. It was such a trying day. I know they wanted me to play with them but I really couldn't because I lost a half day the day before with the drive home in the snow. I suppose they were just too young to totally get it but what upset me the most was the arguing and whining and screaming. Ugh.

Work is moving forward. The two new people are getting trained, and tomorrow they start to try processing by themselves. There is just so much work to do. My company just bought another company, at this point the decision has not been made regarding the payables. I just hope that they keep processing there for a few months because my team is unable to take on additional work. I believe it won't come to my area for a while, really hope.

Still have one review to write and I really need to sit with the staff next week. I don't want to write the review. I'm too close to the employee and last year I "fought" for her to keep the review rating and salary increase even though the consistency wasn't there. This year it didn't get better and I had to change her responsibility. So when the big boss challenged my rating I had nothing to fall back on, so now it's a lower rating and no raise. Ugh man.

And for TV, I'm just behind and it feels like a chore, even the shows I'm looking forward to. I also think I might be coming down with something. Boo.


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