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The kids have been at my parents and we've had the house to ourselves. We went to dinner and did some things around the house. I cleaned the stall bathroom really well and installed new shower shelves, the kind that are pressure held. They look good, they are bigger than the old ones. I wonder if I can put all my stuff on one shelf. It doesn't state how much the shelf will hold so I'm hesitant to pile it all one.

Also cleaned up the basement and unpacked new chairs. They are very "college" like but they can folded and stored against the wall. This will allow the kids more room to play when they aren't playing XBox. They are very colorful: purple, green, yellow and blue. Now we just need to figure out when we are updating the rugs and walls etcetc. But I want to get the patio finished first.

We've been watching stuff, only have the last half of Burn Notice from last week to watch. We are almost done the movie Django Unchained as well.

House of Cards: S1, E6 )

Teen Wolf: S2, E10: Fury )

I have the VMAs recorded, not sure when I will watch it, perhaps I'll flip it on and off tonight but i'll most likely go through the whole show tomorrow morning after getting up and exercising.

Now to figure out how I'm going to spend the next four hours without kids... laundry, reading, more basement clean up... maybe a nap *g*
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An update on LM#2 and his sleeping Things are going well )

What is with all the awkward sex? The Bridge: S1, E7: Destino )

I still can't quite get used to the episodes just stopping, I'm so used to shows having a cute three or four minutes of fluff, but these suckers just end. Teen Wolf: S2, E7: Restraint )

Teen Wolf: S2, E8: Raving )

Tonight Mr. KA's friends are coming over to play cards, I plan to watch more shows. Tomorrow the kids are going to my parents and we get until Sunday around 4 free. I'm looking forward to spending some time with the hubby, getting some things done around the house.

I set up an appointment with the Salvation Army and they are coming to the house today to pick up a couch and chair and four bags of clothes. This opens up our basement. I bought these very colorful chairs from Kohls that can also fold up. My thought is to leave two folded and two out and that will allow for comfortable xbox playing. Without the couch the kids should be able to use the Kinect on the xbox better.

Also bought new wall shelves for the bathroom stall shower. I need to remove the old ones and scrub and scrub to get everything as clean as possible, then install the new ones. I'm excited about the new ones as it has holes for turning shampoo bottles upside down. These will also hold more weight. (It's seriously the little things.)
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The family drama... does it ever stop? Still upset regarding religious decisions )

Watched a bunch of comedies last night, still working on shows that aired last week. The temptation to watch one or more CW shows tonight may win out over the remaining shows from last week. *ggg*

Last night I spent an hour working with pre-colored fondant and making molds of lego pieces. This goes along with the molds of the lego men. I think I'm all set for decorating the cake for the boy's birthday on Saturday. It's going to be a stacked square cake, covered with lego men and legos. Not sure how I will embellish with writing. Need to write their names and "happy birthday". Would love to be able to write in a Ninja font, but I'd have to do that free hand, but I may try.

My LM#1 is 6 years old today. Ahhhhhh! He was so excited this morning as his class will sing him happy birthday, he wears a birthday hat all day, he gets to decide when the class will eat his special snacks he brought in (which are brownies and witch hat cookies). Tonight he wants tacos for dinner, so I need to go to the store ... since he said originally he wanted cheeseburgers, which I have. I don't have ground meat and soft taco shells hanging around the house. :P

DWTS - thank freakin' god Bristol is done. She was on waaaaay too long. I think I'm routing for Shawn, Sabrina and Gilles. :)

And my pretty new icon? Courtesy of [personal profile] ctbn60 - isn't it adorable!!
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Caught up with Supernatural last night. Some thoughts on What's Up, Tiger Mommy? )

Pumpkin Festival was alright today. In and outside a local elementary school and it was interesting. I bought some raffle tickets and put those in some buckets for a chance to win stuff. It benefits the PTO which is nice and since this was our first year we had no idea how to do anything. Kids had snow cones, LM#1 ate the whole thing and LM#2 ate half.

Tonight more tv watching, not sure what is on tap, we still have Sunday shows from last week. Sheesh.
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So I'm sitting in a hotel in Lexington Mass and it's the last day of my work trip. I had to come back to train, again, the AP staff as they just didn't seem to be getting it. I think the trip is going well, I'm alone this time so I'm not at out dinner until 9pm like the other times. With this additional hands on training the office must succeed on their own. Last week my staff posted about 700 invoices for them and their "to do" numbers are down and need to stay that way - not sure what will happen if they start to rise again but it won't be good.

The boys are doing well on their own, my poor hubby this is the 4th trip where I'm gone for multiple days during the week. And this time Mr KA is going away this weekend so it's just me and the boys. Which, normally, is not the best mix. They don't listen so I raise my voice more often as Mr KA gives them additinal warnings where I do not. Don't think they need it. And it will mark a Saturday that I will have to get up with the kids instead of sleeping in since Mr KA is awesome and normally gets up with them and I get to sleep in. I'm sooo going to need a nap on Sunday.

Watched White Collar this week and it pissed me off as they took a really smart character and had him do something so stupid that it's mind boggling.

Comic Con is this weekend, envious of those that get to go, although I wish Comic Con was still just about scifi and horror etc, and not just regular shows. Kind of not really "comic" anymore, not when you have White Collar, Bones etc there too. But it's still so cool. :)


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