Mar. 4th, 2014

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After spending 5 days around LA with friends, I'm home into the frozen tundra. I took a red eye and I had hopes of sleeping but as there was a screaming child on the flight, that didn't happen. And I know how hard it is traveling with young children but that didn't stop me from being frustrated. I did nap for about 3 1/2 hours, longer than I originally anticipated, but I'm tired.

I'm also tired of coughing, which my roommates for Escapade are probably thinking the same thing. I really thought I would be feeling better by now, 5 days of antibiotics, but no, I feel about the same before I left. :( This gets me up to about 18 days of coughing. Fun times.

I loved hanging out with reccea and hederahelix, people I don't get to see nearly enough. And something that came out of the weekend is that I joined Tumblr, still have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks to reccea, I have it started. I chose some colors and a header and did reblog one thing. I'm sure I can get the hang of it eventually, but it seems like a "time suck" which is not something I have a ton of but there are some cool things out there. Right now faradheia has been sending me all these links and I've been loving it, so hopefully that continues while I get my footing in something new.

I did get to rematch of all of season 3B of Teen Wolf while away and I really loved watching it with same minded folks. I have a theory about Stiles and Malia I have a theory )

I haven't watched this week's episode yet, I'm trying to watch some of the other stuff Mr KA watched while I was gone so I'm not horribly behind.

I'm cold, wrapped in a blanket on the couch and I'm still cold. And coughing. Ugh.


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