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Been meaning to post for days but it's hard to block 40 minutes during the weekend. So I use work time. Although right now is not work, right now LM#1 is watching TV while I use the time to get caught up on things.

First Days of School, sleeping update )

House of Cards: S1, E13 )

Suits: S3, E8: Endgame )

Graceland: S1, E11: Happy Endings )

Teen Wolf: S3, E8: Visonary )

I have lost all the "me" time I found in the last two months. With LM#1 not going to school until 8:30 I have no time to watch my shows. I've been tyring to fit them in here and there, but sadly it's going to take me forever to get through things. My iPad does not play well at work, I can't get on the Wifi there as it's against the rules, and the data plan just buffers the video. I'm going to try again and perhaps I can watch certain shows on there.

Right now I don't think I will watch DWTS, I enjoy it, the new format seems interesting and it would be less time (although I never watched the results show because I hate all results shows). And I can watch that with LM#2, he won'y like it but at least there are no werewolves tearing people apart, or an over use of the word "shit". I don't know.

My Entertainment Weekly magazine has not arrived and I'm annoyed. I need to go through it and chose the Fall line up and get ready. Shows are starting as early as next week and the magazine isn't here yet. I feel as though it gets later and later each year. :P
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Another update )

Teen Wolf: S3, E5: Frayed )

Teen Wolf: S3, E6: Motel California )

Suits: S3, E7: She's Mine )

Mr. KA took the boys for a Boys Day Out so I've been alone since about 10am. I did all the laundry only two more baskets to fold. I need to finish changing the sheets on the beds and do the door know. (I"m going to try and put the doorknob back on but backward, so it locks on the outside. I never knew it locked until LM#2 locked him self in his room.) And I watched all of this tv. And I made a dessert cookie bar. I'm trying to take Mr. KA's advice and just relax and not do a bunch of stuff around the house. OH! And I finished a book.

It's been a nice day. The boys will return soon and it's Family Movie night where they will eat grilled cheese and we will all watch something. I'm leaning toward Rango. Or a Batman Lego movie. Not sure which one.
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Mr KA has friends over tonight and they are playing cards in the dining room, sadly I'm trying to watch TV in the living room and it's slightly difficult.

I thought that once LM#2 was sleeping in LM#1's bed that he would be happy and I wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs. Not so. He called three times, turns out that LM#1 is tired and he didn't want to play, but LM#2 did. He still didn't want to go to sleep meanwhile his brother is trying everything to sleep. Last time up I said no more and the next time he would go to his room. Didn't hear from him again.

Teen Wolf: S2, E9: Party Guessed )

Graceland: S1, E10: Kings Castle )

Suits: S3, E6: The Other Time )

Listened to some nsync today *gg* Just felt the urge considering the possibility of Sunday.
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I think I need a Justified icon...

Justified: Kin )

Glee: Diva )

Suits: He's Back )

I'm actually caught up on the shows I watch alone. I'm going to enter my vacation with only one Merlin and one Last Man Standing. I'm very proud of me. The shows Mr KA and I watch together... yeah, we are in the hole badly because he went out last night and we watched nothing! I may actually have to force myself to stay up until 10:30 to watch an extra show each night. :P

There is a snow storm coming, they are predicting about 3-6 inches for our area. This storm is really going to slam the New England area though with talks of 2 feet of snow. I'm just happy the snow is arriving tonight and not Sunday night to mess with my flight to Florida.

Three days until we leave for Disney, I'm so excited, yet nervous at the same time. It will be the first plane ride for the kids, first big trip as a family. Here's hoping I pack well and complete. Due to the kid's breathing problems I'm packing a nebulizer, I'm afraid to leave it, so that will add some weight to the suitcase. I know I can pack everything into the two large ones, but I fear the weight limit. So I may just spread it out to three bags. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of which *g* Mr KA and I have not broached the stroller issue yet. That will most likely happen tomorrow. I think he is going to rent one, that is my thought. Since we are staying in the park, after we dump the stroller it's not that long to the bus line (in theory). I think I may still push for taking one. :)

Off to a debreif with HR about the two internal candidates we have interviewed for the open AP staff position. Then on to work on internal webpages, something that I'm struggling with but has been assigned to me. Then... vacation and Disney!!!
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Continuum: Matter of Time )

Spartacus: Wolves at the Gate )

NCIS: Canary )

Lost Girl: Fae-de to Black )

Suits: Zane vs Zane )

I’m working from home today, so I’m trying to do personal things in between. I have ... lots of TV to watch: last week’s Merlin, two weeks of Last Man Standing, Monday Mornings, Hawaii 5-0 and I recorded Smash... but I don’t think I’ll watch it. I think I need to walk away from it.

We leave for Disney in five days and I’m starting to freak out about the packing but since we leave on a Monday, I have the weekend, which is nice. Sadly I’m battling some sort of congestion/cold that will not go away and now the hubby has a sore throat. Here’s hoping the kids stay healthy.


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