Feb. 3rd, 2014

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So it's snowing again. I'm sure others are not surprised, I'm not surprised, but geez. It's a heavier snow than the last storm, mixed with rain. I thought it was only supposed to be 4-6 inches but now it's looks more like 4-8. I am at home today, as are the kids and Mr. KA. Since Mr. KA is here at least I can have a work at home day and actually get stuff done.

Speaking of work today was the first "all" Company meeting. I had planned on going to the cafeteria to attend but now I'm watching on the web. It's interesting.

Also about work Staff Member-H (who is new) has asked that she rally needs to pick her daughter up by 5, and her husband can't do it etcetc, so I said she could leave at 430 even though she doesn't get in until 830. The new staff members were supposed to be without baggage and want to work and be there and not be a problem. :( I left it open ended with the idea that perhaps once she is up and running regarding our invoice process she can dial in at night and work. Yeah, not going to happen. She can not get paid if she won't be there for 8 hours until her daughter can find other arrangements.

Why am I the only one that arranges "coverage" for their children. I pay for it. LM#1 takes a bus from school to aftercare, that I pay for. LM#2 is in daycare with a great learning, I will keep him there for Kindergarten to allow him somewhere to be all day. Why aren't other people finding arrangements for their kids? I understand that it's a little extra money but they are working. I'm just frustrated.

Lost Girl: S4, E3: Lovers. Apart )

The Superbowl was boring, I hate to see any team beat like that. It erases their performance throughout the year and it's sad. The commericals were more subpar than usual. I liked the Cheerios one, the BMW one with the British villans (for obvious reasons), the Full House one. Maybe one other that was cute but over all >:P I missed the trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier, not sure how, must have forwarded right by it, so I will need to watch it online.


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